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The UN Security Council are trying to play the same old divide and rule of the 'Cold War' with their bogus 'War On Terror' where they put themselves and their phoney 'opposition' to each other, rather than the rule of law, centre stage.


Europeans have been here before and are not going to be divided by the same old political classes and the theatre of their war propaganda.


... 'the united states may be tacitly supporting'.. lavrov was at un during genocidal illegal sanctions on iraq that caused deaths of 500,000 iraqi children before the un security council’s bogus ‘war on terror’ that led to the iraq war and war on syria...


It's not a well publicized fact that the U.K. France and Russia protect the lawless U.S. military who 'fly under the radar' of the European Court of Human Rights in Europe, that is used as springboard elsewhere.

It is inconceivable that longtime Russian 'Foreign Minister' Lavrov did not know when the Russian government joined the UK government in their MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ trying to smash our Parliament Square Peace Campaign in London on May 1st 2010, that they were planning the ‘Arab Spring’.

Our small Parliament Square Peace Campaign was really living making history because we just went and did what no-one had ever done in the UK or Europe before right in the faces of Westminster.

Brian’s very important legacy was that he showed everyone what law abiding civilians could really do consistently practicing the rule of law even when those all around you do not want to.

He showed what was real and what was not.


Blair’s Stake-knife Corbyn and their unions supposedly so much larger UK Stop the War Coalition not only did nothing by comparison to even try and end war while we persevered year after year.


They actually colluded in fraudulent legislation the unions were 'exempt' from, to try and smash us, because it was obviously inexplicable that they were doing so little.

Multiple layers lined up against us year after year to try and talk down the rule of law while we only ever really practiced and pushed for the rule of law because that is what brings harmony that really creates and protects life and promotes responsible administrative governance in a world no human made.

It is not a ‘co-incidence’ that the war mongering Guardian launched the ASIO Assange Wikileaks in London at the same time the government rigged the 2010 election, by splitting the vote three ways, so they could be sure they could produce a ‘hung parliament’ and launch their MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ to try and smash us.


... mi5 'democracy village' of all sorts targeting 'two veterans'...

The British Parliament were so legally compromised by 2010 after so many parts of the government in all sorts of combinations had tried to smash us from all directions, that the only combination they really had left was a Tory Mayor backed up by a Tory government.

The dogs of war were unleashed by old ‘Five Eyes’ Murdoch on July 19th 2009 when we were publicly named as the targets in a murderous race between Brown and Cameron to violently 'remove' us to claim the corporate crown.

Everyone must have known they were all planning the ‘Arab Spring’ so the corporate brown envelopes were only getting larger.


.... 25th may 2010...the russians working with the daily mail et al ffs...

The MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ was however a busted flush on May 25th 2010 when Brian and I were unlawfully arrested.

You can bet the alarm bells were ringing everywhere over that because it is now so obvious the intention was to try and hijack and smash us in the run up to launching the ‘Arab Spring’.

So the BBC illegally edited and published a false account of my unlawful arrest, while the Mayor of London Boris Johnson now Brexit ‘Foreign Secretary’ went running to the High Court before we were released, to launch an incredibly  malicious prosecution against Brian and I using their MI5 ‘Democracy Village’.

They could not risk our being released and getting to the High Court first with our High Court jury lawsuit, which took us until August 17th 2011 to file as all ducked and dived all over the place with every ‘serious procedural irregularity’ they could invent.


A court recording has surfaced showing a Judge cutting across and trying to shut Brian down while he is asking for the return of footage before we were released.


On October 7th 2011 [they love their 'dates'] the High Court were forced to confirm to a red faced government that even if they withdrew their malicious prosecution against me [which they did have to do on May 4th 2012] my High Court jury lawsuit would remain.


The bent Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police's equally bent brief, Adam 'Uriah Heep' Clemens who was used to slithering around putting the words into 'Judges' mouths, they were expected to repeat, was witnessed towering over me, threateningly hissing that I had "better be careful" what I said.


This was the same Clemens who literally had to drag another of the Commissioner's bent briefs we called Windbag off me, who incredibly had a go at me in front of members of the public, when I walked out of court in the High Court, when they were forced to at the very least give me my still live High Court Order against MI6 et al in April 2008.


On September 14th 2006 Chief Superintendent Terry the Tosser [now Commander whatever] had actually threatened me inside court in front of a transient 'lawyer' who told me to leave before it escalated, when I won because their violent 'free speech' ban was found to be 'void ab initio'.


The first time I was unlawfully arrested in December 2005 [out of 47 times and "I am not the Serious Organized Criminal"] a duty solicitor said to me 'first rule is police lie'.


They so weren't kidding we have reasonably concluded it must be a part of 'police' training because plod don't even bother to hide they are institutionally corrupt from top to bottom.


[I personally think the only way UK Police can possibly be reformed is by them being totally disbanded and re-constituted under the banner of the rule of law, not the corporate Queens & Co]

In 2012, the High Court did actually beg us to not launch a ‘class action’ saying it would bring the High Court to it’s knees because so many had been involved attacking us, over so many years.

The MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ that started on May 1st 2010 was ‘hidden’ in full view in Central London for two years until May 4th 2012 by the political classes, their spies and the pulp fiction of journalism.

The relentless MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ attacks included months of the whole Royal Wedding panjandrum in Westminster too, while I was trying to hold off not one but two malicious High Court prosecutions against us when Westminster Council jumped on the bandwagon too.

It doesn’t bear close scrutiny what they did to Brian while all that was going on and he was being treated for cancer.

Of course as soon as Brian went to Germany it was open season on me.

