It is a matter of fact that when my Habeas Corpus Application led to my still live High Court Order on April 16th 2008 that Director of Public Prosecutions ‘Lord’ Ken MacDonald & Co could not to this day explain, that ’Sir’ Keir Starmer replaced him.

The dirty deal that ’Sir’ Keir Starmer ‘negotiated’ to become DPP was that Doughty Chambers would help the British Parliament try and cover up how their multi-million dollar ‘free speech’ ban that was supposed to be their crowning glory in their bogus ‘War on Terror’ spectacularly fell part in December 2005.


... avante-garde... we have always been pushing for the harmony of the rule of law to replace the 'politics' of 'ideology' in administrative governance in a world no human made...


Bindmans Solicitors and Doughty Chambers were the original double act in the malicious prosecution over my first unlawful arrest in December 2005.


I had the sum total of one speeding ticket and one parking fine my whole life, before the juggernaut of Westminster's bogus 'War On Terror' ripped my own very ordinary life apart.

What Starmer who is now the Tory and Labour Brexit pointsman did in his truly pathological arrogance, was specifically horse-trade over my life, to become Director of Public Prosecutions in the whole bogus ‘War on Terror’.


A High Court jury who saw the evidence of the evil and wicked things 'Sir' Kier Starmer did to me would give me a Protection from Harassment Order and then some against him for life.


The whole problem with lawless Westminster is that the village idiots are all falling over each other, trying to hurt innocent people to 'get ahead', which is not any kind of responsible administrative governance of any kind by any stretch of the imagination.


It is simply unacceptable.


It always was and always will be.

The former Director of Public Prosecutions ‘Sir’ psycho Starmer was obviously no more a ‘human rights’ lawyer than he is a ‘Labour’ MP etc etc.


The rotten old Bow Street Magistrates:

... not really an impartial 'prosecutor' either... revolving doors of all sorts, MP’s should not be allowed to be practicing ‘lawyers’ too over their own fraudulent corporate legislation etc etc etc ...


One slimey weasel in Westminster is pretty much the same as any other.



... doughty street chambers... case stated to the high court... how is it compatible with the rule of law ?...


It was the most straightforward breach of Article 11 Freedom of Assembly possible, that would repeal the fraudulent 'free speech' ban that had no legitimate aim convincingly established in criminal law.


At the most basic level Mother Theresa and Stake-knife Corbyn along with their psycho Brexit pointsman 'Sir' Keir Starmer are trying to re-visit the Article 11 Freedom of Assembly argument they lost, with 500 million law abiding civilians in Brexit.


There are no legal grounds to try and smash the permanent European citizenship of 500 million law abiding civilians who are the real European Union, the political classes and their pulp fiction are trying to hijack.



From: "Laura Higgs" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
To: "Barbara Tucker"
CC: "Laura Higgs" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject: RE: Tucker
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 16:58:36 -0000

Dear Barbara
Thank you for your e-mail.
I would be grateful if you would e-mail me to confirm whether you received my letter this week enclosing Alasdair’s advice.  In case you did not I attach a copy of his advice to this e-mail.
It is Alasdair’s advice, and I agree, that we should appeal your case to the High Court on the legal points mentioned in his advice, namely that you were part of Brian’s demonstration and were therefore exempt from Prosecution.
I need to hear from you as a matter or urgency as we must put in our appeal by 15 March 2006.  The court takes the deadline very seriously and we will be barred from appealing after that date.
Best wishes
Laura Higgs






From: Barbara Tucker
Sent: 12 March 2006 21:07
To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Subject: RE: Tucker
Dear Laura,

Following our conversation I confirm that I wish to appeal to the High Court.

The central point is as agreed by us all with a tweak here and there.

Including that I accepted in 'good faith', no criminal intent, yet the judge turned this upside down into I was some sort of devious arch criminal, not just an ordinary person who went, that's a good idea

I really believe it is as simple as we made a very straightforward legal agreement. That is our business and we are legally entitled to. The police and prosecutor did not produce any evidence or legal argument that would contradict or make this void. End of story.

