There is a reasonable suspicion from an objective legal standpoint that what is really Blair’s big Brexit is trying to ROB !!  law abiding civilians of their European citizenship in a cynical attempt to try and prevent reform of the UN Security Council, and NATO in Europe, because of the legal quagmire over the Iraq War.

In legal terms it is self evident there are no legal grounds to ROB !! anyone of the freedom of their European citizenship so Westminster and their hangers on are trying to pull a fast one.


... when the global multi-billion dollar war propaganda racket maliciously targeted 'two veterans'...


The truly grim legal reality is the UN Security Council were responsible for the illegal sanctions that caused the Genocide of 500,000 children in Iraq before the second Gulf War.

There is no ‘reasonable doubt’ that Westminster’s war criminals and their apologists who lied about the Iraq war and a plebiscite over the freedom of the private right of permanent European citizenship lied about the outcome.


It is complete and utter corporate propaganda to claim that any of the current media manufactured 'glorious revolutionaries' like Blair's Brexit Westminster and their Farage along with the chump Trump or Putin the Pretender and Pussy Le Pen have any track record of standing with people anywhere, opposing the Iraq War and the accompanying 'austerity'.

There are no credible ‘world leaders’ among the UN Security Council who with unparalleled arrogance all bow to the savagery of corporate greed.

The absence of the checks and balances of the rule of law is fascism.

The real nature of the global oil markets who currently grease the corporate wheels tells anyone everything they need to know about the lies governments spin.

The people of war ravaged Iraq which has become a slaughterhouse for the lies of any war profiteer are even now forced to beg for ‘loans’ !! from the ‘World Bank’ !!!! while being ordered to cut production of oil to suit the dirty deals OPEC do because abiotic oil is not running out anytime soon.

The single enduring lie of war propaganda is that they are “protecting women and children” while in fact they do nothing but publicly denigrate real men along with ordinary women and children at every opportunity.

War propaganda is primarily misogynist because it is the opposite of anything any real woman or child would ever want.

Man made war is only about cowardly corporations making money for themselves, hiding behind women and children who are used in every way possible as their human shields.

The dirty deal that was obviously done was the UK and Russia who sit on the European Court of Human Rights protect the lawless U.S military ‘flying under the radar’ in Europe, forcing everyone to ‘turn a blind eye’ to the illegality of the Iraq War and what had gone before.

The UN Security Council who don’t want the checks and balances of the rule of law to be applied to the UN Security Council itself at the International Criminal Court are recklessly trying to deliberately circumvent the European Court of Human Rights in the worst circumstances possible.

Their actions speak volumes about the truth behind Two World Wars where inbred royalty and their political spin-offs were not fighting for any civilians freedom.

The latest spin of media generated ‘populists’ and ‘nationalists’ is just more branding for those who put themselves above the rule of law while trying to strip law abiding civilians of the freedom of their European citizenship.

The UN Security Council really don’t care what moniker people give themselves so long as they agree the UN Security Council should be above the rule of law.

Westminster and their apologists bellowing about all that matters is a vote firmly places them in the fascist trenches because a democracy has checks and balances and safeguards where the rule of law, not a vote, has supremacy.

The falsity of the fascists who only pretended to oppose the Iraq War is completely exposed with their Brexit cacophony that everyone should live according to the mob rule of a vote anywhere.

The illegal UN Sanctions on Iraq really are responsible for the most appalling current ’democratic deficit’ in the whole bogus ‘War on Terror’ with the word ‘terrorist’ only being bandied around by those who want to duck and dive all over the place with any old moniker.

The continuing preponderance of Iraq War criminals in Westminster with Blair hanging around making up all sorts of excuses, along with Washington wheeling out a whole array all over again, is only really indicative of those who want to hang on to the reins of ‘political’ power because they don’t want to be looking over their shoulders over prosecutions.


... the only reason brexit blair is hanging around is because the brexit buck that he invented really does stop with him and expose it is all about the iraq war...

A legal perspective makes sense of what is going on, because the political classes in Westminster and Washington would want to break up the European Union to try and make sure there was never any accountability over the Iraq War.



... september 4th 2006 at charing cross 'police' station in central london... i can't help that i happen to know why blair was forced to resign...

The unprecedented public opposition to the Iraq War really did catch war criminals and their apologists napping as the rule of law swiftly caught up with everyone.


... not a chance... cherie blair's matrix chambers trying to inveigle their way into my life via bent bindmans to try and cover everything up [circa may 2007]


Even we had legally beaten Westminster ourselves by December 13th 2007 when they signed their Article 50 ‘get out of jail free’ canard in the Lisbon Treaty.

There is the most almighty legal quagmire over the Iraq War which highlights the complete breakdown of a functioning rule of law that is entirely attributable to the UN Security Council.

The UN Security Council inevitably baulk over the legal reality that crony ‘capitalism’ in all it’s forms of corporate legislation, sanctions, resolutions and occupations can be repealed in courts of law.

There’s nothing hidden about the tangible deceit that multi-million dollar fake NGO’s etc do not try and repeal.



... westminster and moscow still trying to pretend they didn't illegally work together in london maliciously targeting peace campaigners...

