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The United Nations Security Council’s weapons supply line of mass disinformation goes back and forth, up and down and round and round in it’s own circle jerk of pulp fiction trying to sell anyone anything.

When the United Nations Security Council profess to have one ‘ideology’ or ‘another’ for the masses, the reality is whatever they are trying to sell on to other governments, is actually completely dictated to by weapons suppliers.


... making history through the rule of law...

The Russian propaganda below disguises that the phoney ‘divide and rule’ is very obviously really initiated by the United Nations Security Council.




All law abiding civilians only want to see the rule of law centre stage, not the endless circus of the political classes and their propagandists.


The political classes no longer have any 'ideology' that any law abiding civilians want to buy.

Why should the [for example] Syrian government have to pay any weapon suppliers to help them maintain their legitimate administrative governance because the rule of law outside Syria, has completely broken down, and landed on their doorstep ?


The United Nations Security Council have disgraced themselves in Syria, by shirking their very serious responsibilities at the European Court of Human Rights.

One does not need to enumerate the endless swings and roundabouts all around the globe among governments who come and go through professed ‘ideologies’ of all sorts which people can research for themselves, because that way of thinking is becoming old school anyway.

The Big Brexit scam identifies in the here and now that what really happens when an entire Parliament becomes compromised because they are all a ‘legal liability’ is they run for the Brexit.

The British Parliament have so seriously ’overplayed’ their hand with the corporate greed of the juggernaut called the bogus ‘War On Terror’ that they have ended up in an unprecedented legal quagmire of all sorts.

This is solely because people started consistently pushing for the rule of law, from different directions, in what is supposed to be administrative governance in a world no human made.

It is possible to prove to a High Court jury that the British Parliament who were all compromised by becoming a ‘legal liability’ rigged the election in 2010 so they could run their MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ of all sorts.

That actually further escalated because then they ended up with a massive High Court jury lawsuit against their MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ etc etc etc.

We are a real part of modern history who have never done the ‘politics’ of ‘ideology’ but have instead always consistently lived by the rule of law, because that is how all law abiding civilians reasonably expect responsible administrative governance to be run.

There is only ‘consent’ to be governed when those who want to govern respect the supremacy of the rule of law that does apply to them too.

No reasonable or rational law abiding civilian really ‘believes’ the biggest ‘old lie’ that the political classes can ‘vote’ to do whatever they like to anyone else, anywhere in the world.

We naturally represent what most law abiding civilians really think and know.

Of course while the corporate juggernaut is so large it cannot be stopped in it’s tracks, the ‘politics’ of ‘ideology’ are fast fading because everyone can see all crony capitalism that is mutually exclusive with the rule of law, is the same.

It is only pushing for the rule of law in administrative governance that naturally brings harmony that creates and protects life.

It will be impossible for the British Parliament et al to explain a Brexit because all they really want to do is keep the U.S. military flying ‘under the radar’ of the European Court of Human Rights in Europe, to use as a springboard elsewhere.



That is the single dynamic that explains that the United Nations Security Council is the propaganda arm, for the European Court of Human Rights, the U.K. France and Russia are trying to gate-keep.

Of course everyone knows who the leader of that cozy threesome is.

There is obviously not going to be a war between Europe and Russia because it would be impossible to explain away at the European Court of Human Rights they all sit on.


It is completely impossible to explain why anyone in Europe is paying for NATO.

Any which way anyone looks at it, the U.S. military are ‘superfluous to requirements’ in Europe and that is the way most law abiding civilians see it.


The sole purpose of the rigged Brexit referendum which was a 'Hobson's choice' because it did not give any choice over a decision that was already made to try and give unfettered power to the political classes, through either a) Cameron's 'negotiation' or b) May's Brexit, is to try and force people to surrender their European citizenship.


All the propagandists actually spin 'surrendering' your European citizenship to the political classes as a 'victory' for 'the little people'.


... 'public policy' ... the 'fine print' of cameron's deceitful 'negotiation' that also sought to give unfettered power to the political classes against... entirely law abiding civilians...


In legal terms it is obviously absolutely unlawful for anyone to try and personally or financially profit from someone else's citizenship, which is precisely what Brexit has always been trying to do.


Of course no reasonable and rational law abiding civilian would ever voluntarily 'surrender' the small shred of independence European citizenship gives them, to ridiculously downgrade to arbitrary 'permits' of all sorts from already discredited political classes.


... 'sauve qui peut' ... the barclay bros musing about how to save 'mother theresa'... through the whole 'sovereign debt' scam...


In fact European citizenship is derived through the rule of law, not the political classes, so the Westminster political classes are trying through the most deceitful means possible to try and claim they have power over any law abiding civilians citizenship, which is simply not true.

Millions upon millions of European civilians lost their lives in the slaughterhouses of deceit during Two World Wars, for the only shred of humanity that arose from that, which is the European Court of Human Rights, which still has a long way to go to actually work for people.

Brian's very important legacy that is his gift to everyone, is he showed people how to push for the rule of law and keep pushing for the rule of law in administrative governance in a world no human made.


Please note: Our long-standing civilian resistance that began on June 2nd 2001 is not a 'news' media outlet. We only publish information to help save civilian lives.
The certainty of the rule of law, that exists for the benefit of everyone, does not change to suit the revolving door whorehouses of any 'politics' or mainstream or not at all alternative churnalism.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!