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The reality the UN Security Council only represents the violent anarchy of crony capitalism means it is going to become harder and harder for the five permanent members to find civilians willing to do their bidding.


It is entirely foreseeable that the UK, US, Russia, Turkey and possibly Poland [who ran the CIA et al 'black-site' that led to Blair trumpeting their accession to the European Union !!] are going to lead a major effort in the New Year to try and destabilize the European Union.


... the RUSI global war propaganda racket of crony capitalism in Whitehall, London, should be shut down...


The UN Security Council knew they could not continue their illegal 'sanctions' on Iraq that caused the Genocide of 500,000 Iraqi children.


So the UN Security Council's U.S launched the whole bogus 'War on Terror' using the Saudi bin liner bagman so they could  stay in Afghanistan really, while everyone plotted the invasion of Iraq which was the real target.


[It is possible that Iraq could then have been used against Iran again too, if Iran had not beaten illegal 'sanctions' in the UK courts on February 9th 2015]


It is not a co-incidence that Brexit's 'Democracy Village' of ASIO's Assange and Pilger are championing fellow Australian old 'five eyes' Rupert Murdoch's Fox News Wiki woo.





MAY 2010


The incontrovertible evidence is Westminster rigged the May 6th 2010 election in the UK, making sure it was a hung Parliament so they could run their MI5 'Democracy Village' that started on May 1st 2010.


... the global multi-billion war propaganda racket lies they would not dare repeat in a court of law, that 'disguise' westminster and moscow work together really...


[In fact the latest MI5 spiv who is always telling tall tales in and through the 'press' knows that ASIO 'godfather' Tudor Harvey Barnett was the first serving spy chief to give a 'newspaper' interview]


... evil... in fact Westminster and Moscow collaborated to target 'two veteran' peace campaigners !! in London with their MI5 'Democracy Village' of all sorts and even when Brian died they carried on relentlessly attacking us !!...


The illegal part of rigging the election [that all the political classes agreed to] was doing it so they could run their MI5 'Democracy Village' which was seriously illegal [but which they could only use against us, with a combination of a Tory government and Tory Mayor of London, because so many other 'combinations' of all sorts had already been used against us, and had failed].


[It was a simple matter for Westminster to produce the 'hung parliament' by splitting the public vote three ways, instead of the usual two, with the whole Lib Dem lie about student education being used to headline Clegg]


In legal terms both Labour and Tories [& Lib Dems] are legally responsible for MI5 'Democracy Village' that started on May 1st 2010 because it straddled both administrations, which the accumulated evidence shows is not a fact that gives either 'plausible deniability'.


ASIO Assange who was never part of the anti-war movement in the UK, was parachuted in for the war mongering Guardian's launch of Wiki-woo in London around the same time, while the Russians who were involved in MI5 'Democracy Village' went to Damascus to sign a weapons contract, because the UN Security Council were obviously planning the 'Arab Spring'.


Their 'objective' [like that of Brexit] was for the global war propaganda racket to try and "take back control" because unprecedented public opposition to the Iraq War was not led by or controlled but indeed transcended the duplicity of the political classes and their public fiction, with the reality of the rule of law.


The global war propaganda racket's 'state of denial' is 'not a recognized defence in law'.


... spivs... tall tales from the clinton and trump war propaganda racket...too


In fact our real High Court jury lawsuit against MI5 et al was filed on August 17th 2011.


[The UN Security Council's global multi-billion dollar war propaganda racket can only operate through the political classes, their pulp fiction and spy agencies all working together


There's a very big difference between 'selling' a picnic hamper and corporate war]





The rule of law means that while Westminster and Moscow illegally worked together in London to try and smash ’two veteran’ peace campaigners because we do the rule of law, it is impossible for Westminster and Moscow to explain why they cannot legally collaborate to rid Syria of lethally armed mercenary terrorists.


There is no real reason why Westminster and Moscow have thus far been unable to stop all the lethally armed mercenaries in Syria whose weapons did not grow on trees, other than they are in no rush because a lot of people are making a lot of money out of it all.