Blair’s mouthpiece Farage is never questioned by the complicit 'news' media over his pretending to oppose the Lisbon Treaty that he actually relies on, while Blair will never be bringing a legal challenge that Article 50 he invented is of itself “the biggest mis-selling fraud since the Iraq War”.

In 2010 the most almighty push to try and illegally remove our Parliament Square Peace Campaign started in London, that ridiculously included Putin the Pretender’s Russia who had never really opposed the Iraq War, suddenly posing as ‘anti-war’ while Brian Haw who was really the greatest peace maker of our times, died in 2011.


... 'organizers'... there was nothing that could remotely be called lawful and legitimate 'journalism' going on here...


The UN Security Council have even ridiculously set up a fake website [30th November 2016] that any honest lawyer will admit is trying on the old needle in the haystack trick of the trade to try and hide ‘Russia Today’ are exposed in a real High Court jury lawsuit from August 17th 2011.

All overpaid dodgy ‘lawyers’ who are paid by the page always notoriously dump bundles to try and ‘obscure’ the smoking email etc.

What is illuminatingly missing from the fake website’s ‘list’ is that Murdoch’s Fox News, like the Guardian and ‘Russia Today’ are repeaters of ASIO Assange’s Wiki-woo along with British ‘conspiracy theory’ websites too.

The CIA Snowden hoax is similar in that fraudulent MSM and ‘alt’ news media revoltingly spin that a spy !! speaks for those he ILLEGALLY spied on !!!! which is really just another illegal way of trying to ‘go behind’ real lawsuits.

It is understood that Putin the Pretender’s ‘Russia Today’ that spun off into Sputnik too are just the dumping ground for anyone who pretends to oppose NATO etc with the BBC doing the same in reverse for public consumption.


As we previously pointed out [27th November 2016] Moscow who worked with Westminster to try and illegally smash our Parliament Square Peace Campaign, should not be trying to 'go behind' our wider lawsuit by 'contacting' us through any unsolicited email using the utterly false pretext of 'journalism'.


... 'predatory drones' ... an unsolicited email using the utterly false pretext of 'journalism' to contact us to try and 'go behind' our lawsuit...


We have zero interest in Russian 'politics' and the Russian government had zero legal grounds to work with Westminster to try and smash our Parliament Square Peace Campaign.


There are obviously large sums of money changing hands between Westminster and their echo chambers of Trump and Putin the Pretender all promoting their latest big Brexit scam.


In fact the oligarchy of crony capitalism is crony capitalism whether it is Westminster, Washington or Moscow etc.

The ‘socialist’ cohort of Putin the Pretenders Russian glee club really have not caught up with the reality of the times we live in while fawning over whatever Putin says, producing a serious cognitive disconnect.

What is filtered through the corrupt MSM and it’s spin off ‘alt’ media and their repeaters over corporate war bears absolutely no relationship whatsoever to everything that really goes on ‘behind the scenes’.

It is straightforward to identify corporate propaganda because it always echoes what is really one joined up script written by the UN Security Council.


Everyone knows that neither the likes of Renaissance Technology hedge-funds or Soros and his ‘Institute for New Economic Thinking’ want the repeal of crony 'capitalism' because that is how they make their filthy lucre.

Neither ’side’ wants any old Jo Public to waltz along and say well actually chaps...

In fact the UN Security Council propaganda machine is imploding and only being propped up by algorithms because the law abiding majority of civilians are not transferring from the MSM to their echo chambers of alt ‘news’ media spin-offs and repeaters.

The truth about the rule of law is a constant that means law abiding civilians don’t need to read or buy into anything else.

... theatre of the absurd... hedge fund renaissance technology algorithms who work for the city of london to ‘manage’ both ‘sides’ in the U.S. Brexit election spin iraq war criminal snowflakes going all pious over kellogs cornflakes...


There is no reason law abiding civilians would ever want to have anything to do with any ‘news’ media who do not consistently have any respect for the rule of law as a starting point.


Trump's line up of Iraq War criminals is looking more like a military junta by the day, what with Pence, Mattis, Flynn, Sessions and Pompeo.


... the same old, same old support iraq war criminals and their criminal war propaganda...


There's never even any pretence that the intelligence agencies are anything other than an extension of politics when a politician runs them.


Of course no swamp would be complete without the ubiquitous Goldman Sachs et al bagman like Mnuchin ready to stash the cash stolen from the public purse.

All electoral process have long been brought into complete disrepute by big business.


... fascist propaganda... westminster's war mongering corrupt politicians, media and judiciary have long been completely fascist....where this whole fraud that consists entirely of 'procedural' woo, is only about trying to forcibly make law abiding civilians 'surrender' the freedom of their permanent european citizenship...


The UK electoral 'process' or absence thereof is demonstrably the worst, with war lords ending up in the unelected House of Lords to try and cover up what they and the rest of Westminster do.

The ‘Arab Spring’ now looks more like an attempt to cover up torture ‘black sites’ that happened to include Belgravia Police Station in London that everyone was definitely trying to cover up after September 2009.

