All European and Russian inbred ‘royalty’ and their political spin-offs slaughtered millions upon millions more of their ‘own’ civilians in Two World Wars, than any other ‘world leaders’ in history have ever done.

They then re-invented themselves as the UN Security Council weapons supply line of mass disinformation to carry on as before with their global crony ‘capitalism’.



On 22nd February 1943 the German government had a show trial and executed the very young White Rose anti-war campaigners because the government called it a ‘crime’ to speak out against a ‘socialist’ war mongering government.


The government wanted to ‘make an example’ of these young people ‘pour les autres’.

These were young people the government murdered to silence critics of war because they could have ended war across Europe.





... this very young woman was immediately executed to stop an uprising that would have ended war across Europe...

Those like the Italian Altiero Spinelli who spoke of uniting Europeans in a Union against fascism were imprisoned.

Those who waged war sat in their ivory towers with their media messengers spinning their lies to slaughter civilians for their own financial profit.

Westminster who are the biggest apologists for Hitler because they installed him have only ever sought to use the White Rose to pretend they are different.

At the end of Two World Wars, Europe slowly started to unite and become a European Union so what had happened could never happen again.

Never again will young people be arrested, imprisoned, put on trial and executed in Europe, because they oppose and can stop war.

On 22nd February 2006 Westminster claimed they wanted to “make an example” of me after they had unlawfully arrested, falsely imprisoned and had a show trial to maliciously ‘convict’ me because a ‘socialist’ government along with their ‘tory’ collaborators called it a ‘crime’ to speak out against war with Brian Haw in Parliament Square, London.


Westminster chose that date because they knew what they were trying to do.

Like the White Rose we told the truth about the rule of law to end war.




...Tucker v Director of Public Prosecutions [2007] EWHC 3019 (Admin) (30 November 2007)...


[So many people horse-traded over and made a lot of money for themselves by covering up the case above because it a) echoed February 22nd 1943, and b) it is a slam dunk it would have immediately repealed legislation that very obviously breached Article 11, Freedom of Assembly]

It is a matter of fact Westminster tortured and made a number of attempts on my life while I was repeatedly illegally denied legal representation because the entire apparatus of the state was trying to silence dissent in what they call a country of free people because they do not want to ever end war.


I was the one who was illegally denied legal representation in the High Court in London on 23rd June 2010 to try and stop me exposing what is going on.


It is a matter of fact Westminster is trying to illegally use 'Article 50' to 'go behind' our High Court jury lawsuit from August 17th 2011.

The politicians, the journalists and academics, their conspiracy theorists and union leaders and police, soldiers, spies, lawyers, prosecutors and the highest judges in the land all said it was a ‘crime’ to speak out against the government and did not stand with me to repeal legislation, which we did ourselves.


There was silence from the politicians, journalists and academics, their conspiracy theorists and union leaders and police, soldiers, spies, lawyers, prosecutors and the highest judges over our repeal they did not celebrate, because we had beaten the multi-billion dollar global war propaganda racket that was the crowning glory in their bogus 'War On Terror'.


What we really showed was that crony 'capitalism' in all it's forms of corporate legislation, sanctions, resolutions and occupations can be ended by the rule of law.

We have always stood for the freedom of the rule of law while the entire apparatus of the lawless British state and their hangers on do not.


We proved war propaganda is a crime because it knowingly intends to murder defenceless civilians for financial profit.

The politicians, the journalists and academics, their conspiracy theorists, union leaders and police, soldiers, spies, lawyers, prosecutors and the highest judges in the land ALL work together to try and HIDE what they are doing and did that was not a ‘mistake’.

They have tried all sorts to try and hijack and smash our law abiding civilian resistance with their lies, including stealing campaign property so that to this day we cannot use it.

Westminster put a copy of campaign property in the Tate Britain and paraded it overseas calling Genocide ‘Art’ before they put real campaign property they stole in the Museum of London still telling their lies and sponsoring PHD’s at the Ministry of Propaganda at Goldsmiths ‘University’.


Westminster ran a whole MI5 'Democracy Village' of all sorts that included the Russian government, and was only overtly stopped by our High Court jury lawsuit, because most governments were not really opposed to the Iraq War.


The public always knew what was going on because we are not some fly by night and have been around a long time, while all the politicians and what passes itself off as journalism lie.


The UN Security Council is only a weapons supply line of mass disinformation.


We have always led and spoken up for unprecedented public opposition to the Iraq war and all corporate war in all it's shapes and forms.


Brian Haw was the greatest peace maker of our times.


The true unprecedented public opposition to the Iraq War was not led or controlled by but instead transcends the political classes and their propagandists with the rule of law.

What happens to us could never have happened without our being repeatedly illegally denied legal representation whenever our cases were before the High Court in London.

I have lost count of the Westminster Nazis ‘academics’ and ‘lawyers’ etc etc telling me the government and they can say whatever they like and do whatever they want to us because it is called ‘democracy’.

All reasonable and rational law abiding civilians know the old lie that there is a ‘royal prerogative’ and the government can ‘vote’ for whatever it likes is untrue.

The only way any student gets ‘top marks’ in British ‘universities’ is by spinning government propaganda including against the European Union.

Westminster do not want to have to admit and be held accountable for what they do.

The entire apparatus of the state only works for big business and Westminster and their hangers on always knew that everything they were doing was illegal.

Everyone still hides the truth about Blair’s Article 50 ‘Enabling Act’ that was signed on December 13th 2007, after we had legally beaten Westminster in courts of law on the very same day.


Our very real High Court jury lawsuit on August 17th 2011, only finally got through the multiple layers after years of deceit. 

Blair’s Article 50 ‘Enabling Act’ is the “biggest mis-selling fraud since the Iraq War” precisely because it was invented by Westminster’s architects of war.

Only Westminster Nazis and their apologists voted for and now support Brexit because all reasonable and rational law abiding civilians know that Westminster cannot ROB !! law abiding civilians of the private right of their European citizenship.

A ‘democracy’ only means people can vote to change a few politicians in the House of Commons or the European Parliament, but does not mean Westminster can hold a referendum on the unfettered power to ROB !! law abiding civilians of their citizenship.


Only criminal propaganda claims there is any kind of 'divorce' going on where people are not married to the servants who claim they own our European citizenship.


Those who publicly claim a government can put anything up for a 'vote' are undeniably true fascists in every meaning of the word.

There are only multiple layers of deceit who pretend they speak for “the people” pretending that show trial on 22nd February 2006 did not take place and that we proved ordinary people like you and me could repeal crony capitalism.

You and I are not paying the corporate mega ‘donors’ behind the Brexit soundbite who do all know that Article 50 is of itself a fraud that Westminster have no legal grounds to use.

These multiple layers of deceit were never standing with us and speaking the truth standing up for us, about what has been going on in the UK.

These are the same liars who would execute young people in show trials in Europe like on 22nd February 1943.


It is not difficult to work out that I am telling the truth about Blair & Co who were the architects of Article 50.

The European Union is not about the political classes, but about 500 million law abiding civilians living in peace and harmony across a huge array of inspiring traditions and cultures with the freedom of their European citizenship that really means something that is so very, very important.


There is no love for humanity in the souls of those who are behind and who support Brexit.

All those who oppose a European Union of 500 million law abiding civilians living together in peace and harmony in a world no human made are the enemies of all humanity.

I do really stand with the freedom of the rule of law.