My banner could have said bugs bunny for all the relevance of what a banner might say, has.

Brian and I are not legally obliged to be chained together for our agreement to be legal.

I would also like to determine the legal validity of the judge ruling it "irrelevant" to comply with the basic right to a fair trial under the human rights act. I did not waive my right to have my accuser present, nor to question his stated reason for the arrest.

The judge ruled at the beginning of the trial, the presence of the accuser was irrelevant and any questions only the defence may choose to ask of the accuser irrelevant.

Fair trials are not -scripted- in advance by judges whose scripts also benefit from no shows by police.

The judge even appeared to suggest that the judge could determine what questions the defence was permitted to ask the accuser because he asked Alisdair what he wanted to ask.

It is also important that the prosecution failed in their duty to inform the defence of the absence on long term sick leave of what has been shown to be a crucial witness.

The judge -who cannot be questioned- introducing his own speculative and tangential tit bits frankly doesn't cut it.

In addition I would like the High Court to clarify the legal context in which District Judge Evans delivered in summing up and sentencing his personal observation "that single parents (also divorced and working) should not be spending their money coming up to London to protest ( peacefully campaign)".

This is important because I cannot find the legal context and it is clearly (aside from being grossly offensive) a biased and prejudicial (unprofessional) comment lacking in any legal foundation yet in so stating publicly clearly influenced his decision making.

A judge that held these views and even worse publicly made them while acting in his professional capacity should have removed himself from hearing the case.

On the matter of the order for the-destruction(not forfeiture) of the banner: the judge gave his reason that he was in no doubt I would be back in Parliament Square using the banner.

I would like it clarified why the presumption is that I could not be in Parliament Square using that banner legally under any circumstances according to that judge.

I would also like the High Court to clarify that the government can legally convict peaceful campaigners as serious organised criminals. There is a responsible tradition of the crime bearing some relationship to the criminal act. Does the High Court agree that the government may reasonably target peaceful campaigners as terrorists and what that is commonly understood to mean, next if they so choose if they are allowed to target just peaceful campaigners causing no identifiable harm to anyone with the serious label of serious organised criminals, which we clearly are not.

A criminal conviction under the serious organised crime act will suggest to employers and so on that individuals who are not, have in fact been engaged in activities commonly understood to be associated with drug gangs and mafias who are properly condemned.

I noticed that Alisdair mentioned the human rights arguments which we didn't get to hear so I don't know what they are.

I am curious that Alisdair says the judge says demonstrations could lawfully be held elsewhere. What has that got to do with the price of fish and lawfully holding campaigns in Parliament Square? I choose where I go.

While the government are ruthlessly going on these witchhunts I feel it is important that in amongst the legal arguments it doesn't get lost and a flavour remains that these are political trials.

Best Regards,




Bindmans et al separated me from the Blum et al job lot that included 'convictions' after mine and was heard [after my separate 'void ab initio' win on September 14th 2006] in December 2006, when I was STILL waiting.


The 'case' involving my first unlawful arrest from December 2005 just kept being pushed to the back of every queue for ever, although unlike other people I was campaigning 24/7 with Brian so at ever increasing risk of and indeed as happened, caused actual serious harm.


 ... bent bindmans et al actually conceded in blum et al so it was never actually argued that the fraudulent legislation was compatible with the human rights act...


The fact that Bindmans et al had conceded without arguing that the fraudulent legislation we nevertheless forced the repeal of, was compatible with the Human Rights Act was a major 'clue' there were 'still issues to be resolved'.


Like actually arguing it was not compatible.


The exchanges were made through gritted teeth because they really wanted you to tell them to fuck off to let them off the hook.




[Brian did tell Bindmans to fuck off when Mike Schwartz and the other partners from Bindmans tried covering up the police torturing and attempting to murder me in Belgravia Police Station in September 2009 when we were both unlawfully arrested and everything just escalated through the roof.


