A hearing date at City of Westminster Magistrates on 25th November 2010 over two illegal searches during the State Openings on 18th November 2009 & 25th May 2010 (of thirteen illegal searches since 29th Juy 2008, under S17(1) e PACE ACT 1984), has been vacated.

Quite where the Metropolitan Police, CPS and courts are going based on a perjured witness statement by Acting Inspector Cole (see below) that is clearly a seriously illegal attempt by the state to pervert the course of justice, in trying to transfer what are civil claims against the police, (in searches where nothing was found), into criminal proceedings, remains legally speaking, a mystery.

... and he wil be "liable for prosecution if he has wilfully stated something he knows to be untrue" !!!!....(yeah right).....

This police witness statement is a lie.

There is no High Court ruling re: Judicial Review & Mr Haw, over searches.


The President of the Queens Bench Division May LJ DID NOT direct in CO/2460/2008, (a case incl. the matter of the searches, brought by Babs Tucker) that the searches would continue and we must "comply".


On 15th July 2008, in CO/11393/2007 we asked the High Court, to make an order for the return of campaign property that was illegally seized on 23rd May 2006.

On 29th July 2008, in response, and after seven years of the campaign having been in existence, the police suddenly started using S17 (1) e PACE ACT 1984.

It's not rockect science what is going on.

The state want to avoid a civil jury trial in the High Court where a civil jury would make the obvious connection, in what would be civil cases, because it would be clear, that the police only began these "searches" after seven years of the campaign, in an attempt to get a 'ruling' that we are a security risk, in order to avoid the return of campaign property etc.