The problem. Parliament has "NO ENTRY TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC".

The students arrived, the state went on the defensive.

The police plan; stop the student march in Whitehall.

Perhaps the two C's, Cameron and Clegg should consider a caréer change.

The idiot Education Minister, the rabid right wing war mongerer, Gove, must have been misquoted, when he said he "responds to arguments, not violence."

I mean, Gormless Gove hides behind state violence, because he doesn't have ability to argue his way out of a paper bag.

the students arrive

the problem. "democracy" is denied. there is "no entry to the general public."

but the "general public" ...the students keep arriving..

and arriving..

So Big Cheeses , yet again, put the rather unimaginative "sea of yellow" plan in motion....these two don't look like it's long till they collect their no doubt well protected golden handshakes...
(& well messrs Clegg, Gove, Cameron really do not have any "argument"...the bankers really have cut and run with the people's money so what future do the young have to look forward to?)

what will the politicians do if one day, there is nowhere, and no-one left to hide behind ?

perhaps plod are practising for the "street party" PR exercise on 29th april 2011 ?.....

holding parliament...

really is rather pointless guarding the treasury. the piggy bank really is empty.

and the point in guarding the department of business and regulatory "reform" is ?.......

disaster capitalism.

rolling out the plan.

and still rolling out the plan.

you know they are chatting 'bout their pensions, it's their favorite conversation....plod are very boring.

students in whitehall.

going into whitehall.

stopping the march & shutting down whitehall.

and bless them, some brave young ones finally made it to the road in front of parliament....

& the most photographed vehicle in london today. the new MET logo has proven to be hugely popular.

smoke rising outside the treasury in whitehall on a chilly evening...around 8pm, the sounds of people singing
"hey jude" wafted down whitehall..

plod hung around the square for quite a while..well we people are all criminals after all....

we think the way things are going, soon the state will have given everyone in the country a "criminal record".

to be continued....