In the hours leading up to six members of the Metropolitan TSG 'riot' police horrifically torturing and attempting to murder me in Belgravia Police Station in Central London using positional asphyxiation, after I had been violently attacked in Parliament Square in September 2009:



The attackers worked for someone:


 ... that spectacular cctv [they won't hand over either] shows i was actually punched [not pushed] to the ground from behind by one cowardly attacker, so i didn't see it coming, because i was facing away from him, speaking to the other attacker asking what was going on... [an independent witness passing by, who was alarmed by what was going on, stopped and came forward, giving a witness statement too, much to the chagrin of 'police'...]


The 'police' attempt to murder me in Belgravia Police Station happened very suddenly and quickly because they only had a very narrow window of 'opportunity' left, because it was impossible to explain why a) I was illegally being denied access to a doctor for hours on end after being seriously injured and b) my attacker wasn't arrested.


Fortunately Brian heard me screaming, while I still could, suffering incredible pain, so they failed because they realized he was then a witness to something happening. They knew they could not get away with murdering two peace campaigners from the same campaign at the same time, and they only had the order to murder me. They always had the fallback position of the option of squealing on whoever gave the order higher up the food-chain, if they found themselves in court. They didn't appear in my cell, from no-where, by happenstance. They all cover up for each other.


I looked into the eyes of the lead killer cop and saw fear in his face and realized that something very bad was about to happen and that I was going to be fighting for my life.


The DPP Starmer was up to his ears in that, where the CPS ran at the first 'hearing' where they were just trying to buy some time, because it was never going to go anywhere trying to maliciously prosecute me for what ?? while I was forcefully demanding in open court, the CCTV of everything that really happened.


The Director of Public Prosecutions and the Metropolitan Police had truly reached the end of the road in trying to maliciously prosecute me, which is why the Boris MI5 'Democracy Village' roadshow happened.




After Brian told Mike Schwartz from Bindmans he was instructed to secure and hand over to us all the CCTV from September 2009, I was incredibly kidnapped off the street by the Metropolitan Police on October 7th 2009:


... 07.10.2009... the 'police' can't give any grounds for 'detaining' me... in a 'custody' record that lacks the most basic information of all sorts, that doesn't stand up to any kind of legal scrutiny...


It is impossible to know what was planned, but alarm bells started ringing all over...


 ... this conversation never happened... in fact Steve Jago separately contacted the Australian High Commission in Canberra and told them they had to contact my family [brother] in Australia... saying I had been kidnapped off the street and was being illegally held without any warrant, which the Australian embassy obviously didn't want to do... so...


... this conversation did happen. after Steve Jago contacted the Foreign office in Australia the Foreign Office in Canberra... phoned me and I confirmed I was being illegally held without any warrant, because the police didn't want to hand over the CCTV from September 2009, and confirmed they were instructed to contact my brother in Australia...


N.B: When I got off the phone with the Foreign Office in Australia, a man actually approached me saying he had overheard my conversation that spoke about being injured in September too, and was by 'co-incidence' a Consultant from St. Thomas' Hospital who just happened to be there, and asked to speak with me.


The long and short of which was he told me I had to have an operation following the injuries caused in September 2009.


Bindmans actually had the nerve to phone too and say I needed to pay them money [ie: tried to extort money from us] to be 'represented' by them, over being illegally held, which I declined pointing out their failure to secure the CCTV from September 2009, after being instructed to do so, was obviously the reason I was being illegally held.


... the police by their own admission obviously could not produce a warrant for the Australian government, so the Australian embassy had to secure my release, because they obviously could not even begin to explain to my family what on earth is going on...


The proverbial had really hit the fan because the Australian government [I am a dual national] were seriously compromised by the events of September and October 2009, because they could not keep pretending they did not know what was going on.


In fact they had known all along what was going on and they became further compromised in 2011, when I was illegally imprisoned without legal representation or trial in Holloway again. Two members of the Australian embassy confirmed they had been required to write a report for the Australian government. When I asked for a copy etc. they directed me to the Australian Ambassador.


Of course we never could actually get rid of bent Bindmans completely because they just 'represented' MI5 'Democracy Village' with everyone then trying to 'join' themselves with us in that way !!]