The UN Security Council are all working together to try and undermine the rule of law in Syria when it is a very straightforward matter of law that all the lethally armed monikers who are trying to overthrow the Syrian government are acting illegally.

There’s been endless opportunities for those responsible to be taken to court all over the place.

The Russian government sell the Syrian government 1 billion dollars worth of weapons to try and defend themselves which just means NATO spend 3 billion dollars in weapons with the entire civilian population caught up in one United Nations Security Council web of deceit that is only about them getting rich.


Your guess is as good as mine which 'Kurdish' group NATO or Russia are both supporting on any given day in Iraq and Syria in the whole pointless cycle and re-cycle of endless monikers.

And so the hypocrisy of the two-faced UN Security Council winds it’s way around the world with it’s two faced weapons supply line that is only about lining it’s own back pockets.

In Myanmar, Moscow pretends to posture over Aung Suu Kyi being the new tyrant when what they are all really trying to do along with Westminster is yet again completely undermine the rule of law.


... blatant propaganda trying to 'disguise' moscow's involvement on multiple levels too...

[Brian tried reaching out to Burmese doing one of those 'Gordon Brown save us demos' in 2007 in Parliament Square and we met with some of the 88 ers and Aung Suu Kyis sons brought Brian the green ski suit one winter, and it is true, they don’t care what the British government does]

However neither Westminster nor Moscow posture about human rights because they care about civilians anywhere, but instead because they are competing to collect the biggest check in one global web of corporate deceit called crony capitalism.

Some people willingly work for one ‘side’ or the other, while some people willingly ‘compromise’.

The hardest road is obviously staying independent of both phoney ‘sides’ which is of itself a very useful lesson because both ’sides’ of one crony capitalism really are absolute shits who just completely use other people.

It is blatant two-faced Russian propaganda complaining about the UK and US trying to undermine the rule of law in Myanmar with Aung Suu Kyi, which while true more generally a) lies about what is the rule of law and b) leaves out the part where... Moscow is absolutely involved.


... the lying propagandist is very obviously doing exactly what he pretends to complain about by deliberately misrepresenting the rule of law...

The fact the Myanmar military junta invented a ‘rule’ that did target Aung Suu Kyi because she happened to be married to a ‘foreigner’ does not of itself mean that she is breaking the ‘law’ or rule of law by ignoring it.

To publicly suggest that is the case is just seriously disingenuous propaganda that is exactly the same brainwashing that suggests that we should never have been ‘allowed’ to repeal the 'free speech' ban violently imposed on us by Westminster that was... copied by Moscow.


If we had just 'gone along with' the 'old lie' about a 'vote' perpetuated by the multiple layers, of lying politicians, police, spies, prosecutors, judges, conspiracy theorists, academics and their pulp fiction that passes itself off as journalism/'alt' media we would never have even forced the repeal of their global multi-billion dollar 'free speech' ban targeting us in their bogus 'War on Terror'.

The rule of law actually means having real checks and balances and safeguards that aren’t arbitrary or disproportionate etc, in administrative governance.

Anyone can dream up a ‘Constitution’ etc etc etc saying anything which does not necessarily mean it is compatible with the rule of law.

It is always just downright dishonest to call corporate legislation ‘law’ to try and conflate it with the rule of law.

The only reason people call corporate legislation 'law' is because they are trying to disguise they are lining their own back pockets.


All corporate legislation, sanctions, resolutions and occupations are mutually exclusive with the rule of law.

The real question someone who was being honest would ask is what legitimate aim is convincingly established in criminal law that makes it illegal to stand for public office in administrative governance, because you have for example been married to a foreigner ?

Is it actually illegal to be married to a ‘foreigner’ too ?

All reasonable and rational law abiding civilians know there is obviously no legitimate aim convincingly established in criminal law to really claim it is illegal to stand for public office in administrative governance, because you have been married to a 'foreigner'.

