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Elections don’t personally interest me per se because they are only about baton changes between the same crony ‘capitalism’ which we have proved is of itself mutually exclusive with the rule of law.

Our knowledge of the definitively rigged election in 2010 in the UK just puts us in the very unusual position of having the evidence that would inevitably of itself bring that whole crony ‘capitalism’ House of Cards down through the rule of law too.  


... crony 'capitalism'... the shallow arbitrary roll of their loaded corporate dice will always be mutually exclusive with the rule of law...


The rule of law is a reality, regardless of how much the political classes and the pulp fiction that passes itself off as journalism try and deny that.

I do not think it is necessarily illegal of itself for three ‘political’ parties to agree to split the vote three ways to ensure a hung parliament, not least because everyone must have known there was no real difference between any of them.


It is just a variation of having nothing real on offer from two political parties either, like with the current U.S Presidential election where the majority of Americans dislike both deplorable candidates for a multiplicity of entirely valid reasons.


It is impossible to make out any case that people could hold their nose and vote for either, when there is no real difference.


... given there is no difference between the U.S. or Turkish regimes either, the difference in having the U.N. in Istanbul instead of New York would be ?...


Stiglitz and his phoney 'economist' crew are back peddling fast, trying to 'disguise' crony capitalism is global and can be repealed by ordinary people like you and me.


... the phoney stiglitz & dean baker @CEPR armchair 'economic' warriors [on right] are only now trying to re-invent much, while not telling the fundamental truth for free, that the a) un security council is the global crony capitalism that b) can be repealed by ordinary people like you and me...


The real starting point is crony 'capitalism' is actually unlawful and it is because it is mutually exclusive with the rule of law, that it can be repealed in all it's forms of corporate legislation, sanctions, resolutions and occupations, regardless of anyone's professed 'economic' theory.


The multiple layers of the badge and label brigade have overstepped all legitimacy to sadly become nothing more than symbols of tyranny who want everyone to 'believe' they have 'power' they do not.


In responsible administrative governance the badge and label brigade are servants of the people who work as honest brokers and critical thinkers.


Crony 'capitalism' by contrast is really nothing more than violent lawless anarchy that is wholly unacceptable.


[Westminster's incoherent apologias for themselves are always that if they don't commit the crimes first someone else will !!]


Most people don't mind paying for a few public services like hospitals, schools and a public transport system, through some kind of tax on goods that are not considered basic essentials, people buy from businesses.


The rest of what 'government' has become and arbitrarily imposed on everyone else is just the most massive corporate rip-off.


The race to the bottom in the U.S. that we have already had with Brexit:


... the very cheap propaganda in the race to the bottom where both U.S. 'candidates' are or support Iraq war criminals has also 'airbrushed' the history of Clinton's grotesque "we came, we saw, he died" triumphalism in Libya...


The war mongering Clinton has clearly more than 'insulted' the Middle East and Trump is and would/will be no different.


There is obviously no evidence that either Clinton or Trump who are both predatory beasts, have any respect for women anywhere.


... much of the 'script' is 'uncannily' similar to brexit... where the trump loud mouth would be used in the uk to 'disguise' what mother theresa [and putin and all their pulp fiction are already up to]...


In the UK, the fact three political parties who might have identical policies can also put themselves forward in any election, like they did in the rigged election of 2010 cannot be of itself illegal.

What is illegal is the reasons war mongering Westminster rigged the 'hung parliament' in 2010.

1. The evidence is Westminster needed a combination of a Tory government to back up a Tory Mayor of London to run the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts for public consumption, so Westminster could keep trying to have a go at our Parliament Square Peace Campaign, because all the political parties etc were legally compromised by that time... anyway.


The fact Westminster rigged an election only meant they could keep trying to go for us with a different combination, which killed Brian.

On July 19th 2009 Murdoch and Cameron et al were shouting from the rooftops that they wanted to arbitrarily ’remove’ us without all law, while illuminatingly not being able to explain to exactly where, in June 2011.

