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The reason that Westminster and Moscow collaborated in MI5 'Democracy Village' which was the precursor to the phoney 'Arab Spring' and 'Occupy' was because they wanted to smash opposition to the Iraq War, because that was not led by the political classes or pulp fiction.


The UN Security Council wanted to return to their lucrative old 'Cold War' ways with the traditional divide and rule of civilian populations, through the shallow arbitrary roll of the loaded corporate dice.


... westminster and moscow maliciously target 'two veterans' pushing for rule of law in administrative governance...


Our Parliament Square Peace Campaign has by contrast always responsibly pushed for the rule of law in administrative governance.


We did actually beat the multi-billion dollar 'free speech' ban war propaganda racket which is the crucible that corporate war in all it's shapes and forms turns.


No Europeans or Russians want to go and fight for NATO or the Russian government because everyone knows they are two cheeks of the same corporate arse that everyone had more than enough of through Two World Wars in Europe.


We don't wish them on people in the Middle East either.


Most people's opposition to NATO Wars is not and will never be premised on support for the Russian government, but instead the rule of law that most law abiding civilians naturally live by every single day.


However people in the Middle East are still caught in a pincer movement that when NATO attacks their country they have to if they are 'lucky' enough that they can, brown-nose the Russian government for limited weapons supplies.


Of course any 'friendships' between governments based on weapons supply lines are indeed very shallow and tenuous etc etc etc.


It is just cringe-worthy seeing otherwise perfectly intelligent people in the Middle East being obsequious to the Russian government, who are just another useless member of the UN Security Council.


The weasel worded UN Security Council have completely disgraced themselves with their bogus 'War On Terror' where they could not even agree as a starting point who is a terrorist, while entire civilian populations are being slaughtered.


The Russian propagandists are vultures who circle around the corpses of NATO's latest victims who are soon forgotten when all their wallets of 'experts' in all and sundry move on to whoever is the next victim.


The rule of law should not be 'glossed' over by weapons handouts and the war propaganda racket.


Let us be honest, that Putin the Pretenders pet project 'Russia Today' is pulp fiction who is never going to be hosting a weekly chat show with Muqtada al-Sadr.


Why is that ?


The Russian government find the time to re-hash war mongering Guardian war propaganda often enough before it goes the full circle with a Murdoch rinse.


The Wiki-woo 'October Revolution' is a real circle jerk among Iraq War criminals and their apologists that sees Putin the Pretender singing the same tune as Murdoch doing the whole Trump dance, while like Ben Goldsmith being a contributor to the Clinton Foundation, which really is nothing more than a global war propaganda racket. 


It is a matter of fact that it is a very straightforward fraud where tax revenue is being written off as 'charity' when the incontrovertible evidence is the real purpose is to illegally increase corporate profits through war propaganda.


The two-faced UN Security Council really do insult all law abiding civilians intelligence.


There really is a genuine need for governments in the Middle East who oppose NATO to use the courts of law more to try and save the civilian populations lives because there really is no 'glory' in civilians dying for one of two very two-faced weapons suppliers.


It doesn't even take a whole army of government lawyers to assert simple matters of administrative governance in courts of law.


If governments can a) buy lethal weapons from the UN Security Council weapons supply line, and b) sit around tables having a jolly good laugh while they carry on their trade deals etc, during the interludes when they are not targets, then c) governments can jolly well man up and do the rule of law in courts more consistently too.


If soldiers can be found to fight on battlefields, then armies of lawyers can be found to push the rule of law in courts of law.


The political classes in the Middle East might care to consider the lesson being served up with Brexit and all it's phoney 'Cold War' tropes.




The backward UN Security Council's roll of the loaded corporate dice, do not like the European Union with 500 million law abiding civilians having the freedom to live peacefully together, through the independence of European citizenship and the European Court of Human Rights.


The freedom of the independence of European citizenship and the European Court of Human Rights, means it doesn't matter which way crony capitalism rolls their loaded corporate dice because it will always be mutually exclusive with the rule of law.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!