The depth of public opposition to Alain Juppe’s neo-liberal economic ‘policies’ in France in 1995, which brought millions out onto the streets in numbers unprecedented since 1968, thus significantly weakening the government, was the real reason Chirac did not dare join the Iraq War in 2003.  

Jacques Chirac who had his own difficulties at home, was only piggy backing on global public opposition to the Iraq War, which has proved to be enduring because it was not led by the political classes or their pulp fiction.


... mother theresa's mayhem... a reminder of the 'mystery' of the 666 freak-show....


Westminster and 'Give & Take' ?


Westminster's arrogant all encompassing slag-fest of all things European has been just disgraceful and will no doubt continue.


The reality that lawless warmongering Westminster who are only ever on the take, have chosen to take a hike from the European Union themselves, does not change millions upon millions of law abiding civilians are not surrendering the freedom of the independence of our own permanent European citizenship.


... even though westminster has got exactly what it wanted for itself, may & co are still incredibly rude to all europeans...


Westminster's political classes and their pulp fiction have behaved so appallingly many Europeans will be very glad to see the back of them really.


 ... trouble-makers... westminster are just lacking in... well, anything really...


When Alain Juppe last re-invented himself he was part of the Libya connection with Mother Theresa & Co.


No sooner had he embarked on the War on Libya with Sarkozy than he was booted out... again.

His latest re-incarnation portraying himself as a ‘man of the people’ much like Mother Theresa who is the latest unelected British Prime Minister, only reinforces the sad reality there is nothing remotely plausible left among any of the political classes.

Given that it is difficult to be more ‘right’ wing than the current ‘Socialist’ dictator Hollande has been in France, [with his illegal airstrikes in Syria too, along with the never ending 'State of Emergency' etc etc etc] it is not possible to see how anything will improve with the next baguette change.


What remains re-assuring is that despite everything that happens in France, it is still considered a completely natural part of life to protest.



 ... the corporate rip-off brigade...


The French are much better at protesting austerity than the UK, which is just as well because the same politicians are really brazen in just endlessly re-inventing themselves.


Crikey false-flag Fabius who is despised across the entire Pacific, goes all the way back to the 1980's.


There's not a person in the Pacific who is remotely surprised by Fabius arming terrorists in Syria to try and illegally overthrow the Syrian government.


The arrogance of the French [et al really] bombing Auckland Harbor for goodness sakes, because the people dared to elect the Lange government on the platform of their blocking the nuclear armed U.S. military entering New Zealand was breathtaking.


Th French government proved they didn't care at all about the civilian lives of their own 'allies' people.


Our generation who grew up with that mendacity saw very clearly for ourselves what bare-faced liars 'allied' governments really were towards... civilians, because of course the French government never expected to be caught out.


The Libyan connection between Westminster and the Elysee will no doubt be singing from the same page, regardless of the tall tales pulp fiction tell.  

We know that the UN Security Council planned MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ in Westminster that was the precursor to the ‘Arab Spring’ because they had a) not only lost the propaganda narrative over the Iraq War, but b) we were also exposing how you successfully challenge crony capitalism with the rule of law, so everyone c) started trying to re-hash ‘Cold War’ propaganda.

The big Brexit scam is solely an attack on the freedom of the independence of European citizenship, so there isn't any real negotiation that can possibly take place with the European Union.


It is a strange business because the freedom of permanent European citizenship is already guaranteed in the Maastricht Treaty, which Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty can't really be used to undo, so it all relies on very large dollops of propaganda to see it all through.

Little Englanders are understandably seen on the continent as an incredibly churlish lot, because of course freedom of movement across multiple diverse traditions and cultures is such a natural part of life for the rest of Europe.


The UK 'border' in France has always been completely inexplicable, not least since they could not really have the legal jurisdiction on French soil they suggest.


It's interesting to look back to 2013 when we were pulled over and stopped for a while by the British 'authorities' at Calais going back to the UK from Germany [by which time they supposedly had the fraudulent 666 arrest warrant dated March 7th 2013 they sure couldn't have used on French soil without raising more than a few eyebrows !!!!]


If the fraudulent arrest warrant indeed really existed at that time, which was before we returned to the UK, they couldn't have a) used it on French soil, nor b) when we then arrived in Dover after having already been stopped and held by the British, without making themselves look very stupid and raising all sorts of questions about the 'border' etc etc etc. N.B: The attempt at that malicious prosecution, like so many others, never went anywhere except into the dustbin]


That was all the always malicious Mother Theresa & Co's doing.


In fact I had previously flown in from Germany and been stopped at Stansted, so Calais has been a strange 'anomaly'.


... unlawfully 'detained'... another time mr bollox bureaucracy 'detained' me without asking a single question or being able to give reasonable cause...


The unlawful stop in 2011 was 'interesting' since it had turned out the very same 'Home Office' who told me they had erased me from all their records in 2008 when the men in suits 'visited' me in Holloway, had then maliciously put me back into their 'system' on a 'watch-list' by 2011. I actually even had proof I had been given 'permission' to leave the UK while still on 'bail' over my failure to recognize their land grab in Parliament Square.


It's just a wild guess, but it was probably my honesty in returning that really bothered them ;  


The UK really is such a truly ghastly Stasi Police State they have only really ever used their European borders as just another opportunity for jobsworths to harass people.


It's not like 'Rule Britannia' which is so precious about it's own 'borders' has ever bothered about other people's administrative borders anywhere, while ripping off whatever they can.  


It is difficult to know how other governments in Europe can make much mileage out of Brexit for themselves, because Brexit really is just about the freedom of the independence of permanent European citizenship.

And whereas European governments propagandize using Putin the Pretender for their home crowd as indeed he does the same in reverse, I would really throw ‘Russia Today’ out of Europe over their collaborating with Westminster to cause identifiable harm to law abiding civilians in the UK.


No-one would care if all they were doing was arguing over emails among themselves, but unfortunately that is just a distraction.

The overt attempts to talk up ‘nationalism’ in the latest narrative shift in the whole bogus ‘War on Terror’ propaganda has very little traction among real people in continental Europe and does mainly only consist of tall tales from the political classes and their pulp fiction.

The EDL were always bamboozled when they would hassle us and I just used to say it straight to them, that they really were no different to the British Houses of Parliament, which of course they couldn’t deny, because where on earth was the difference ?


There's no discernible difference between having the EDL or the MET police in your face.

It is self-evident that all governments who have serious problems call on fascist nationalism as a violent distraction from their own obvious failures.  

There’s just no doubt that Brexit’s Hitler is wearing a skirt this time, or that the same royal followers were not heiling a bus the last time round.

While there may be argument over whether man landed on the moon, the freedom of the independence of European citizenship really is an identifiable giant leap forward for mankind in the administrative governance of a world no human made.

The freedom of the independence of European citizenship along with the European Court of Human Rights [however rubbish that still politically stuffed body may currently be] is nevertheless real progress and a challenge to the global hegemony of the backward UN Security Council and the shallow arbitrary roll of their loaded corporate dice.