The British Parliament of all political shades are so worried by the unprecedented widespread public opposition to the illegal Iraq War, that they have been illegally using MI5 to devote particular attention to trying to smash any law abiding civilian opposition.


It is instructive the wholly illegal lengths MI5 are going to and how their links obviously extend to gatekeepers in the U.S. etc in what is very obviously a quite extraordinary 'COINTELPRO' operation against us.


... a completely and utterly illegal MI5 operation against Brian and I


There's stupid and then there's MI5 pretending to be stupid.


On May 25th 2010, the BBC illegally edited and published audio from my unlawful arrest on to cover up the illegal use of an agent provocateur from the 'Democracy Village' undercover operation.

On June 19th 2013, what could only be MI5’s Nafeez Ahmed maliciously published [he is one of two ‘producers’] his own also edited video in the Guardian etc, that is also a false account of my unlawful arrest on May 25th 2010, where they covered up the illegal use of an agent provocateur that Houseman’s filth Dan Viesnik, did film.


[Houseman's in Kings Cross, London is a long-time one stop filth shop, where undercover projects are spawned]


The only purpose of maliciously publishing a false account of my unlawful arrest on May 25th 2010, on June 19th 2013, was to try and pre-empt the outcome of my August 17th 2011 lawsuit against them before a High Court jury, that they very obviously do not want to go ahead.


Of course there is not a single member of the public in the UK who would be remotely surprised that MI5 are illegally running a long time operation against the longest standing civilian resistance in the UK to the Iraq War.



The British Parliament however, somehow consider a lawsuit proving it is an illegal MI5 operation is ‘controversial’, rather than the more sobering reality that the MI5 operation is illegal.

Indeed everyone knows Westminster Village are not truthful about the reality that all ‘politics’, ‘news’ media and ‘intelligence’ services are a revolving door of money grabbing collaboration.




The BBC were used so the lie that was a cover up, was first widely broadcast while we were locked up.







Our video shows an agent provocateur being illegally used in my unlawful arrest @16mins, who the Metropolitan Police are later recorded thanking in the video, while admitting, they are refusing to identify the person.


It is absolutely unlawful to refuse to identify the agent provocateur, because that is precisely how the state can and does illegally use agent provocateurs.


In the incident shown on the video, the police just need to find any excuse to get rid of me, so the video shows Cole actually grabs me, then without any grounds to hold me, relies on the agent provocateur to be what is really a complainant after the actual arrest has been made.


In legal terms a High Court jury would conclude there was a criminal conspiracy between the police officer and agent provocateur.


This is because the video shows:


a) the 'police' officer is just going to arrest me for anything [and he could not have 'reasonably believed' he could arrest me because he did not like what I was saying to someone else, about what he had done and was doing, which was all illegal] 


b) when the police officer has no grounds to hold me because he has no 'complainant' because no-one has made what could be called any actual complaint to him, it is the undercover agent who becomes the 'complainant' after the actual unlawful arrest.


This is a very serious use of an undercover agent, who is only obviously trying to cover up the arrest itself was in every way illegal.


The behaviour between the police officer and agent provocateur is not in any way normal.


In fact it is the agent provocateur who is actually very offensive to me after I have been unlawfully arrested, because they are trying to provoke me by dishonestly suggesting they could have/anyone could be arrested under those most ridiculously malicious of circumstances.


They obviously hoped for something a little more 'controversial' to try and help them.


Everyone [the police, and 'Democracy Village'] knew they could not produce a 'witness statement' from the agent provocateur, including because there was nothing that could be construed as a 'complaint' let alone of any legitimate kind, to the police officer before I was unlawfully arrested.


In legal terms, there is much that would only expose the agent provocateur was working with the police to cover up an unlawful arrest, where everything she says anyway, supports that proposition.


It is de-rigeur trademark colonialism to as their agent provocateur does, suggest that everyone should bow down to the corporate state or be 'punished'.


Everyone then just maliciously pretended what the video showed had happened, had not happened.


It is a very unusual example of an agent provocateur, because it shows an agent provocateur conspiring in trying to cover up a very obvious unlawful arrest by a police officer.


In a court Cole would not even be able to explain why he has or there was any need to just physically grab me, which is indicative of a wider problem.


The fact the 'police' camera was also very obviously trying to avoid identifying the 'complainant' does also show there was a generally agreed plan, because these are the same 'police' who have spent years trying to dream up any old bogus pretext to try and unlawfully arrest us.


Of course everyone knew I would name agent provocateurs in legal proceedings, which is what 'Democracy Village' was all about trying to avoid, so they just refused to name the agent provocateur.


The video shows how Cole then later just illegally makes up a further malicious allegation of 'obstruct' pc against me, that there is no evidence of him even arresting me for, or even me doing, because no police are stopped from searching any tents.


