The anachronism of the UN Security Council weapons supply line are obviously trying through their billion dollar Brexit roadshow to maintain a world of uncertainty that does not need and has never needed to exist.

The law abiding majority of civilians consistently live in peace and harmony through the legal reality of the rule of law.


... brian haw was the greatest peacemaker of our times...

The only real ‘Peace Treaty’ there can ever really be is the a) two-faced UN Security Council weapons supply line must be reformed, and b) NATO ended because it is just absolutely unlawful to have the lawless U.S. military based in Europe, with c) everyone keeps their greedy mitts off the freedom of European citizenship.

The Two World Wars that laid waste to millions upon millions of civilians across Europe were completely manufactured by inbred European and Russian ‘royalty’ and their political spin-offs who merely “took back control” with their UN Security Council.

What they did not do was build a mandatory corresponding legal system because they always intended to divide and rule the world through a two-faced weapons supply line.

The European Union of 500 million law abiding civilians living in peace and harmony across a huge array of inspiring traditions and cultures with the freedom of the independence of European citizenship became the bulwark against the UN Security Council with the Maastricht Treaty that acknowledged permanent European citizenship.



You can fire etc politicians but you can't fire law abiding civilians by ROBBING !! them of the freedom of their European citizenship:


... Murdoch propaganda that 'disguises' the whole multi-billion dollar Brexit roadshow that includes the U.S. 'Presidential' election was plotted by Westminster, to try and ROB !! law abiding Europeans of the freedom of their European citizenship, that America and Russia are falling all over themselves to do too...


The European Union along with the European Court of Human Rights for all it’s very many and real political faults nevertheless became real and constructive progress in administrative governance in a world no human made.

The UN Security Council are now ILLEGALLY leading the charge to try and smash the freedom of that permanent European citizenship to try and maintain their weapons supply line of divide and rule.

The incontrovertible evidence is Article 50 has of itself always been a fraud because it is a legal impossibility to remove permanent European citizenship.

You can fire your own politicians locally or at the European Parliament, but you cannot fire law abiding civilians by trying to take away their European citizenship, to try and break up the European Union.

The UN Security Council are illegally trying to lead everyone back to the dark days of the manufactured divide and rule of World Wars.

The unprecedented public opposition to the Iraq War, which was not led or controlled by but instead transcends the duplicitous political classes and their pulp fiction with the rule of law, spelled the end of the two-faced double dealing UN Security Council who did not stop the illegal invasion of Iraq.

The UN Security Council ‘resolution’ to then support what everyone knew were MI6 Vitol Oil’s lethally armed mercenaries they called ‘protesters’ to overthrow Gaddafi in Libya was a new low that could not be repeated in Syria.

Westminster signed up for the fraudulent Article 50 in the Lisbon Treaty on December 13th 2007 knowing that we had legally beaten them.

On June 23rd 2010 Westminster illegally denied me legal representation in the High Court because they knew we had already beaten them and did again.

We have already proved in Parliament Square in London that Brexit Betty does not have a ‘royal prerogative’ of any kind over the rule of law.

Our High Court jury lawsuit against the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ et al of all sorts used against us [that overtly began on May 1st 2010 and included the Russian government] and goes all the way back to December 2005 finally got through on August 17th 2011 with the High Court confirming on October 7th 2011 through gritted teeth, that it could not be thrown out.

Both NATO and the Russian government tried to illegally smash our small Parliament Square Peace Campaign because we have always done the rule of law.

We have proved a very small group of law abiding civilians can go a long way living by and pushing for the rule of law in administrative governance.

NATO supplied lethal weapons to their terrorists in Syria while the Russian government bought the Syrian President’s silence by supplying him with some limited weapons for soldiers and civilians to try and defend themselves from terrorists.

The Russian government are the phoniest ‘Opposition’ to NATO Wars anyone will ever see, because they sit on the ECHR protecting the lawless U.S. military who ‘fly under the radar’ of the ECHR in Europe that they use as a springboard elsewhere.

The Russian government have been doing nothing but grandstanding from a great height in Syria for the past year, while sitting on the ECHR turning a blind eye to the rule of law, which they have been doing for years.

The same NATO and Russia who maliciously targeted ‘two veteran’ peace campaigners in London with their MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts could have ended the War on Syria any time they felt like etc etc etc.

Anyone who professes to talk big with lethal weapons while ignoring the courts they belong to is a dirty great big fraud.

1.The United Nations Security Council must be reformed with the starting point that it is mandatory for the current five permanent members to ALL belong to the International Criminal Court.

Anyone who wants to be a ‘world leader’ begins by leading with the rule of law.

Those ‘world leaders’ who are too cowardly to begin by leading with the rule of law don’t even begin to deserve to be on the UN Security Council.

A UN Security Council who cannot agree on that as a starting point are never going to be any use to anyone.


Mice and men and all that.