On May 1st 2010, they installed their MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ before the rigged election, and it’s outcome was publicly known.


When Brown slowly kerb crawled by for one final gawp on his way out while I was quietly reading a book in Parliament Square because I couldn't be bothered going to Downing Street for the send off, I just looked up and gave him the middle finger, before continuing with what I was reading.


I was hardly pleased he was so evil and cowardly that he ordered me being tortured when his 'police' attempted to murder me in September 2009 after Murdoch let the dogs of war off the leash in their electoral scramble, where we knew that the Tories being elected was no 'victory' either.


When you have had a government torture and attempt to murder you in their squabble over getting the biggest brown envelope in an 'election' you don't tend to be a big fan of the 'old lie' about a 'vote'.


I don't want anything to do with their disgusting world of deceit. All we have ever wanted is for them to leave defenceless civilians alone.

In fact the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts were a completely busted flush on May 25th 2010, before having to finally overtly retreat when we finally got through the unprecedented multiple layers of deceit to against all odds, file a High Court jury lawsuit against everyone on August 17th 2011, going all the way back to December 2005.

It also transpired that Westminster was working with Moscow to illegally cause serious harm to law abiding civilians in the UK, which actually helps to explain and more importantly understand much too.






The Russian government could never convince a High Court jury that their pond life posing as a 'journalist' with 'Russia Today' was by any stretch of any imagination doing anything any 'journalist' legitimately does, and the Daily Mail et al would not fare any better.


It is of course absolutely unlawful for a foreign government to be helping Westminster cause identifiable serious harm to law abiding civilians in the UK in Europe.


... the MI5 'Democracy Village' incl. Mike Raddie et al are a completely busted flush on may 25th 2010...


The lying UN including Russia are still disgracefully trying to distract from what Westminster and Moscow did in the UK:


... the distraction... who can get in the queue after our real lawsuit...


The two-faced Russian government have themselves been unquestioningly repeating the propaganda of the very same NGO's they now suddenly claim to complain about.


Putin the Pretender's Mike Raddie who is no 'journalist' is NOW arrogantly trying to conflate that because the Russian government were invited by the Syrian government to be in Syria in 2015 [and by Westminster to be in London in 2010] that makes what the Russian government did in London in 2010 legal, which it most certainly does not.


'Russia Today' have also now cynically sought to create a legal 'distance' between themselves and Mike Raddie with something called BS News, which was not the case on May 25th 2010 when he was directly working for 'Russia Today':


... I have no interest in UN Security Council propaganda... that is 'jumping on the bandwagon' of our existing High Court jury lawsuit from 2011 against Westminster et al...


The phoney 'journalist' Mike Raddie is an absolute stinking coward trying to hide behind Syria !! over what he and 'Russia Today' illegally did in London with Westminster before the War on Syria.


It is just so obscene that Syrian conscripts are supposed to be 'grateful' to Westminster and Moscow planning the 'Arab Spring' that saw Moscow giving the Syrian army a few weapons to defend entire defenceless civilian populations from a free for all by lethally armed mercenaries from all around the world


This is the same 'Russia Today' who 'publish' what they call 'Op-ed' pieces that disguise the person Patricia Chagnon, they are advertising really, is actually the French National Front, who only use war to make 'political' mileage for themselves too.


[Unlike the two-faced UN, I would just throw 'Russia Today' out of Europe because of what they illegally did to cause serious identifiable harm to law abiding civilians in the UK, that has nothing to do with Russia now pretending they are in Syria to 'help'.


Since Putin's 'Russia Today' are going to lie [and keep lying] about what they do to law abiding civilians in Europe while working with Westminster they do need to get out of Europe.


... the weasel words of lying lavrov and co who want the anarchy of violent crony 'capitalism' instead of 500 million law abiding civilians having the freedom of the independence of permanent European citizenship with the rule of law...


