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The UN Security Council stands disgraced over their bogus ‘War on Terror’ and ‘Arab Spring’ along with their new Brexit ‘Cold War’.

The UN Security Council knew it could not continue it’s illegal sanctions on Iraq so the Saudi bin liner bagman fronted the 9/11 false flag so the U.S et al could stay in Afghanistan really, headlining their new bogus ‘War On Terror’ while everyone really plotted to invade Iraq.



... the theatre of war propaganda... un security council military manoeuvres over the freedom and independence of permanent european citizenship and the rule of law are absolutely unlawful...


It's easy for anyone to see how a cheap headline in the global multi-billion dollar war propaganda racket translates into and multiplies profits in the weapons industries.


Putin the Pretender did not really oppose the Iraq War, and just wanted his oil contracts 'honoured' which was accepted in his red carpet outing with the old crone on the throne in June 2003.

Unprecedented public opposition to the Iraq War was not led or controlled by but indeed transcended the duplicity of political classes and pulp fiction with the reality of the rule of law.

Westminster went into meltdown as the multiplicity of their many layers of deceit were confronted and overcome by the new reality for them, of this rule of law.

The political classes and their pulp fiction that passes itself off as journalism would never be able to admit or explain Westminster being brought down by the reality of the rule of law.


We did regularly remind them that no-one minded when Belgium was without a Parliament for umpteen hundred days.

When Westminster completely lost the propaganda war and found themselves facing the reality of the rule of law they knew that was inevitably going to expose the illegal UN Security Council sanctions on Iraq too.


... brian haw opposing the illegal sanctions against iraq on june 2nd 2001 in parliament square, london...


... putin the pretender doing the dirty iraq war deal in june 2003...


So Westminster and Moscow plotted a new narrative of an ‘Arab Spring’ with large scale 'demonstrations' to bring about a change in governments elsewhere, using lethally armed mercenaries if necessary. 

Their first port of call with their new plot was Westminster in London with their MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts, whose purpose was to save Westminster from the ignominy of the reality of the rule of law, by trying to smash our long standing Parliament Square Peace Campaign.


... the UN Security Council's global multi-billion dollar war propaganda racket maliciously targets 'two veterans'...


All the political classes in Westminster were already completely legally compromised having relentlessly taken their turns in trying to smash our real law abiding civilian resistance, using any and every government agency they could.

However MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ which started on May 1st 2010, was a busted flush on May 25th 2010 along with Putin the Pretender.


... westminster were a busted flush that was exponentially multiplied by their being caught 'red-handed' working with moscow too in what is a 'scandal' too far for the whole propaganda matrix that is built on the lies of the un security council's divide and rule...


So the 'race' was then on to try and make sure the mother of all High Court jury lawsuits didn’t eventuate which, finally against all odds did get through on August 17th 2011, that goes all the way back to December 2005.


[N.B: Westminster and Moscow still protect the same fake above posing as a 'journalist' with Moscow trying to give themselves legal 'distance' now by setting him up with a phoney front company in the UK, which doesn't change he was definitively working for 'Russia Today' on May 25th 2010


There is no way any High Court jury is ever going to buy 'Russia Today' Raddie was acting in any legitimate capacity as a 'journalist' on May 25th 2010, along with the BBC, Daily Mail et al]

Westminster in desperation historically 'legislated' to illegally try and 'delay' our lawsuit !!!! with more state violence etc etc etc.

In the meantime, Egypt had gone full circle with their 'Arab Spring' outing because everyone was seen to be only vying to have power for the sake of having power themselves.

Libya descended into war because a UN Security Council 'resolution' incredibly gave lethal backing to 'demonstrators' !!


It is difficult to understand how that all took the Gaddafi's by 'surprise'.


Saif Gaddafi was living it up in London fawning over Iraq War criminals Tony Blair & Co, while Westminster was openly plotting with Mahdi al-Harati in June 2010 in the false flag flotilla, before he went on to be a mercenary in Libya and Syria.


... turkeys prime minister recep tayyip erdogan and MI6 Vitol Oil mercenary Mahdi al Harati ataturk hospital ankara 3 june 2010 after the false-flag flotilla...