It is obviously a massive slam dunk give-away there is no ‘War On Terror’ when cowardly NATO is exposed torturing white female peace campaigners in London for goodness sakes, which is precisely what was going on.

It is unlikely to be a ‘co-incidence’ that the Polish government who were running a CIA torture ‘black-site’ which was what Blair used to support their accession into the European Union died in a mysterious plane crash in April 2010.

The real dirt is never spoken about truthfully on any front page..


... smoking emails... blair's article 50 echo chamber has a long history of nobbling bent judges too...[the fascism of westeminster's legal argument in the supreme court is that a 'royal prerogative' or failing that parliament, can arbitrarily revoke european citizenship without any legal grounds whatsoever]

It is actually entirely possible that what happened with the War on Libya was Saif Gaddafi who was working with NATO in London grotesquely praising Blair over the Iraq War was also working with MI6 Vitol Oil’s Belhaj & Co who were plants working with everyone all along, just like NATO’s Moazzem Begg with his Afghanistan legend.

It simply is not credible that Saif Gaddafi who was in London and ended up with the same ‘lawyers’ as ASIO Assange, did not know what Mahdi al-Harati was doing with Turkey’s false flag flotilla in June 2010 when he was posing as a ‘peace campaigner’.

All sorts was happening in 2010 that we can speak about because we were ourselves a fulcrum directly being targeted by all ’sides’ because we have been around for so long.

There’s never been a member of the public in the UK who has ever been remotely surprised by the corporate state operations run against our Parliament Square Peace Campaign that only the political classes and journalism have consistently lied about.

What is credible is everyone was trying to cover up the torture ‘black sites’ where many in the now completely discredited Muslim Brotherhood have acted as frontmen of all sorts.

A Syrian General collaborating with MI6 Fisk who invented the whole Bin liner bagman 'legend' incredibly ’forgets’ that Damascus and Tehran wholeheartedly supported and gave sanctuary to Khaled Meshaal until 2012 when he skipped off to Qatar.


The world no longer buys into the 1980’s of Thatcher and Reagan.

It is self evident that NATO and Russia who really work together could have stopped the War on Syria anytime they felt like, where their only interest is making as much money as they can from vassal states.


In fact the proposed European Directive on 'Combating Terrorism' referred to above by the 'Express' that Westminster does not oppose, has thus far evolved from various arbitrary 'resolutions' from the unelected UN Security Council, which include the U.S. Russia and China and where the UK rely on the old red herring of a 'royal prerogative'.


... disinformation from fascists with their bogus 'War on Terror' who have never been 'free speech campaigners' and never supported peaceniks when we really did force the repeal of the real multi-billion dollar free speech ban in the uk...


The phoney NGO's et al never had any problem with the legislation [below] first used against we peaceniks in London that we forced the repeal of in the UK, that had been copied elsewhere in Europe and Russia, that was then actually copied in Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood first:


... the lying corrupt 'human rights watch' et al are gatekeepers of the truth, who never had any problem with westminster first inventing the same multi billion dollar legislation to maliciously target us we forced the repeal of in the uk... before it was copied by egypt too..


We didn't have the luxury of lawyers or human rights NGO's because every layer of deceit conspired to violently try and stop us forcing the repeal including, politicians, media, academics, police, spies, lawyers, prosecutors, and judges.


Westminster are waving around the red herring of the 'royal prerogative' all over the place:


... the most incredibly arrogant fascist propaganda unquestioningly regurgitated as though law abiding civilians ENTIRE lives are at the mercy of and should completely change based on the 'royal prerogative' etc of any old 'political' or 'media' whim at any time... [in fact the maastricht treaty confirms permanent european citizenship]


The 'Professor' is spinning very peculiar propaganda about the 'royal prerogative' because he knows it was actually the British Parliament who claimed they ratified the whole Treaty of Lisbon, without any referendum.


The whole theatre of pretending a 'royal prerogative' has anything to do with delivering 'more democracy' is just another act in pure fascism over the Brexit which is a foul power grab by all of Westminster who had to launder something through the courts, to pretend they had power over European citizenship.


Westminster's Lord Pannick & Co are running the fraudulent stage managed legal cases where the 'Claimants' are all voluntarily 'surrendering' their own European citizenship to anyone in Westminster.


The real lawsuits Westminster will have trouble with will involve those not surrendering their European citizenship.


The whole business is very, very dodgy because there are no legal grounds to invoke Article 50 to try and ROB !! people of their European citizenship, where Westminster never even opposed or vetoed the expansion of the European Union etc etc that they never asked the electorate about, before agreeing to.


What remains seriously, seriously criminal is to try and ROB !! law abiding civilians of the freedom of their permanent European citizenship without any legal grounds whatsoever.


It really will raise eyebrows and then some, to see the likes of the Russian and Turkish governments who are not part of the European Union, trying to help Westminster try and ROB !! law abiding European civilians of their European citizenship, through the European Court of Human Rights they all sit on.


... brian haw parliament square, london, june 2nd 2001...

The UN Security Council who have played divide and rule to make money for themselves for too long, really do need to be reformed, while it is not legally sustainable for the lawless U.S. military in Europe to indefinitely ‘fly under the radar’ of the European Courts in Europe.