In strictly legal terms it becomes pointless for Westminster and Moscow to keep continuing to try and deny they illegally work together in the UK because they were well and truly busted in 2010.

So they just try and ‘airbrush’ over the truth with their ‘fake news’ psyop in Blair’s Big Brexit scam.



... the faustian brexit pact...


Blair's big Brexit scam which is "the biggest mis-selling fraud since the Iraq War" includes the most ridiculously Orwellian media cacophony over a U.S election.


This repeats a self evident lie ad infinitum, that the same old revolting revolving doors of Iraq War criminals and their apologists are now ‘revolutionaries’ of all sorts.

That includes Exxonmobil & Rosneft waving around the Kurdish canard to try and launder the illegal Iraq War because the Rothschilds and Tony Buckingham failed.


The same two-faced UN Security Council weapons supply line of mass disinformation will have successfully divided the Middle East to rule over, if they can launder their 'Kurdish' canard.


The real 'one world government' is the lawless UN Security Council who are the one world 'trade' bloc already really.


The Faustian Pact is Washington and Moscow are trying to help Westminster launder the illegal Iraq War, by trying to circumvent the European Court of Human Rights with a dodgy 'Kurdish' oil 'deal'.


... the 'naivety scene' 2016...


There is a direct link between the liars behind the dodgy Brexit and those trying to do the dodgy 'Kurdish' oil 'deal'.




Of course no real peacenik with any self respect would ever collaborate with or be lectured to or take any orders from [the mouthpieces of] the likes of Renaissance Technology 'hedge funds', Exxon Mobil, Rosneft or Goldman Sachs & Co thank you very much.


Anyone who chooses to can see what passes itself off as 'journalism' whether it fashions itself as MSM or their 'alt' media spin-offs are self-imploding with their inbuilt inconsistencies which do not reflect how most people really think and behave in the real world we all live in.


The UN Security Council's weapons supply line of mass disinformation has a connectivity that precludes happenstance.


There was a memorable moment years ago when I was speaking out on the loudspeaker in Parliament Square about the disreputable BBC and their closed circle of 'Question Time' holding some debate or another.


They were trying to portray that Jack Straw who is truly despised by the public, was somehow different and better than Nick Griffin from the BNP, which I pointed out is untrue in numerous respects.


The underlying propaganda was that if people refuse to accept war criminals then you end up with [people who pretend they are] 'nationalists' like Nick Griffin from the BNP, who are supposedly 'different'.


A man in a business suit crossed the road and [embarrassingly because I wasn't saying what I was for money] pushed £20 into my hands saying "thank god you are saying what everyone is really thinking".


[The public always supported our Parliament Square Peace Campaign which was seen by many thousands of people who regularly passed through that busy crossroads in Westminster every day, and of course included many thousands of tourists from all around the world.


So there was a combination of people who knew us well and supported us and tourists from around the world who went wow, look at what these people are doing, and supported us too.


Brian who was an incredibly gifted and courageous person in so many ways, really was the greatest peace maker of our times who created the most effective information superhighway for the purposes of which it was used in the face of Westminster]


It is only governments who propagate socially constructed hate-filled 'nationalism' which is really about divide and rule for their own self-serving ends, in a world no human made.




To example:


On the day Westminster was doing the whole performance of the Blair- Brown smoke and mirrors switch in June 2007 they were going round picking off members of our Parliament Square Peace Campaign.


After Steve was suddenly 'disappeared' from alongside me [and he said 'police' radios were bristling that they "got the wrong one"] Kitty Kat and I [we were in Parliament Square] tootled off to go to Charing Cross ploddery to check if everyone was ok.


This inevitably meant we passed by Downing Street where we thought we may as well stop for a bit by our usual position by the gates that were actually completely clear of anyone but the two of us.


... june 2007... after our truth rocked up and ruined the show westminster had to open everything back up to the public... to do the dirty deed... [brian sent along a brazilian member of our campaign to check on us when we phoned to say we had just stopped by downing street]


[N.B. This was in the era following the MET's murder of Jean Charles De Menenzes etc etc when an emboldened MET were waving around machine guns threatening members of our Parliament Square Peace Campaign, including myself and Steve.]