It was obviously not a 'co-incidence' that in 2010:


a) the war mongering Guardian launched their ASIO Assange 'leaks' in London, where he had never been part of any anti-war movement


b) the same time MI5 'Democracy Village' was launched and 'hidden' in full view in Central London for two years while they tried to hijack and smash us too.




In June 2007 I had been illegally denied legal representation because too many people were involved in and the original fraud had grown too big.



... the high court illegally refused me legal representation from an application made on may 25th 2006 over a year later on june 18th 2007 about december 2005 because the 'advice' was the 'judge' was bent...


By the time we forced the repeal of their 'free speech' ban in their bogus 'War On Terror' there weren't many in Westminster who were not exposed as being totally corrupt over the most straightforward case of a breach of Article 11 Freedom of Assembly ever.


By December 2007, while I was illegally without legal representation and about to wipe the floor with the government in the courts they drafted in a team led by Piers Doggart from the Treasury Solicitors Department too [He is currently gate-keeping the phoney 'Undercover Inquiry' that is the distraction from our real High Court jury lawsuit against MI5 'Democracy Village']


They had three main strands to try and protect:


a) the original December 2005 case they were instructed to protect at all costs


Tucker v Director of Public Prosecutions [2007] EWHC 3019 (Admin) (30 November 2007)


b) the unique 'Contempt of Court' case where the same two bent 'Judges' protecting the same bent Westminster Magistrates Court 'Judge' gave an appearance of changing three decades of legislation and case law in the High Court to change our only avenue of appeal down to the Crown Court


Haw & Anor v City of Westminster Magistrates' Court [2007] EWHC 2960 (Admin) (12 December 2007)


[So Lord Justice Thomas and Justice Gross and Justice Collins who illegally denied me legal representation were tasked with protecting District Judge Nicholas Evans. Of course all the various departments of state were protecting each other.]


c) the three appeal cases I won in December 2007 that was the end for them legally.


In the email below in response to the Treasury Solicitor I am complaining that a) I cannot be in the High Court and Southwark Crown Court at the same time b) that the same two bent High Court Judges in the Contempt of Court farce had held a hearing over December 2005 without my being notified:




... i can't be in two courts at once and why have same two bent high court 'contempt of court' judges had a hearing over december 2005 without notifying me...



... i protect my position in the high court over the 'case stated' by pointing out they knew they did not notify me of the hearing, just the result, so hearing is void ab initio...


December 13th 2007, on the same day they sign Article 50 in the Lisbon Treaty:


... december 13th 2007... "we won" ... the government go into meltdown because we have had three consecutive wins in cases at southwark crown court in december among many others all over the place, that clear the decks for massive high court jury lawsuits against the government...


A ‘unique’ situation emerged in 2008 with the revolving doors of all sorts with Starmer abusing his public position as DPP for the benefit of both Labour and the Tories, by trying to cover up what his Doughty Chambers had really written when I was first unlawfully arrested in December 2005.


There was a massive 'conflict of interest' while I was repeatedly being illegally denied legal representation while the free for all took place.




Blair's Stake-knife Corbyn & 7/7 Livingstone & Co's latest 'Momentum' scam is being run by the very same sleaze bags like Simon Fletcher who were running around like headless chooks at the GLA way back in 2007, trying to work out how to steal our tents because we are real law abiding civilian resistance to crony capitalism:


... the same blair's stake-knife corbyn & co job lot of frauds , now calling themselves 'momentum' were trying to steal our tents in 2007 because they agreed the fraudulent legislation we repealed targeting us would 'exempt' the phoney 'unions' incl. 'police' union...


Stake-knife Corbyn & 7/7 Livingstone and his Simon Fletcher along with Redmond O'Neill who was married to Kate Hudson from CND were very obviously never 'activists'.


I was the 'single tent' and when they asked me to take it down I said no because they didn't provide any legal grounds for me to need to, and the conversation they kept wanting to repeat that didn't need to be repeated is called harassment. It was an important part of our campaign that the public could see visible real law abiding civilian resistance to the war criminals in Parliament.