Europeans are not going to play the same old two-faced 'Cold War' propaganda game.


All Moscow are doing in Syria is grandstanding from a great height very belatedly in the day, shedding crocodile tears waving around the 'Cold War' banner.


The Russian government are just pathetic publicly pretending that the only people who oppose war support the Russian government.


Moscow can't even begin to pretend they gave a toss about the Iraq War.


[The phoney 'Russia Today' never interviewed Brian Haw once, ever in all the years he was in Parliament Square, London]


The Russian government do not support peace campaigners in the UK or Europe.


This is MI6 mouthpiece Patrick Cockburn trying to 'distract' from Westminster and Moscow working together:


... MI6 mouthpiece Patrick Cockburn trying to cover up the collaboration between Westminster and Moscow in London in their bogus 'War on Terror'... [Times of Israel October 24th 2016]


The purpose of the global multi-billion war propaganda racket is exemplified by the Cockburn family of paid propagandists, Claude, MI6 Patrick and Alexander who have played it every which way between Moscow and Westminster to try and reach the end point where they claim nothing was anything to do with the UK.


... the state of denial lie about un security council sanctions and the invasion of iraq that the uk were and still are involved in too... [times of israel 24th october 2016]


... brian haw parliament square, london, june 2nd 2001... the uk always knew what they were doing was absolutely unlawful...


The UN Security Council are not big on elections in the Middle East.


... of course the last thing... the uk would want in their 'made in the uk' israel is one election across what is called israel/occupied palestine... [times of israel 24th october 2016]


The two-faced UN Security Council will call having any kind of election in the Middle East 'anti-semitic' next.


Such blatant war propaganda from Cockburn & Co ignores elections have been rigged in Israel from the beginning through their ethnic cleansing of Palestinian people. The only ones who would be 'embarrassed' holding one election across what is called Israel/Occupied Palestine would be Netanyahu, Abbas & Meshaal because everyone knows there's no difference between the 'political' parties really.


The pulp fiction that passes itself off as 'journalism' which is really criminal war propaganda always pretends either the rule of law does not exist, or if it does, it does not apply to the political classes in Westminster etc.


What 'Russia Today' collaborated with Westminster in against Brian, was not just a monumental disgrace of epic proportions, but absolutely unlawful.


Unlike Brian, Westminster and Moscow were not trying to end war.




2. The reason Westminster et al wanted to ‘remove’ our long-standing Parliament Square Peace Campaign was because the rule of law will always obviously trump a corporate narrative of crony 'capitalism'.

All of Westminster knows we would wipe the floor with them before a High Court jury.



If we had just 'gone along with' the 'old lie' about a 'vote' perpetuated by the multiple layers, of lying politicians, police officers, spies, prosecutors, judges, conspiracy theorists, academics and their pulp fiction, we would never have even forced the repeal of their global multi-billion dollar 'free speech' ban targeting us in their bogus 'War on Terror'.



The corporate narrative failed with the Iraq War because unprecedented public opposition was not led or controlled by but instead transcended the deceit of political classes and their pulp fiction.

All the political classes in Westminster took turns having a go at our Parliament Square Peace Campaign but they never ever even had the backing of the public.

All those involved in MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ disgustingly planned the ‘Arab Spring’ in 2011, to try and re-hash the phoney ‘Cold War’ narrative which has been a flop because as opposition to the Iraq War proved, opposition is not led by the political classes, but instead based on the rule of law.


Just because the UN Security Council pulp fiction tells everyone they should be 'owned' by one of five permanent members, does not make it so, and particularly if you are European.


All inbred European and Russian 'royalty' and their 'political' spin-offs slaughtered millions upon millions more of their 'own' civilians in Two World Wars than any other world 'leaders' in history have ever done.

The BBC World Service’s ‘Foreign Correspondent’ Gabriel Gatehouse literally came running when they read something or other on our website about their 'Arab Spring' that made Westminster think they could ‘flip’ me etc.