The UN Security Council were so disgraced by now because in all the years they had never been able to agree as a starting point the definition of a 'terrorist' because they had really been using their 'Al-Qaeda' bogeyman as an 'opportunity' to attack anyone who opposed the UN Security Council deal over Iraq that was done in London in June 2003.


We definitively proved in the UK [while the deceitful armchair warriors squawked about anything else] that the UN Security Council was illegally using the bogus 'War on Terror' to grandstand and attack law abiding civilians at home, while attacking defenceless civilian populations abroad.

The dirty deal had been done on the red carpet of a state visit by Putin the Pretender.

Westminster's legal quagmire over much surrounding the Iraq War had never changed but arguably only worsened, while they could never admit Moscow's involvement, because that is a 'scandal' too far that destroys the whole propaganda matrix of divide and rule.

The UK was trying to stop legal challenges on too many fronts with ones from Iraq also being unreasonably delayed by having to go through the British 'courts'.

The UN Security Council could not use a resolution backing ‘demonstrators’ to change the Syrian government and nor could the UK declare war and authorize an invasion without the government being brought down because there was no false pretext of any legal grounds they could not produce.




The British Parliament who could not produce any legal grounds for declaring war on Syria, could not overtly declare war without dramatically worsening the legal quagmire they were already in over the Iraq War.


On 2014 Palestine then began the process of joining the ICC which will ultimately beg the question of why one election could not be held across the made in the UK Israel and Occupied Palestine, because there is obviously no difference between Netanyahu, Abbas and Meshaal.

When Iraq then mounted a legal challenge over stolen Iraqi oil in 2014 that was going to expose everyone at the UN Security Council really all over again, a new phoney ‘Islamic State’ brand was added to the mix, that would 'spill' over from Iraq, into NATO’s not so covert War on Syria.


The UN Security Council remained inexplicably tight-lipped and hamstrung over the definition of a 'terrorist' and was being exposed as nothing more than a two-faced weapons supplier lining it’s own back pockets.


In early 2015 Iran had the British Parliament's back up against a wall in the British courts, over illegal sanctions.


Obama started illegally grandstanding from a great height in Syria in September 2014, followed by Putin the Pretender who was invited in October 2015 and the UK etc who were not in December 2015.


Only the Syrian government know why they have not launched lawsuits with armies of lawyers, years ago.


The Syrian army had however always defended the major cities in western Syria where most civilians had always lived and ploughed on towards re-taking Aleppo which will have to happen at some point which would end the War on Syria.


Presumably the Syrian government is waiting to see which if any of the multiple monikers is left standing in other parts of Northern Syria where it is almost impossible to keep up with the name changes among the multiplicity of duplicity.


It is absolutely the fault of the neanderthal UN Security Council that the juggernaut of their bogus 'War on Terror' landed in and destroyed Syria.

Germany agreed to take a million 'refugees' in another media roadshow, while the UK ran for the Brexit because Westminster is tied up in all sorts of legal knots over the Iraq War that was the single issue that everyone remained united in opposition to.

The Westminster political classes desperately needed the Brexit to try and divide and rule people a different way through the same old MSM and not at all ‘alt’ media who had all covered up the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ and never supported our Parliament Square Peace Campaign.

If you point out that Westminster and Moscow were actually involved in MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ together [which was the precursor to the Arab Spring] the MSM and ‘alt’ media who did their whole ‘Occupy’ distraction too, start singing their phoney ‘Cold War’ tune back and forth in their same old echo chamber.

Meanwhile in the U.S. 'Presidential' Brexit redux, the majority of Americans understandably don’t support either candidate who cover up the Iraq War and Libya, while Clinton barks about Syria and not Iran, and Trump does the reverse barking about Iran and not Syria depending on the audience and country.


... singing the same old made in the UK, Israel sing-a-long...


They are all making fools of themselves still spinning their ASIO Assange Wiki-woo too that by no co-incidence goes back to the UN Security Council plotting in 2010.


Wiki-woo has gone the full circle from the phoney 'liberal' war mongering Guardian [who would obviously never do any media roadshow with anyone who wanted to end war] to Putin the Pretender before ending up in the lap of old five eyes Atlantic Council Rupert Murdoch at Fox News.