... the relentless jibber jabber going on, plotting behind our backs with senior 'police' officers that had nothing to do with policing and everything to do with the likes of Blair's Stake-knife Corbyn and Co not wanting their fake UK Stop the War Coalition to be exposed as frauds etc etc etc...

It is a matter of incontrovertible public record that DPP Starmer was relentlessly pursuing me like the complete madman he is, who was completely out of control, trying to cover up what his law firm Doughty, he was head of was directly involved in.

The case from December 2005 in which both he and I became the opposing common denominators in what involved serious criminality on his part, fueled and was the axis that everything else turned on.

This all came to a very dramatic head on June 23rd 2010, because I was illegally refused legal representation in the High Court in the malicious prosecution brought through MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ because there was this massive ‘conflict of interest’ [among many] in that Doughty Chambers et al were trying to cover up for their now DPP et al... going all the way back to December 2005.


They were desperate to find any way of stopping me giving evidence because it was truly shocking what had been going on for years.


... brian and i are 2 & 3 surrounded by some of MI5 'Democracy Village' who were a busted flush on May 25th 2010, they were trying to 'join' us to...


[N.B: The MI5 'Democracy Village' was a busted flush on May 25th 2010. So the BBC illegally edited and published audio from the MET of my unlawful arrest, while the Mayor of London Boris Johnson went running to the High Court to launch a malicious prosecution against Brian and I using their MI5 'Democracy Village' before we were released, to stop our getting to the High Court first with our lawsuit.


The bent Director of Public Prosecutions Starmer was working with both Labour and Tory across all courts to try and stop our High Court jury lawsuit against everyone getting through]


... 23rd june 2010 when i am illegally refused legal representation....


Paul Harris 'instructed' by the bent Birnberg Pierce was Starmer's Doughty Chambers 'Special Counsel' drafted in from Hong Kong, who was as bent as a two bob bit too.


All the big London 'human rights' law firms had their hands seriously dirty by then, because so much had happened.


I was illegally denied legal representation and the High Court was closed to the public and press and I was prevented from giving evidence about all sorts.


I had just done the right thing in December 2005 and stood up for and alongside Brian which really needed doing, and that in so doing, in the manner in which it was done, created a paradoxical conundrum the war criminals could not undo.  

The pink sequinned banner “I am not the Serious Organised Criminal” [because the ‘Act’ was called s132-138 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005] was like a red rag to their bull because it said anything that ever needed saying really.

It was the only banner the marsupial courts ever illegally immediately ordered the destruction of, before ‘police’ just stole version 2 that disappeared into the bowels of Hendon etc.

The police officer PC CX Richardson who actually unlawfully arrested me in December 2005, before suddenly without warning supposedly going on long term sick leave to never be seen again, even at my show trial, so even the accuser wasn’t present to be cross examined, had told me the government planned to “make an example” of me.

That obviously backfired because I proved law abiding civilians in the UK could repeal the fraudulent ‘free speech’ ban in the UK, that was copied by governments in Europe and Russia.


The reality is all the dirty 'human rights' lawyers in London, are like the rest of Westminster, completely opposed to 'free speech' and the rule of law.

In reality they couldn’t put the actual arresting police officer on the witness stand because the pretence there was any kind of case would immediately fall apart because it was so ridiculous what he said to me that it is very obvious he was told to say.


The police officer’s admission was that I could campaign with Brian, so long as I didn’t have a banner of my own, which was an obvious nonsense.

The police had accepted that Brian and I were campaigning together and were just trying to inexplicably say the banner was the crime.

They were obviously going to have an uphill battle saying they arrested me because my banner was a crime.

So the ‘prosecutor’ and District Judge Nicholas Evans changed that to both me and the banner being a crime while just completely ignoring that the ‘prosecutor’ did not contest the evidence Brian and I gave.

The British Parliament couldn’t write their script with the arresting police officer on the witness stand.

It also proved Westminster do all collude in advance in all sorts of ways often wearing multiple hats, to write a pre-arranged ‘script’ in what are purely political trials.