Gatehouse ridiculously claimed I was harder to get to agree to be interrogated than Muqtada al-Sadr, which 'translated' just really means they really hate you, and are always looking for any way they can try and twist anything into destroying you.

Of course I reasonably didn’t want the lying BBC anywhere near me after May 25th 2010 when they illegally edited and maliciously published audio of my unlawful arrest.


[The reality that the only reason the government send along pulp fiction that tries to pass itself off as journalism is to collect information to falsify, is the why I, along with so many other people, despise and want nothing to do with the whole racket]

When I was late for court because of his harassment a fleeting ’lawyer’ whose other half worked for the BBC World Service said they were losing so much money because they had lost the propaganda war.

The BBC is the government is the BBC.

The global multi-billion war propaganda racket is one of the biggest corporate rackets going that is completely illegal.


It isn't rocket science that affecting the global multi-billion dollar war propaganda racket has a knock on effect in all the other related 'industries' of corporate war, so it was a huge deal for us to actually repeal the 'free speech' ban Westminster violently 'imposed' upon us in their bogus 'War On Terror'.


War criminals are war criminals and war propaganda really is a crime.

While Westminster ‘Village’ may have a ‘long reach’ with tentacles all around the world through the likes of it's far from 'Commonwealth' it is actually a very small place made all the more so because all the multiple layers are only singing the same old tune.

There has never been a single part of any of the multiple layers of Westminster deceit who do not completely hate us, because all we consistently practice is the rule of law.

Westminster always complained we are ‘one step ahead’ of them which is a complete lie that hides all we have ever done and pushed for is the rule of law in administrative governance in a world no human made.

It is the rule of law that quietly really brings harmony to humanity.

Most people are law abiding civilians who naturally live by the rule of law every single day for goodness sakes.

3. The three ‘deplorables’ from the UN Security Council [UK, US and Russia] are now lining up united by their most recent 'narrative' which is their anti-European slag-fest.

This is obviously because it is the freedom of the independence of permanent European citizenship in a union of 500 million law abiding civilians [along with the European Court of Human Rights] that poses a real challenge to the neanderthal UN Security Council and it’s shallow arbitrary roll of a loaded corporate dice.

The lawless US Military only ‘fly under the radar’ of the European Court of Human Rights in Europe which they use as a springboard elsewhere with the agreement of the two-faced Russia.

The political classes in Westminster were discredited long ago and have no traction at all in the UK, let alone among continental Europeans, and neither do the U.S. or Russia.


The puerile MI5 echo chamber of the disingenuous my politician is better than your politician has zero currency or relevance when it is law abiding civilians freedom with the independence of their own permanent European citizenship the paid propagandists are all trying to circumvent.


The toxic Tories incredible claim that their big Brexit scam will be a huge success with their 'third [run] way' has obviously just been wheeled out as a major distraction that will never really happen.

In fact the European Union of 500 million law abiding civilians that is a challenge to the decrepit UN Security Council is a celebration of ordinary people living in peace across a huge array of inspiring traditions and cultures.

The three ‘deplorables’ and their pulp fiction are the curtain twitchers hiding behind the white picket fences of Dover grimly hanging on to the biggest ’old lie’ that anyone can arbitrarily ‘vote’ to do whatever they like to anyone else, which is the lawless anarchy of crony ‘capitalism’.


In a sense Westminster had always been curtain twitchers when you think about it, peering out at us being in the open transparently doing the rule of law in Parliament Square in London.


... the deluded and illegitimate iraq war criminals who weren't too bothered about iraq's 'immigration' policy during the 2003 invasion...


It's no surprise that the latest British Foreign Secretary's bent 'in-house' brief Ms Wheeler bitches that the problem with the ECJ is that it does not give governments such a wide appreciation to ignore the rule of law.

The Brexit panjandrum is a whole lot of white noise from war mongering Westminster who are the leaders in Europe in waging war, trying to get as many people as possible to do a Dunkirk for them really. 







27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!