It so happened we completely upended and ruined the stage managed 'image' of the 'event' which then had to be delayed, and where Stake-knife Corbyn & Co's fake 'UK Stop the War Coalition' were across the road dutifully doing their whole obedient piggy pen thing.


... [N.B the photos were taken by a government troll who unknown to us had been following us around]...


There was no way they wanted in particular Blair [who was forced to resign because of us] & Brown humiliated by having to drive right past us and with our banners, but there were also no legal grounds to just walk up to us and unlawfully arrest us.


Of course the 'news' media didn't want to be upstaged by the truth either.


So Westminster had to open everything up to the public again while they hastily cobbled together a group of undercover filth in plain clothes to pose as their rent-a-mob to move in and surround us and separate us from the rest of the public milling around to hide what the filth in uniform then did.


This rent-a-mob's truly feeble and deranged mantra was "give Gordon Brown a chance".


... fascism not democracy... the filth couldn't even make up any excuse to unlawfully arrest us, so they just did it...


The filth in uniform then just descended and without saying a single word to me or arresting me for anything just unlawfully grabbed/'arrested' both Kitty Kat and myself, because no-one could really see what they did, to the cheers of the rent-a-mob I might add.


[We were never charged with anything]


The wholly corrupt filth then sat in their van openly musing among themselves what they were going to invent as the excuse for having unlawfully arrested us, all of which was obviously never going to fly.


The lawless robots just "follow orders" with absolute complete and utter contempt for any law abiding civilian and the rule of law.



The seriously cojone-free MET 'Police' war crimes unit [who could never claim they didn't know what we were saying] never did investigate war crimes, but were instead always wholly complicit in everything Westminster war criminals did.


A 'police' force who not only turns a blind eye to the worst crimes known to humanity, but are actively complicit in a) war crimes being committed against defenceless civilian populations by the political classes and their propagandists while b) trying to cover them up, are no use to civilian populations because they are not upholding the rule of law at all.


 ... we were unlawfully arrested because we happened to 'steal the show' because we are not part of the whole choreographed stage-managed media sophistry...


[N.B Let us not forget that this was at the same time Stake-knife Corbyn & Co while posing as 'anti war' with their fake 'UK Stop the War Coalition' were sneaking around behind our backs working with the MET 'police' to try and steal our tents in Parliament Square]


... march 2007... "why are there tents on the square ?"... 7/7 livingstone and stake-knife corbyn & co including tony benn from the fake 'UK Stop the War Coalition' posing as 'anti-war' while really sneaking around behind our backs working with the MET 'police' [and specifically 7/7 'Gold Commander' Allison who was also the 'Gold Commander' who tried to illegally 'remove' us less than year later on May 23rd 2006]...


[N.B.: When Westminster first stole most of our display in a massive raid in Parliament Square on May 23rd 2006, we just tactically 'branched out' in numerous different ways]


... june 2007... our growing number of tents in parliament square... that 7/7 livingstone and stake knife corbyn and tony benn who were the fake 'leadership' of their phoney 'uk stop the war coalition' who while only posing as 'anti-war' were really sneaking around behind our backs working with 'police' to ILLEGALLY try and smash our parliament square peace campaign...


The 'UK Stop the War Coalition' who were supposedly so much larger could never explain why they a) never did anything to help Brian and/or b) didn't run their own 24/7 vigil.


[N.B. Kitty Kat told me [the horrible spook] Craig Murray who was part of the whole fake 'UK Stop the War Coalition' contacted her about the 'incident' above [because he wanted to cover it up] while the con-'artist' Mark Wallinger who it transpired was paid large sums of money by Westminster to try and hijack our Parliament Square Peace Campaign with 'State Britain' tried to undermine etc etc etc Kitty Kat and myself through the 'news' media 'grapevine' of hearsay. Westminster's war mongers are primarily heterophobic misogynists where the supreme 'crime' is being a law abiding straight white woman.]




The hearsay world of spookdom 'fake news' psyops:


... spookdom's 'fake news' psyop... a classic example of the spookdom world of 'hearsay' a) inventing and circulating a story to try and give fake 'whistle-blowers' who like Murray are still really spooks 'credibility' while b) using the 'fake news' story to distract from what they are really doing which is always working with Washington...