N.B: The Criminal Cases Review Commission’s John Wagstaff also bizarrely admitted they were political trials while trying to ignore that is ummm... illegal.

The ‘case’ made ‘legal history’ in all sorts of ways really.

What had really happened was that I had confounded their fraudulent corporate legislation that had millions of dollars riding on it, in December 2005, in the bogus ‘War On Terror’ before it had even been used against it’s target, Brian, who was in turn defending me too, and vice-versa.

The government could not really separate or undo that I would ultimately either win in my own right ‘on my own’ and for and with Brian too, or win with Brian, because of my unlawful arrest in December 2005.

The December 2005 case was always the ultimate spanner in the works of a tidy outcome for Westminster.

Whatever approach their ‘greatest [far from legal] minds’ chose was ultimately doomed by the reality of the real world.

In fact their vulgar ’approach’ to “make an example” of me, led to me also strengthening forcing the repeal through:

a) their not being able to charge me with anything after unlawfully arresting me on May 23rd 2006 during the massive police raid [when Bindmans and Garden Court Chambers should have immediately gone to the High Court with my resulting civil High Court jury lawsuit]

b) my void ab initio win on September 14th 2006, over a ‘notification’ on March 3rd 2006, that was basically lawfully giving them all the finger

c) so Brian was found to have ‘no case to answer’ over May 23rd 2006 in January 2007, because they could not put me on the witness stand over May 23rd 2006, and so on and so forth.

The case in December was ‘the key’ that unlocked too much corruption.

The government made sure I lost my job and was blacklisted over that first unlawful arrest and ‘conviction’ because it was such a big deal to them because they had so carefully planned their ‘free speech’ ban, before I just in their own words “came under the radar”.

So my youngest son who was a teenager at that time went to live with his father and I sold my home and did not live in a state of denial.

I was not happy about my entire life dramatically changing irrevocably in every way that it did, but it is all what it is, and there is no point in living in a state of denial.

A similar situation happened to Steve Jago on June 18th 2006, when he was first unlawfully arrested while he and I were outside Downing Street because Brian and I had then agreed to extend the campaign after the filth downsized it in Parliament Square on May 23rd 2006.

I could not in good conscience have ever turned my back on Brian because he was doing the most important and ground-breaking work in the UK or Europe, that was just incredible in his powerful raw resistance that really works.  

Everything we did was all absolutely open, lawful and entirely logical.

Doughty Chambers gave written ‘advice’ to appeal to the High Court in my case stated that was delayed, and became progressively worse because Doughty Chambers wrote further advice that the ‘Judge’ had ‘amended’ his ‘reasons’ after being challenged [ie: it was unavoidable the ‘judge’ was corrupt]

In a sense they were all finger pointing for their own financial advantage because everything about the show trial was corrupt for goodness sakes.

There is a definite whiff that both Labour and the Tories were competing among themselves, to advance their own agendas that are always premised on their own wallets, that in that ‘case’ was ‘hidden’ in full view.

Doughty’s ‘advice’ about the bent ‘Judge’ led to my legal representation being illegally refused by a High Court ‘Judge’.

The ‘case stated’ was then illuminatingly ‘lost’ in ’Town and Country Planning’. Finally the records show I was not notified of my appeal that nevertheless somehow extraordinarily went ahead in my absence on the basis of a fraudulent case stated that was supposed to be amended. The High Court admit I was not notified of the hearing that in legal terms meant it was void ab initio, because everyone was really just buying time.

This and ahem a 47 further unlawful arrests culminated in DPP Starmer being unable to explain the current Prime Minister Mother Theresa’s smoking email she had sent to me as Ms MI5 Home Office on January 17th 2012 about their MI5 ‘Democracy Village’.

Starmer knows the general ‘ins and outs’ of it all that I know, including when he then became just another corrupt MP too.


It’s not rocket science that a High Court jury would conclude for example that everyone came for me on January 16th 2012 because my High Court jury lawsuit going all the way back to December 2005 was filed on August 17th 2011.  


All our bases had been covered against more than considerable odds.


