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I very rarely watch TV so I was surprised to learn there was some BBC pulp fiction about MI5 spies and even more surprised to see the tall tales the BBC had been spinning, which just goes to show the dirty ‘programming’ that goes on.

In a case of the real world catching up with their fantasy, after we filed a real High Court jury lawsuit against MI5 et al on August 17th 2011, about real life that included the dirty tricks department at the BBC, the fictional BBC TV series ended.



... 'programming'... a seriously criminal multi-million dollar war propaganda racket....


I cannot even begin to imagine the BBC trying to explain to a High Court jury why they were spinning such malicious lies through a TV series knowing full well what they were up to their ears in illegally doing in the real world, with MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ that involved everyone's not so recent ’burgeoning relationship with Russia’ that was seriously illegal.

[It was seriously illegally for Moscow as a foreign government to be working with Westminster in London to maliciously cause serious identifiable harm to law abiding civilians in the UK, just because the rule of law dramatically contrasts with the UN Security Council’s global multi-billion dollar war propaganda racket]




The fictional TV series was trying to shift the propaganda narrative from the failed bogus 'War on Terror' back to the 'Cold War' which is exactly what Westminster and Moscow were trying to do in Parliament Square.


This was because unprecedented opposition to the Iraq war was not led or controlled by and indeed transcended the deceit of political classes and pulp fiction.



By contrast... I legally started openly exposing MI5 et al in the High Court, because they have no legal grounds to maliciously target law abiding civilians.



In fact MI5 et al were falling all over themselves in Parliament Square in London, just down the road from their Millbank offices, trying to stop our Parliament Square Peace Campaign ending war with the rule of law.


... in the real world brian asking the filth who were trying to waste time, flicking through pages of books, if they find a bomb between the pages of a book...


It was our High Court jury lawsuit in August 2011, that finally led to the overt retreat of MI5 'Democracy Village'.


...'sabotage the burgeoning relationship'...


In the real world, the 'relationship' between Westminster and Moscow in Parliament Square in London was wholly illegal, which is how it all ended up with our High Court jury lawsuit.



The seriously evil and twisted minds of the dirty bastards who murdered Brian and illegally imprisoned me without legal representation or trial.


[N.B: In August & September 2011 when I was illegally imprisoned without legal representation or trial in Holloway Prison and the Australian government had to come and visit me [for which they had to write a report for the Australian government, a copy of which I am still waiting for] I told them if I could get hold of a pair of bolt-cutters, which I was getting the knack of using by then, I would escape from prison.


Their little ears pricked up and they asked me where I would go, so I told them I would in all honesty film my escape and my going back to Parliament Square because I would win a Crown Court jury trial over 'escaping prison' because no-one would be able to explain how I came to be in prison via the Magistrates money launderette in the first place !!]


... you couldn't make it up...


Real life saw MI5 et al slapped with an unprecedented High Court jury lawsuit in August 2011... going all the way back to December 2005 where the government had done the most appalling things... for years.


Westminster Village is a much smaller 'hub' than many people realize really, where in our case we knew all sorts because all the political classes and every government department, kept taking it in turns to keep having a go at our Parliament Square Peace Campaign.




All real human struggles for humanity have been won through practicing the rule of law, despite the arbitrary roll of the loaded corporate dice by the political classes, their banking cartels and pulp fiction.




... the UN Security Council's global multi-billion dollar war propaganda racket maliciously targets 'two veterans'...[may 25th 2010]


All real human struggles for humanity have been won through practicing the rule of law, despite the arbitrary roll of the loaded corporate dice by the political classes, their banking cartels and pulp fiction.
When I started legally exposing the British Parliament's MI5 'Democracy Village' et al in the High Court on June 21st 2010, [that would have ultimately exposed the phoney 'liberal' war mongering Guardian's launch of ASIO Assange 'Wikileaks' in London around the same time too] the court was then closed to the public and press, and I was illegally denied legal representation on June 23rd 2010 to stop me giving evidence, to try and delay our lawsuit against everyone.

... the subsequent Guardian's CIA Edward Snowden Hoax & June 21st...

Everyone knows the phoney 'liberal' war mongering Guardian are a lying war propaganda outfit who would never run a media sponsored roadshow with anyone who wanted to end war etc



... June 23rd 2010 Brian and I [2 & 3] were the only real campaigners, surrounded by the rest who were all part of a separate MI5 'Democracy Village' that included people posing as 'journalists' working for the British and foreign governments too [including Russia, who had copied Westminster's 'free speech' ban, we beat...]

[N.B: The maelstrom of MI5 'Democracy Village' that started on May 1st 2010 was a busted flush on May 25th 2010, so:
a) the BBC !!!!!!!! illegally edited and maliciously published audio given to them by the MET police over my unlawful arrest, that did the rounds
b) Boris Johnson went running to the High Court on May 26th 2010, to launch the malicious prosecution above against Brian and I before we were released, to avoid the Dunkirk they would have been forced to do then, if we had got to the High Court first]
The Guardian's ASIO Assange media sponsored roadshow at that time, and his entourage of Australian lawyers [I am an Australian-British dual national] was all about covering up the spy ring etc we had also been exposing in London since April 2009, working against us, who obviously work with the political classes and their pulp fiction.


... 'russia today' were involved on may 25th 2010... and what they were illegally doing to try and cause us serious harm had nothing to do with 'free speech'...


[The person posing as a Russia Today 'journalist' was clearly neither a 'journalist' nor even remotely acting as one by any stretch of the imagination]

Everyone involved obviously knew they were planning the 'Arab Spring' in 2011.
MI5 'Democracy Village' were forced into an overt retreat on May 4th 2012, by our High Court jury lawsuit filed on August 17th 2011 [while by no 'co-incidence' ASIO Assange who had never been part of any anti-war movement in the UK, before suddenly being parachuted into London, went and hid in the Ecuadorean embassy to try and hide behind 'diplomatic immunity']
The only rational conclusion is the UN Security Council planned the 'Arab Spring' to try and re-assert the phoney old 'Cold War' narrative after unprecedented opposition to the Iraq War was not led by the political classes or their pulp fiction.


If we had just 'gone along with' the 'old lie' about a 'vote' perpetuated by the multiple layers, of lying politicians, police officers, spies, prosecutors, judges, conspiracy theorists, academics and their pulp fiction, we would never have even forced the repeal of their global multi-billion dollar'free speech' ban targeting us in their bogus 'War on Terror'.


Brexit is only for war mongering Westminster's apologists, who are arrogant enough to dishonestly claim that human life can be reduced to the shallow arbitrary roll of a loaded corporate dice.

The freedom of the independence of European citizenship and the European Court of Human Rights, which is the real challenge to the hegemony of the UN Security Council means it doesn't matter which way crony capitalism rolls their loaded corporate dice because it will always be mutually exclusive with the rule of law.


Our legal position is protected by our High Court jury lawsuit against the British Parliament filed on August 17th 2011 that includes our High Court Order against the government from April 2008, and goes all the way back to December 2005. In the interim this has forced the repeal of the 'free speech' ban in March 2012, and the overt retreat of MI5 'Democracy Village' on May 4th 2012.
The evidence of the pulp fiction maliciously involved includes the BBC, Murdoch's Sky News, Lord Rothermere's Daily Mail, the Guardian, Independent, Barclay Brothers Telegraph, London Evening Standard and Russia Today.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!