The same propagandist does not condemn President Assad for being married to a British born Syrian.


... this hypocrite in knowingly lying about the rule of law is absolutely complicit in and doing exactly what he only pretends to complain about...


The Cartalucci propaganda is just like Westminster, trying to undermine the rule of law too, by misrepresenting it because the global war propaganda racket is so massive.


One day there will be responsible administrative governance where everyone is a citizen of the world because the political classes will have got over themselves because of course there are very few hurdles put in place of multi-national corporations which highlights the hypocrisy towards civilian populations.


...from the goldman sachs pacific outpost... corporate legislation has one rule for lawless crony capitalism and another for the rest of humanity...


Mr Goldman Sachs seems to forget that Australia is in Asia really, not Europe.


The corporate rip off brigade are just passing the most massive brown envelopes between each other.




I mean what on earth are Australia going to do with a few subs ?


Invade Moruroa Atoll ?


Don't think so.


Instead of the tin bucket vanity project above, Australia could have saved lives and billions of dollars by not invading and bombing other countries and their civilian populations. A sum like $40 billion + could have gone towards building infrastructure for more people in what is a vast continent for goodness sakes.




In the same way inbred European and Russian monarchy who were no different from each other created political spin-offs in their own image, the global war propaganda racket created their not at all ‘alt’ media when the internet came along.

It is unelected Brexit Betty who has all Putin the Pretenders sock-puppets spinning the MSM wheel with their ‘old lie’ that anyone can just ‘vote’ to arbitrarily forcibly remove the freedom of law abiding civilians permanent European citizenship too.


... this propaganda being touted by putin et al 'disguises' that westminster and moscow are working together for crony capitalism and are the enemies of European civilians who they do not want to have the freedom of the independence of permanent European citizenship...


The mendacity of these charlatans knows no shame and they will all dump on anyone from a great height, for money.


... conservative central office in westminster is obviously pushing the uk and russian anti-european alliance...


There are major attacks by the political classes across Europe against the rule of law using the false pretext of the 'War on Terror' which is really the time any genuine and responsible government would be strengthening, not trying to undermine the rule of law.


They are all following the 'lead' of the UK who have abused the ECHR's 'margin of appreciation' to completely ignore the rule of law for so many years, until finally running for the Brexit.

Turkey’s Erdogan is now maniacally waving around the death penalty ranting on about ‘sovereignty’ having supremacy over the rule of law, while unsurprisingly being courted by Westminster and Russia too, while grandstanding in Iraq and Syria.


The problem is not the reality of the rule of law but rather what is really the neanderthal UN Nations Security Council’s violent anarchy of crony capitalism, which is completely and utterly all about themselves.

A completely disingenuous piece of propaganda was circulated by Westminster’s RUSI about Syria which can be distilled down from 60 bought and paid for pages of propaganda, into one sentence.


The Russian government have the most 'influence' over the Syrian government.

Why is that ?

Because the Syrian government need some weapons to try and defend themselves from the juggernaut of the bogus ‘War on Terror’ that landed in Syria, to make lots of money for all sorts.

How much were the RUSI propagandists paid ?


Russia is only very belatedly grandstanding in Syria from a great height shedding crocodile tears while really gleefully cleaning up financially in all sorts of obvious ways.


Most governments and their propagandists have dumped all over Iraqis with any number of foul apologias, all designed to circumvent the rule of law.


These propagandists need to stop insulting law abiding civilians intelligence.


The United Nations Security Council's global multi-billion dollar war propaganda racket is just so criminal.


It is entirely foreseeable that the UK, US, Russia, Turkey and possibly Poland are going to lead a major effort in the New Year to try and destabilize the European Union.


It's very obvious crony capitalism wants to build it's global corporate 'Silk Road' where civilian populations become slaves because their citizenship can be arbitrarily revoked and they have no freedom of movement.


The model of administrative governance in the European Union, which despite it's many faults makes it still a work in progress, is nevertheless a real fundamental challenge to that.








27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!