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I don’t suppose it can really be a co-incidence that NATO and Russia got rid of all the Polish military commanders in Smolensk on April 10th 2010 before targeting ‘two veteran’ peace campaigners in London in May 2010 with MI5 'Democracy Village'.

The maelstrom of the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts was such an eye opening lesson in world history during a time it is now clear the UN Security Council knew they were planning the ‘Arab Spring’.


... westminster and moscow target 'two veterans' in london...


I don’t pretend to know why NATO and Russia wanted to get rid of all the Polish military commanders at Smolensk in the ongoing pretence there is a difference between NATO and Russia.


It has never been explained why the Nazi loving UK waged war on Germany and not Russia despite both invading Poland.

All unelected European and Russian ‘royalty’ and their ‘political’ spin-offs slaughtered millions upon millions more of their ‘own’ civilians in Two World Wars, than any other world ‘leaders’ in history have ever done.

There are members of the Polish military who do say Smolensk in 2010 was about the ‘War on Terror’ in Afghanistan and Iraq which wouldn’t be that surprising really when you think about Poland being bounced between supposedly being either a Russian or NATO satellite.


The UN Security Council knew they could not continue their illegal 'sanctions' on Iraq that caused the Genocide of 500,000 Iraqi children.



So the UN Security Council's U.S launched the whole bogus 'War on Terror' using the Saudi bin liner bagman so they could  stay in Afghanistan really, while everyone plotted the invasion of Iraq which was the real target.



[It is possible that Iraq could have then been used against Iran again too, if Iran had not beaten illegal 'sanctions' in the UK courts on February 9th 2015]


It was Poland who ran the CIA et al 'black-site' that led to Blair trumpeting their accession to the European Union !!


... april 10th 2010... very reservoir dogs pulp fiction...



It all depends on whatever phoney tale, the one two-faced UN Security Council who still want to 'own' everyone, are trying to sell.


The Katyan massacres in 1940 do typify the endless treachery of the two faced West and Russia towards Polish people.


It's hardly surprising that people would doubt the official version of a plane crash that happened to wipe out the most senior Polish military officers on the anniversary of a massacre of Polish officers that had been lied about for so many years.


There's so many 'official' lies told about World War Two what with the UK quickly legging it home from Dunkirk so that Germany could invade France.


What did happen that we do know, was because public opposition to the Iraq War in 2003, was so widespread, it was not led or controlled by what became the political classes and pulp fiction of the UN Security Council after World War Two.


Opposition to the Iraq War was not for example premised on support for the Russian government, but instead support for the rule of law in administrative governance.


The endless deceit among all the political classes in Westminster had no public support.


All the political classes in Westminster took turns having a go at our Parliament Square Peace Campaign, but they never had any public support in doing so.


Opposition to the Iraq War has always remained so widespread because it was not led or controlled by, but instead transcends all the usual divide and rule of duplicitous political classes and their pulp fiction.


... the un security council are still living in a massive state of denial about the secret '666' police in the uk police state in the here and now...



... the real world ... april 10th 2013 [much like events around april 10th 2008 really] and the uk 'secret' police... no-one could claim this 'police' officer [if he was indeed a 'police' officer] 'reasonably believed' he was acting in the lawful execution of any public duty either...

They all lied about MI5 'Democracy Village' and yet all the public completely understood we were being attacked by the state, because that had been going on... for years.


... May 25th 2010... the day the MI5 'Democracy Village' of all sorts were in all legal terms a 'busted flush' so the BBC illegally edited and maliciously published audio that did the rounds, while Boris went running to the High Court to get there before us...


 ... september 3rd & 4th 2009... [that in many ways was a re-run of september 4th & 5th 2006]


[N.B: In the shocking 'events' that unfolded in September & October 2009 in London, when all sorts was going on, one neo-nazi attacker was yelling that he was from the Australian army, although he didn't appear Australian to me, while the other claimed to be 'visiting' from a former Soviet Union state. They both very obviously worked for someone. The attacker didn't like it when I distracted him, while he was having a go at Brian, because I could see he was going to end up pushing Brian into the road. Of course I already knew how Parliament and Murdoch et al try and cover that up, from January 31st 2007 and the extraordinary Special Branch et al 'case' they also lost.]


What everyone who chooses to can see, is the whole false paradigm of the UN Security Council that the phoney ‘alt’ media try and distract from with their not so ‘new’ NWO disinformation, does lie completely exposed.

There’s a really weird disconnect between the pulp fiction that exists along the lines of the two-faced UN Security Council, that is really not matched by how civilian populations think or live their lives.

The reality is widespread public opposition to the Iraq War was not led by the political classes and their pulp fiction.

The U.S. Presidential election is a distraction, which is amply exemplified by the ASIO Assange world of Wiki-woo pretending to argue about emails for goodness sakes, instead of the reality all the U.S. political classes waged illegal wars on entire civilian populations.

The ASIO Assange war propaganda racket is maliciously trying to ‘distinguish’ between war criminals knowing there is no legal difference between Iraq War criminals.


The big Brexit scam is nothing but a massive apologia for war mongering Westminster and it's apologists too.


 ... a serious state of denial... nazi mother theresa's actors in the whole gruesome theatre of criminal war propaganda, spreading the great british 'humanitarian' canard...


Good grief, the whole world is sick of the Nazi 'British' Queen's 'humanitarian' canard, where the 'actors' and their apologists are always only ignoring the rule of law.


The Angel of death Jolie's grim child trafficking isn't going well either.


They can only drag for actors to keep trying to spin colonial war propaganda in the year 2016 for goodness sakes.


The phenomena of 'rule britannia' is hardly new.


Presumably the UN Security Council 'deal' is NATO [ie: U.S. U.K. & France] 'own' Afghanistan, Iraq & Libya, and Russia 'own' Syria while the UN Security Council spin their own two-faced banter about each other back and forth.


Millions of innocent civilians have savagely been slaughtered for the wallets of corporate weapon supply lines.

The freedom of the independence of European citizenship [along with the European Court of Human Rights which needs to be released from it's political shackles] is a real challenge to the global hegemony of a backward UN Security Council’s shallow arbitrary roll of a loaded corporate dice, because it turns a page on all sorts of horrible history.

This freedom of the independence of European citizenship and the European Court of Human Rights, means it doesn't matter which way crony 'capitalism' rolls their loaded corporate dice because it will always be mutually exclusive with the rule of law.

All law abiding civilians are pushing for the rule of law in administrative governance.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!