The only ‘official’ public discourse in Israel is the most militarized war propaganda because the whole premise of the made in the UK military garrison called Israel is about trying to maintain a military foothold in the Middle East.

... the unelected 'british' queen's all too familiar... 'free speech' and 'democracy'

The damage being done to young minds whose whole lives are being indoctrinated by nothing but military war propaganda is only all too available for everyone to see.

The war propaganda is so pervasive a part of every day life in Israel and lazy and complicit international commentary that what is really normal human behaviour is never spoken.

What is normal human behaviour is one vote for one person across what is called Israel/Occupied Territories, that would inevitably return Arab administrative governance.

It is impossible to change the logic and reality of the real world and the truth about what any legitimate governance can really be, and let’s not pretend that the British Parliament of war mongers are any better.


... a young soldier indoctrinated with nothing but the most vicious war propaganda his whole life, before being handed a lethal weapon in what is nothing but a military garrison made in the UK

Military rule anywhere is not legitimate governance.

What is called Israel is not encouraged to look in the mirror to see the perverted victimhood of a colonial occupier, because the weapons suppliers and propagandists are quite literally laughing all the way to the bank.

Controlled opposition like BDS fuel Israeli victimhood by not calling for a boycott, divestment and sanctions against the real culprit which is the UK.

BDS wastes people’s time and lives because it is all too easily labelled hypocrisy.


Of course the most money is spent on setting up layer upon layer of phoney 'opposition' to war mongering, because the most difficult thing is to make people 'believe' [or indeed pretend people 'believe'] that 'democracy' can just 'vote' to murder whoever it likes.


The many layers of war propaganda are all chaff designed to try and silence the truth about what can be legitimate administrative governance anywhere.

It is the unelected ‘British’ Queen who really rules the roost at the entirely complicit United Nations Security Council of hangers on, who are the two-faced weapons supply line of mass disinformation.

In legal terms, for what it's worth the young soldier does not have any defence that is recognized in law to murder really, where even the charge of manslaughter is a cop-out.


Anyone who has seen the video of the summary execution can see that no attempt was for example made, to hold the injured and prone Palestinian's arms, etc etc etc, if anyone really thought he might have had an explosive vest or anything else that he might have been capable of using.


What is really clear is that a) everyone who was at the scene of the summary execution is just as guilty and b) that summary executions are far more commonplace than anyone wants to admit, because no-one bats an eyelid or shows any emotion at, or opposition to the summary execution.


Most people suspect the soldier's 'trial' will be a white-wash because any military garrison only survives by giving it's foot-soldiers carte-blanche to do whatever they want.






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The certainty of the rule of law, that exists for the benefit of everyone, does not change to suit any 'politics' or 'news' media.