It is inexplicable that Saif Gaddafi did not see what Alan Duncan's MI6 Vitol Oil were planning under his nose while he was living it up in London cheering on Tony Blair, while Erdogan was embracing MI6 Mahdi al-Harati in Ankara with the False Flag Flotilla.

Iran did notice that MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ was promoting the ‘Green Revolution’ while also briefing against them in the Independent, before Press TV was thrown out of the UK on January 16th 2012 on the same day the British government descended en masse because we had filed a High Court jury lawsuit in 2011.

I cannot even begin to describe what I felt about what I personally saw and lived through myself, so I cannot help but know Putin really is a Pretender who just trades in human lives too.

When the British government tortured and attempted to murder me in September 2009, although that obviously seriously traumatized me, I worked through that by continuing to campaign.

A background of many years of the hard life of campaigning against the odds anyway helped steel me against what had happened that only made me stronger for what then happened.


When they stole my shelter in the middle of the winter in January 2012, which was to say the least very ungentlemanly, so even homeless people, but not the vicious suits, were sorry for me, I reflected Westminster only made their 'SAS' look soft.


I was surprised to learn I had new strength I did not know I had.


The shameful bullies that are Westminster were even more surprised.


The first umbrella 'crime' in the world was born courtesy of legal woo from the you guessed it war mongering Guardian.


It really was not too much to sue for peace in a world no human made.

The whole purpose of the UN Security Council theatre of propaganda is clearly to try and undermine the European Court of Human Rights.


... the countries who sit on the european court of human rights...

There is no discernible difference between the crony ‘capitalism’ of the UK or Russia who do not care about the lives of civilian populations anywhere.

The UN Security Council bogus ‘War on Terror’ juggernaut landed in Syria because of a complete failure of the rule of law outside Syria.


Why should Syrian people have to pay for and be 'grateful' to Russia for weapons to try and save their lives because the rule of law has broken down at the UN Security Council ?

The Russian government stood by for four and half years as terrorists poured into Syria from all around the world slaughtering defenceless civilians because they cannot seize the Syrian Presidency.


Why is it really beyond the UN Security Council to as a starting point practice the rule of law ?

The CIA Snowden hoax also by no co-incidence launched by the war mongering Guardian while Moscow danced to the tune is only trying to disguise the malice behind the real life MI5 ‘Democracy Village’.

The massive scandal of MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ exposed the truth is the political classes, spies and the pulp fiction of journalism maliciously build false social constructs to disguise the UN Security Council web of deceit do all work together.

The past year has seen the Russian government grandstanding from a great height while Syrian soldiers have been doing the real work continuing to try and defend civilians, while terrorists shockingly use children as human shields in Aleppo.

There is no kind of legitimate ‘protest’ that supports a NATO invasion.   

No law abiding civilian would ever want their fellow civilians harmed by NATO for goodness sakes.

In legal terms there is no difference between the whole array of monikers who are lethally armed ‘Opposition’ to the Syrian government.

The UN Security Council need to take a long hard look at themselves because they have thoroughly disgraced themselves in the long bogus ‘War on Terror’.

Sadly the big Brexit scam sees Westminster war criminals use a definitively rigged referendum to keep trying to re-draw borders in the Middle East, while re-imposing borders in Europe.

The UK Police State has long existed despite not being admitted, because it is a fact law abiding civilians are illegally imprisoned in the UK without legal representation or trial for opposing the government.

Anyone can see the lawless ’States of Emergency’ in France and Turkey are all planned, as indeed was the transfer of refugees into Europe from the Middle East and Africa.

The UN Security has maintained a wall of silence over Turkey grandstanding in Syria without even so much as bothering to make the pretence of formally notifying the UN Security Council.

The Russian government not only do not care what the British government do, but have actively been complicit with all manner of weasel words at the UN Security Council.

There is now no way of saying that the UN Security Council care about civilians in the Middle East or Europe.

All anyone can see is the UN Security Council trying to re-draw borders in the Middle East while trying to re-impose borders in Europe because their only true calculation is that is how they can make the most money for big business.

Nevertheless law abiding civilians push for the rule of law has replaced the old ‘politics’ of ‘ideology’ that made the political classes push the Brexit button.


... brian haw on june 2nd 2001 in parliament square, london...

Only those who live in an absolute state of denial are apologists for Mother Theresa circling the corporate war wagons with obvious self-serving imbeciles like Boris Johnson, David Davis and Liam Fox.

Of course they are accompanied by Blair’s Stake-knife Corbyn and their ‘unions’ who are all very much seen by the public as apologists for all things Tory now too.


It's a feeble mantra that nuclear power stations and the Trident renewal bring 'jobs' which is the same as saying the army and BAE provide 'jobs' too.

The war mongering Westminster political classes have alienated millions upon millions of law abiding civilians with their illegal wars before alienating millions upon millions more law abiding civilians with their rigged referendum.  

People are very much mistaken in trying to claim the European Union can only exist and must be dictated to by economic terms because first and foremost the European Union is about 500 million law abiding civilians in a world no human made.  

Only a fool would voluntarily surrender the independence of their European citizenship to downgrade to arbitrary permits of all sorts from already discredited political classes.


... may 3rd 2006...

The tunnel vision of Little Englander brownshirts define Brexit in purely financial terms because they are just apologists for the crony 'capitalism' of the criminal political classes.

It is never too late for peace.


Please note: Our long-standing civilian resistance that began on June 2nd 2001 is not a 'news' media outlet. We only publish information to help save civilian lives.
The certainty of the rule of law, that exists for the benefit of everyone, does not change to suit the revolving door whorehouses of any 'politics' or mainstream or not at all alternative churnalism.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!