There are real questions about what was the true and legitimate purpose of the 'police' cameras.


The video highlights the casual manner in which corrupt police given carte blanche by the British Parliament, just maliciously make up anything they like, and keep on making up anything they like, without even the cursory niceties of any 'due process' of any kind.


The fact I ended up illegally imprisoned without legal representation or trial in August 2011, after Brian had died, so everyone could cover up what the video really shows is very, very serious indeed.



[MI5 needed to unlawfully arrest both Brian and I, so that we were both out of the way, along with our video, so they could put out the headline to publicly launch and try to link us to their 'Democracy Village' undercover operation.


So they always knew they were going to have to use agent provocateurs to cover up whatever needed covering up.]


On June 21st 2010, when I named Chris Coverdale [one of the main 'organizers' of 'Democracy Village'] as an agent provocateur in the High Court, [which he did not deny] before the 'Judge' ran and blew their cover, Coverdale's agent provocateur who unlawfully arrested me on May 25th 2010, is still sitting in Parliament Square.


the 'ringmaster' ?... the seriously corrupt coverdale who really is not a 'peace campaigner'


[Chris Coverdale's 'legend' while ducking and diving between his various monikers of 'Peace Strike'/'Make Wars History'/'Democracy Village' is that 'politicians' and [therefore] people 'don't know' the 'law' which law abiding civilians do know.


His 'legend' has really always just been an apologia for the legal reality, the British government have 'no recognized defence in law' to the Iraq War.


It is a very straightforward matter of fact and law, that there is not a single member of the entire British Parliament who could stand on any witness stand before a High Court jury and claim they 'reasonably believed' UN Resolution 1441 gave the British Parliament any 'authority' to vote to act 'on behalf' of the UNSC to invade and occupy Iraq]


In fact it is only state violence that is being illegally used against law abiding civilians to try and stop successful legal challenges in courts of law that would end corporate war.


... nearly a month later on june 21st 2010, when I name coverdale as an agent provocateur in the high court, another of his agent provocateurs, the woman on right, involved in my unlawful arrest on may 25th 2010, is still sitting there not being prosecuted by the mayor of london in malicious prosecution of brian and i.


There were quite horrid gatekeepers falling all over themselves to dishonestly try and disguise that Coverdale was a main 'organizer' of 'Democracy Village' by trying to claim he could not be "guilty by association".


This nonsense sought to distract from the legal reality that Coverdale was an organizer of 'Democracy Village' who twice quite maliciously put his own name forward in malicious prosecutions against Brian and I, where the outcome was completely irrelevant to Coverdale.


The reason that Coverdale and his cavalry had to come forward after it was just Brian and I who had been originally named by the Mayor of London, using one agent provocateur called Rebecca Hall, was because they had to try and protect three agent provocateurs by then, including a) Gallestegui, b) 'no name' and c) Hall.





gatekeeper....easy to laugh ? when you are sitting in your fucking comfortable armchair in the distant 'opinion' zone, too lazy to even travel a few miles to find out or live any truth yourself.


Of course the 9/11 gatekeeper is only stretching his own zero credibility supposing that Coverdale became an 'organizer' of the MI5 'Democracy Village' operation by happenstance.


Most people understand the MI5 'Democracy Village' operation was a very carefully pre-planned vicious attempt to try and smash our long standing Parliament Square Peace Campaign.


....the subsequent lawsuit against coverdale et al on august 17th 2011 is based on the certainty of the rule of law and not "guilt by association"


[What the gatekeepers of the 7/7 & 9/11 [non] movement in the UK have always been trying to cover up surrounding our Parliament Square Peace Campaign was the unlawful arrest of me by the same 7/7 Gold Commander on May 23rd 2006, when I was released without charge, which should have meant a High Court jury lawsuit way back then.


In reality the gatekeepers of 7/7 & 9/11 never wanted to see the lying 7/7 Gold Commander on trial before a High Court jury over unlawfully arresting me, less than a year later, because that would raise so many other very obvious and very serious legal questions very publicly]


Anyway, on June 21st 2010, the only thing the 'Judge' could do to try and keep the Mayor of London's malicious prosecution ticking over, for public consumption [because it was in any legal sense finished then, because Coverdale & Co could not deny in court what they had really all been doing] was the 'Judge' running.


Then my 'lawyers' ran.


The 'Judge' did ridiculously threaten me with Contempt of Court, but of course I was not tried or found guilty of 'Contempt of Court'.


They were very much doing damage limitation all round because nobody wanted me on the witness stand going through all the gory details.






The Independent were bloody liars dishonestly claiming the trouble-makers from MI5 'Democracy Village' were gone, because it still included the same trouble-makers on camera on May 25th 2010.