It's only the MSM and their phoney spin-off 'alt' media who are caught napping.


... this seriously weasel worded wiki woo 'disguises' the real and far, far bigger scandal of westminster and moscow et al with their MI5 'Democracy Village' that started around the same time in 2010, as the ASIO Assange Wiki-woo was suddenly parachuted into London via the war mongering Guardian...


[The political classes and the pond life of their pulp fiction that passes itself off as journalism can say all sorts to camera they could not repeat before a High Court jury]


... not credible when it comes to civilians... russia already has a track record of illegally working with westminster to attack and cause the most serious harm possible to defenceless law abiding civilians in london... while still touting those involved as journalists etc...


Of course in Europe opposition to war is not premised on support for the Russian propagandists who have always tried to undermine and hijack real opposition to war.


[Putin the Pretender not only never supported Brian in all the long years he was there, but far, far worse actually worked with Westminster to illegally try and smash our Parliament Square Peace Campaign in London]


There isn't a Brexiteer, who are all apologists for Westminster, who isn't a traitor to the entire human race.

Then when you point out nobody minds war mongering Westminster and Murdoch doing a Dunkirk in Europe in their big Brexit huff, which does not mean anyone else is surrendering their own European citizenship, Westminster and Moscow play the old ‘Cold War’ canard with Brexit Britain having the front to try and claim Europe as it’s 'own'.




...un security council military manoeuvres over the freedom and independence of permanent european citizenship and the rule of law are absolutely unlawful...

... 'our continent' ?... brexit westminster wanting to lay claim to and rule over europe from whitehall is so dunkirk...


There's no reason for anyone to keep paying into the NATO 'protection' racket which is seriously illegal because the lawless U.S. military 'fly under the radar' of the ECHR with the agreement of Russia:


... doolally... an incoherent war propaganda 'protection' racket rant criticizing the very same 'ex-partners' they are leaving, and not in any way being stopped leaving...


Looks more like Fallon & Co are really trying to protect the BBC et al and Putin the Pretender and his 'Russia Today' propaganda machine in Europe.

Brexit Betty who was a busted flush telling porky pies about Parliament Square and the Iraq War, doesn't 'own' any 'title deeds' to Europe either.


... the greedy unelected queen and her unsurpassed greed...


Another porky pie the old crone on the throne tried spinning through the tangled web of her MI5 'Democracy Village' deceit:


[It is no secret that I have really lived and beaten chapter and verse Brexit Betty's many lies about 'land law' in the unparalleled greed of her unelected 'property portfolio']

... porky pies... [19th february 2008 was a bit late in the day]


Westminster and Russia are just trying to talk up a new phoney 'Cold War' to try and cover up the dirty deeds that led to Brexit.

The real truth about the European Union is that it is a progressive challenge to the global hegemony of the neanderthal UN Security Council.


The evidence is the UN Security Council do not like 500 million law abiding civilians having the freedom of the independence of permanent European citizenship along with the European Court of Human Rights.


... white noise... let us be honest that it's not 'news' for two propagandists from the daily mail and cnn who are losing traction everywhere, to waste airtime arguing the toss over who they both get paid to whore it for in the same echo chamber of crony capitalism....


The European Court of Human Rights do still need to be suitably unshackled from the political classes interpretation that a 'margin of appreciation' means ignoring the reality of the rule of law for as long as possible.


The legal reality is there is clearly no 'margin of appreciation' to ignore the rule of law.

The European Union is a work in progress with the rule of law in administrative governance taking precedence over ’sovereign’ lies, that is not about the political classes and their pulp fiction, but instead a celebration of people living peacefully across a huge array of cultures and traditions.


The latest phoney 'Cold War' propaganda will be a flop too as it tries to disguise Brexit Betty's fraudulent claim to any ownership over the freedom of the independence of permanent European citizenship, which is a private not public right, derived through the legal reality of the rule of law.


... the 'cornerstone' of thatcher's 'reforms'... a major 'de-regulation' of crony capitalism...


Can you imagine the eye-opening spectacle of the likes of the Russian and Turkish governments trying to stand with Brexit Betty against law abiding civilians at the European Court of Human Rights they all sit on, over European citizenship ?

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!