[ie: A High Court jury would conclude that a) the true facts of what was really going on in London in 2010 in Parliament Square, compared to b) the war mongering Guardian's ASIO Assange Wiki-woo world of 'hearsay' means c) Wiki-woo was a wholly malicious psyop invented to ILLEGALLY cover up what was really going on in London. That does mean that in view of the evidence and circumstances that ASIO Assange, John Pilger and Craig Murray lie because they are spies which is undeniable really.


No real peacenik is collaborating with the likes of General Chuck Jacoby and hedge-funders et al while lying about what has been going on in Parliament Square, which is what Pilger and Murray have been doing.


The whole fictional world of Blair's Jimmy Wales 'Wikipedia' ridiculously exists on the basis of dishonestly claiming 'news' media is a 'credible source' of information etc etc etc]




There was a long saga with a) Labour [both Brown and Livingstone et al] trying to violently steal our tents before we slapped them with a High Court Judicial Review on December 19th 2007 when the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police threatened us that b) Labour and the Tories then tried to interminably 'delay' before c) then illegally trying to circumvent/overtake it completely with their MI5 'Democracy Village' of all sorts in 2010, which d) when we then slapped the Tories et al with a High Court jury lawsuit in 2011 [over much] Westminster then e) incredibly invented fraudulent legislation to illegally try and delay/circumvent/overtake our High Court jury lawsuit while just stealing our shelter in the middle of winter on January 16th 2012.


In December 2007 Westminster were 'concerned' because Blair had been forced to resign and then we had their backs against the wall in courts of law when we had a massive win and breakthrough at Southwark Crown Court on December 13th 2007, that was connected to many other cases we had also won.


There was no one-off but rather a relentless 'process' of attacks against us from all directions of the dirty tricks brigade in any and every way they could find or invent.


There remains just no pretense of any law being done at all in Westminster who were only illegally repeatedly using state violence against us to try and keep us away from a High Court jury in our lawsuits etc etc etc.


The legal reality is lawless Westminster who are a universal disgrace, serve no justifiable democratic purpose whatsoever.


... the dirty filthy corrupt stake-knife corbyn in parliament square, london in november 2006 trying to explain away and cover up what he was really involved in... when steve and i were violently attacked and unlawfully arrested by 'police'... again...


That phoney cobbled together bought and paid for rent-a-mob in June 2007 who surrounded us to hide what Westminster really did, is no different from the MI5 'Democracy Village' of all sorts [2010-2012] or the media manufactured Brexit 'revolutionary' lie now.




It was the illegal Iraq War that defined the times we live in because it really united law abiding civilians from all walks of life in the UK [and beyond] in their opposition to lawless Westminster [and those who support them].


What is really ‘hidden’ in full view is the duplicitous UN Security Council’s crony 'capitalism' could not realistically hope to continue trying to circumvent the rule of law in the European Courts.

Pinochet was used to invent the current farrago of the International Criminal Court before the UN Security Council's bogus ‘War on Terror’ to disguise the UN Security Council 'flying under the radar' of the European Court of Human Rights.

We speak from the true legal position of first hand accounts over what has really been going on in the UK, while the MSM and their ’alt’ media spin-offs are what is known as at best ‘hearsay’ which is really wholly malicious disinformation.

Our small group of law abiding civilians were the reason Blair was forced to resign [over the 'events' on and surrounding September 4th 2006] but not before he invented the fraud of Article 50, because we had Westminster’s backs against the wall in courts of law, in the short space of time of two years between December 2005 and 2007.


All we have ever consistently done is the rule of law.

Westminster has also been busted illegally running an operation against we peaceniks that they disguised as a war crimes ‘investigation’ which the MET Police war crimes unit has always been illegally trying to avoid.

There was always a very peculiar juxtaposition in Westminster of the Houses of Parliament, we peaceniks and New Scotland Yard, where we were obviously the only ones ever doing the rule of law.

The likes of Trump’s General Matthis who are born liars and like Nazis claim they have to obey any order from their ‘President’ because a piece of paper called their ‘Constitution’ tells them to, also dishonestly claim ‘sanctions’ forced Iran to the ‘negotiating’ table.

In fact Iran had Westminster’s backs against the wall in courts of law in early 2015 over illegal sanctions.