Far from hunting down the AL-CIA-Qaeda Osama Bin Liner bagman et al, who NATO... recruits, the likes of MI5 disgracefully only really devote taxpayers money they are stealing, to try and smash law abiding civilian resistance to the illegal Iraq War.


It was seriously illegal of MI5's Ahmed to in June 2013, publish a false account of my unlawful arrest in May 2010, to try and pre-empt the outcome of my lawsuit that had ensued on August 17th 2011.




... nafeez ahmed who whores himself around selling bogus 'war on terror' wares, while trying to ahem... smash law abiding civilian resistance in the uk, to the illegal iraq war, has a very serious 'conflict of interest' and then some


Only MI5 could repeatedly hide behind the British Parliament while going to such lengths illegally using all the 'news' media to try and circumvent our High Court jury lawsuit.


At that time, on May 25th 2010, I don't think there could have been anyone who was there when Brian and I were unlawfully arrested [which was early in the morning] who was not in some way part of the MI5 'Democracy Village' undercover operation [even if possibly one or two, were there unwittingly]


MI5 would not risk someone really objecting/telling the truth about what really happened.


The MI5 Nafeez Ahmed tall tale:


... part of MI5 Nafeez Ahmed & Dean Puckett fairytale


from police footage handed over to us: ... the ghoulish zombies circling filming too  [nafeez ahmed's puckett is in brown jacket]






... very distressing


It was really obvious from their own footage that Brian doesn't do anything illegal.


Nafeez and Puckett edit that Cole also unlawfully arrests me, illegally using the agent provocateur, all of which they did know Viesnik who is with all of them, has filmed



... police footage showing viesnik filming


... police footage [another agent provocateur rebecca hall on right]

... Nafeez Ahmed and Puckett try and make something out of me saying to Puckett "I can't imagine why you would want to get rid of us" [btw "all power to the labour government" was their "expression" not ours]


.... police footage... the agent provocateur is woman in middle with hat and khaki shorts


police footage:... they were all a gang working together


... reading the london evening standard's three page cover up of their MI5 shit


... everyone in 'democracy village' did know the identity of the agent provocateur who was used to unlawfully arrest me, because she was around for a long time, while publicly boasting to shocked members of the public about what she had done


MI5 are certainly desperate to keep trying to cover up our lawsuit over what really went down in Parliament Square


 .... a very wallinger-esque 'state britain' rip off brigade who are not making a film about... MI5


.... £500,000 'equity' in the 'fun' and 'profits' involved in MI5 trying to protect the single lever of multi-billion dollar corporate legislation that underpins all war.


In reality the MI5 & MI6 labels are just the monikers the corporate state tries to hide their worst corporate dirt behind, that they don’t want having an airing, in the light of day, before the likes of a High Court jury.



There was an inevitability that when Brian and I combined law abiding 24/7 civilian resistance to war in Parliament Square with repealing the single lever of corporate legislation that underpins all war, that [for example] MI5’s very phoney ‘liberal’ not very ‘activist’ scene would... unravel.



Of course MI5 have always tried to reduce any law abiding civilian resistance to a meaningless torpor of airy fairy inconsistent lying mumbo jumbo, which is precisely why they invent the likes of ‘Democracy Village’.


may 25th 2010: mike raddie who is an admitted 'organiser' of ‘democracy village’ posing as a ‘journalist’ with 'russia today', who like the daily mail’s 'arthur martin' were not prosecuted by the mayor of london


The Russian government who sit on the European Court of Human Rights turned a completely blind eye to the Iraq War really, like most governments.


It was millions upon millions of law abiding civilians all around the world who were not led by any 'politics' or 'news' media who opposed the Iraq War and never changed their minds.


[[I found a video above, that does show Mike Raddie [who should not be confused with their Trevor 'Radfax'] in Parliament Square on what is really May 25th 2010, although I never saw him then or indeed at any time later.


Whenever he visited, he must have kept his head down.


We obviously never watched television anyway and some of the admitted 'organizers' like Coverdale, Raga Woods and Professor Chris Knight typically only showed up for 'media appearances']]


 ... this is 'russia today' raddie doing some kind of 'arrest' for the cameras at the back of the square, sometime in 2011, because you can see 'democracy village' doing the whole heart shape on yellow in background in their whole support for the... royal wedding panjandrum


Raddie's whole cojone free fake arrest is most likely to cover up I just literally cut to the chase and cut the fences because the High Court could not prosecute me for 'breaching' their phoney High Court injunction, because they had illegally denied me legal representation.


... a real de-fence


[I had been illegally denied legal representation since June 21st 2010, in the malicious prosecution brought by the Mayor of London, where I did not put my name forward and was maliciously prosecuted.