... january 17th 2012... the MI5 'Democracy Village' smoking email that neither former DPP Starmer or the current Prime Minister Mother Theresa [former MI5 Home Office May] could explain to any High Court jury...


It was impossible for the DPP et al, to explain how our shelter had been stolen on January 16th 2012 that I was not being prosecuted over, while MI5 'Democracy Village' kept theirs while they were doing their Gallastegui gig in the High Court on their way out.


There is a very good reason agent provocateurs are called such.

In fact I had been illegally imprisoned without legal representation or trial again in August & September 2011 after Brian died :( It was a very, very difficult time.


They were trying to stop me being able to 'comply' with a High Court Order from Westminster Council [who had jumped on the bandwagon, using MI5 'Democracy Village' too] that they were planning to use to try and finish us off on August 19th 2011, that we turned the tables on to become our original High Court jury lawsuit against everyone.

When I was released they ruefully handed me a copy in the High Court of what had been filed complete with my one line comment about them that had also been included, they never dared repeat in open court.


There are no real ‘secrets’ in Westminster because the generally understood truth that is known in Westminster is the lawless political classes, spies and the pulp fiction who pass themselves off as journalism, while they all often wear multiple hats for public consumption in the revolving corporate doors, do all work together.

Westminster only have a false social construct they have invented for public consumption beyond Westminster.

I could for example be standing at Carriage Gates and the rat pack of paparazzi might all descend because they have been instructed to get the ubiquitous picture of whichever politician the story was about leaving through dark windows. They did on occasion moan to me that politicians wouldn’t drive out for the photo-shoot strangely because I was there and I would just say sorry chaps, it’s not my problem, because I am not doing anything wrong.

The obvious real world problem is that Westminster really are war criminals slaughtering defenceless civilians.

So in practice I would be living in the real world while standing alongside the parallel universe of the paparazzi et al who were just out to make a fast buck in the corporate racket of the whole state of denial.


There was always a weird disconnect in the same public space.

Yet we all knew what the truth was and everyone was just ‘uncomfortable’ with us because we weren’t any part of the centuries old way Westminster really works.

Westminster Village is obviously an effortless existence for those who are part of it, because they are all in on the single crony capitalist scam.

They don’t like spreading the ins and outs of their political dirt in Westminster beyond the M25 really because then they have to pay off more judges etc etc etc.


They obviously don’t like the public to see too much because there are billions of the public.


Westminster can only continue in it's current form as long as there is some kind of pretense there is some sort of 'difference' between for example political parties or their pulp fiction.

It was for example never really any ‘secret’ in Westminster what our MI5 files say because their being just down the road in Millbank meant that [before and after MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ in Parliament Square itself] they would regularly pass by in their black SUV’s startling poor unsuspecting tourists by bellowing out in our direction variations of “Fuck off you cunt/s” and “bomb the Iraqis”.

Never let it be said that MI5 & MI6 were not always 100% percent behind the illegal Iraq War in the same way they had always supported colonialism.


It is self evident that MI5 et al knew that Blair's Stake-knife Corbyn and 7/7 Livingstone & Co were not really opposed to or trying to end war. 


... war criminals and their war propagandists trying to subvert the rule of law with the shallow 'old lie' that any old 'vote' has supremacy over the rule of law...

War criminals are war criminals and war propaganda really is a crime.

Of course the rigged Brexit gives even more law abiding civilians some idea of the true face of Westminster, because what they are doing is so illogical.


No reasonable and rational law abiding civilian would voluntarily ‘surrender’ their own European citizenship to downgrade to arbitrary permits of all sorts from already discredited political classes.

The 500 million law abiding civilians who are the real European Union do not ‘belong’ to the political classes who are supposed to be responsible administrative governance in a world no human made.











Please note: Our long-standing civilian resistance that began on June 2nd 2001 is not a 'news' media outlet. We only publish information to help save civilian lives.
The certainty of the rule of law, that exists for the benefit of everyone, does not change to suit the revolving door whorehouses of any 'politics' or mainstream or not at all alternative churnalism.