The UN Security Council who are united in being completely opposed to the legal reality of the rule of law, except when it might happen to suit them:


... the duplicitous UN Security Council's NATO and Russia who 'forget' Westminster led with Brexit, want to ROB !! Europeans of their European citizenship to maintain their global divide and rule... [11.11.2016 Andrew Korybko Sputnik News]


The fact that governments ‘change’ does not mean and should not mean there must be war, which have all resulted from the deliberate failure of the UN Security Council.

Middle East governments would be wrong to presume etc that 500 million Europeans are now going to surrender the freedom of our European citizenship so anyone can keep buying weapons from one of two phoney ‘sides’ who are BOTH ‘bypassing’ the ECHR they sit on, to keep wasting civilian lives anywhere.

There is no ‘glory’ in dying for the wallets of weapons manufacturers etc.

Millions upon millions of defenceless civilians died in Two World Wars in Europe for the lies of the same ‘world leaders’ now arming people in the Middle East which has led to the murder of millions upon millions more civilians.

The global multi billion dollar war propaganda racket and their weapons manufacturers don’t care who buys what they are selling.

Not a single civilian life should be wasted on the wallets of the UN Security Council’s multi-billion dollar global war propaganda racket, which is btw seriously illegal.


There's not going to be a repeat performance of Westminster's double dealing with the MacMahon-Sharif Agreement in 1916 and the Balfour Declaration of 1917 leading to the phoney Treaty of Versailles in 1919 etc etc etc.

The most powerful campaigns are backed by the rule of law, which armies of lawyers working for governments who profess to oppose NATO are perfectly capable of using, including to protect their supposed allies.

2. NATO must end because there is no doubt that it is absolutely unlawful for the U.S. military to be in Europe where they act outside any legal remit they then rely on elsewhere.

The European Union of 500 million people is not going to be ‘invaded’ by anyone [including Russia 143 million and the U.S. 318 million, while the Chinese government who have their own home-grown economic market would no doubt just like to increase the wages of Chinese people]

NATO is just a slush fund and army etc for war mongering weasels in Whitehall who orchestrate corporate war.  

Westminster ruled the corporate waves going into World War One and did a Dunkirk in World War Two so that they could orchestrate everything with their American muscle marching on Berlin so they didn’t give the game away.

Brexit Betty has an unusual ‘property portfolio’ that really doesn’t bear any legal scrutiny.


... in legal terms the sun is setting on the dual anachronisms of the UN Security Council and NATO's lawless U.S. military flying under the radar of any legal accountability in Europe that is used as a springboard elsewhere, regardless of trump & co...

3. Hands off the freedom of European citizenship.

The same UN Security Council who professed some legitimacy at the end of Two World Wars are disgracefully using Article 50 as their ‘contingency’ plan to try and ILLEGALLY smash the freedom of European citizenship to try and take everyone back to the dark old days of the divide and rule of their manufactured World Wars.


Article 50 is of itself a fraud.


You can fire your own politicians locally or at the European Parliament, but you cannot instead fire law abiding civilians by trying to take away the freedom of their permanent European citizenship, to try and break up the European Union.


It is absolutely unlawful ie: 'disproportionate' to try and 'arbitrarily' punish law abiding civilians by trying to ROB !! them of the freedom of their very important permanent European citizenship, for the sins of the political classes and their propagandists etc.


It is commonsense rule of law 101 that it is possible to acknowledge/vote for rights in administrative governance, but it is not possible to vote to rob other people of their rights.

All reasonable and rational law abiding civilians know the political posturing of the ‘will of the people’ mob rule mantra has no meaning under the rule of law and is exactly the same 'old lie' Westminster rely on all the time that we proved could be repealed as indeed can all corporate war.

It is self evident that the red herring of a ‘royal prerogative’ has no ‘power’ over the red herring of an ‘advisory referendum’ held by a ‘Parliament’ who have no ‘power’ over the freedom of European citizenship.

It is only illuminating that war mongering Westminster and their hangers on want to ROB law abiding civilians of their freedom to give Westminster two fingers etc etc etc.

Those who claim to ‘believe’ that a) war mongering Westminster b) held an advisory referendum c) without planning the outcome/told the truth about the outcome are only living in their own delusional state of denial.

All those who voted to ROB law abiding civilians of the freedom of their European citizenship are to the last one fascist apologists for the mob rule mantra of war mongering Westminster because the war cry ‘will of the people’ that they hide behind, is hardly new.


Anyone who publicly claims the mob rule mantra "will of the people" has supremacy over the legal reality of the harmony of the rule of law which we have demonstrably proved is a lie, is the accumulation of all evil that is the enemy of all humanity.

The ‘royal prerogative’ is a red herring as indeed is an ‘advisory referendum’ over a ‘power’ Westminster always knew they did not have over the freedom of European citizenship that they are ILLEGALLY trying to ROB to try and maintain a two-faced weapons supply line.



The UN Security Council have told too many lies for too many years to try and cause the most serious harm possible to entire civilian populations:


... the incontrovertible evidence remains nato and russia were only illegally working together !! in london to stop freedom and the rule of law...


It remains a stand alone truth whoever is saying it that all crony 'capitalism' of corporate legislation, sanctions, resolutions and occupations are mutually exclusive with the rule of law and can be repealed in courts of law.