This is because as we proved in 2011, the crony 'capitalism' of corporate legislation, sanctions, resolutions and occupations can all be repealed in courts of law, because they are mutually exclusive with the rule of law.

That legal reality opens people’s eyes to the falsity of many a so called ‘activist’ who with all sorts of woo, have no discernible legal outcome/s they are trying to achieve.

There is no real point in campaigning unless you are genuinely trying to achieve a legal outcome of some kind.

The Russia ‘sanctions’ row is another smokescreen disguising Putin the Pretender has never challenged them in courts of law because he is part of the full spectrum propaganda of the UN Security Council weapons supply line of mass disinformation.

Pussy Le Pen openly advocates breaking up the European Union by robbing law abiding civilians of their European citizenship to 'replace' it with a trade ‘bloc’ including Russia, that already exists really and is called the UN Security Council.

The media generated ‘nationalist’ propaganda surrounding Pussy Le Pen becoming French President is curious because the National Front only actually have several MP’s in the French Parliament, who would not be able to try and take France out of the European Union.


The French National Front like Kippers are really Trojan horses in the European Parliament, trying to destroy it from within.

Of course most people would only reflect it’s a shame that Merkel who emerged from behind an Iron Curtain after working with Putin the Pretender, before coming to power because she did support the Iraq War, before now wanting to ban the ‘full burka’ doesn’t hide her own miserable mug behind one.

It’s self evident the French ‘State of Emergency’ apparently rather astonishingly over burkinis only continues to hide what the French Parliament could not legislate for, because it would be repealed in courts of law.


It is a well known matter of fact the French 'State of Emergency' which has become the new 'normal' could not possibly have any legal grounds because it did not stop the horrific Bastille Day Terror attack.

It is always the case that every piece of war propaganda hides a far from legal manoeuvre by crony ‘capitalism’ going on 'behind the scenes'.


A time of terrorists attacks is precisely the time any responsible legitimate state would be strengthening the rule of law, instead of weakening it with political weasel words.

The latest irrational ’nationalist’ woo which comes from weak reactionary governments and really doesn’t reflect most people who are inevitably always looking for more real freedom from the corporate state, not less, is a massive smokescreen to try and hide the attempted illegal break-up of the European Union.


... the evidence is media barons are maliciously trying to illegally launder ROBBERY !! as a 'divorce' when no-one married what are supposed to be administrative... servants...

It is a matter of fact lawless Westminster do not have legal grounds that are 'proportionate' and 'necessary' in a 'democratic society' to trigger what would be a completely unworkable sisyphean Article 50 that sought to illegally unravel forty years of acknowledging rights by robbing !! law abiding civilians of their European citizenship.


Westminster's hate filled Little Englander 'nationalist' ambitions obviously do not extend to their wanting to let go of [for example] Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales in their not so 'United Kingdom'.

Those casually peddling the Brexit mantra of ‘nationalist’ mob rule do know they are lying in trying to maliciously conflate fascism with democracy which even at it’s most superficial level is supposed to have the checks and balances and safeguards of the rule of law.


No reasonable and rational law abiding civilian could possibly ever claim they 'reasonably believed' anyone could just 'vote' to do whatever they wanted to anyone else, which exposes who is paying for and profiting from the corporate soundbites, law abiding civilians are not buying.

It is demonstrably the U.K [along with the U.S and Russia who are not part of the European Union] leading the Brexit charge in not wanting 500 million law abiding civilians in the European Union united by the certainty of the legal reality of the rule of law.

It is true that the U.S. and Russia are illegally interfering in Brexit to try and help Westminster because it is absolutely unlawful to try and ROB !! law abiding civilians of their European citizenship and worse when it is foreign governments trying to do so !!


It will certainly raise eyebrows and then some for the likes of the Russian and Turkish governments who sit on the European Court of Human Rights [but are not part of the European Union] to be seen trying to help Westminster ROB !! law abiding civilians of the freedom of their permanent European citizenship.

While there is no particular objection to trade blocs per se there is a very real objection to this being at the expense of ROBBING law abiding civilians of the freedom of their permanent private right of European Union citizenship in a world no human made.


The UN Security Council's unlawful attempt to try and ROB !! law abiding civilians of the freedom of their European citizenship, is only all about illegitimate corporate control.