So I just cut to the chase and proved the high court injunction was bogus, because they could not prosecute me over it, and certainly not without leapfrogging their Queen, straight into the European Court of Human Rights]


The Daily Mail sponsored 'Democracy Village' too:


... 'by the time i arrived': all the 'news' media were involved in the MI5 'Democracy Village' operation, one way or another


There were all sorts in the MI5 'Democracy Village' undercover operation against us including MI5, undercover police, 'news' media, informants and so on.


Local homeless people repeatedly told us how they were offered free alcohol by 'Democracy Village' and 'police' to join them, and so on. Homeless people were also used, by being told it was a way of their working their way up the housing association ladder, or avoiding charges against them and so on and so forth, because the British Parliament was desperate to keep the MI5 operation ticking over.


The female agent provocateur involved in my own unlawful arrest on May 25th 2010, was one 'organizer' whose role was to run the free alcohol bar 'etc' with crack-den Len Miskulin.


The MI5 'Democracy Village' undercover operation against us, that was part of a far longer operation against us, began on May 1st 2010 and lasted until May 4th 2012, which was a major undertaking for them, even within Westminster Village where they had everything on hand.


Two years of a 24/7 undercover operation of that size in that place, on their own doorstep really, involves a huge amount of dirt to try and sweep under the carpet, that exposes all the various jobsworths in Westminster Village.


I had to try and survive [and the terrible thing is Brian did not] when the starting point was everyone covered up my own unlawful arrest using an agent provocateur, on May 25th 2010 across all the 'news' media, at the grand opening of their 'Democracy Village' undercover operation.


A very cowardly MI5 'Democracy Village' undercover operation in an area under the most intensive 24/7 surveillance in the whole country, brings new meaning to the legal term 'disproportionate' whichever way anyone wants to look at it.


The fact that it wasn't 'very nice' that everyone involved with 'Democracy Village' was publicly lying was only a very small part of the practical problem of their maliciously trying to cause us the most serious harm possible.


The reason the Mayor of London did not prosecute the likes of 'Russia Today' and the 'Daily Mail' was because he was trying to protect them from the ensuing lawsuit against everyone, going back to May 23rd 2006, involving my own 48 !! unlawful arrests.

Of course all our unlawful arrests were only ever about trying to protect corporate legislation in the bogus ‘war on terror’.

I have always consistently lawfully challenged illegal corporate legislation, which is not a lawful reason to use an MI5 operation against us.

Nafeez Ahmed like Chris Coverdale did know it is MI5 and the Metropolitan Police who are illegally refusing to hand over to me my interview tape and all the CCTV that shows a man coming up behind me and punching me to the ground in Parliament Square on September 3rd 2009, before police torture and attempt to murder me in Belgravia Police Station on September 4th 2009.


... on january 20th 2011 chris coverdale was threatening to disappear me over june 21st 2010, while westminster council launch another lawsuit on january 21st 2011, they lose when my lawsuit is filed against everyone on august 17th 2011

Everyone knows that the cover up over September 3rd & 4th 2009, is why I formally named an agent provocateur on January 13th 2010 in legal proceedings to try and save our lives.

The Metropolitan Police themselves including PS Reason [2008 onwards] and  PS Fernandes [January 13th 2010 onwards] showed they knew through what they said to me, that an MI5 operation was being run against us.

Everyone knows, that it was my formally naming an agent provocateur in legal proceedings that were ‘delayed’ on April 29th 2010, that led to the MI5 ‘Democracy Village’ operation on May 1st 2010.


The reason that two High Court lawsuits against us overlapped [Mayor of London & Westminster Council] seems to be because they were trying to disguise [cover up] that I had formally outed Chris Coverdale as an agent provocateur in the High Court on June 21st 2010, before he threatened to disappear me on January 20th 2011 through the Westminster Council lawsuit they brought on January 21st 2011, that they lost, when it resulted in my lawsuit against them on August 17th 2011.


march 17th 2011.... everyone in Westminster Village including what are really these 'paparazzi' photographers, had always known 'Democracy Village' was an undercover operation [their editors twigged why i took pictures of them, when they wanted pictures of me, to profit out of may 25th 2010 too]


Nafeez Ahmed did know at the time he published the edited false account of my unlawful arrest on May 25th 2010 in June 2013, that I had a High Court lawsuit against MI5.

Of course, contrary to what Nafeez Ahmed et al dishonestly claim in June 2013, it is also most certainly not in any way, any kind of truth that the ‘organizers’ of ‘Democracy Village’ had suddenly ‘connected’ as though they had not all known each other for years.


gatekeepers inc: january 2008...simon moore and rob little with fellow gatekeeper alex jones


The Jones & We are Change bull is a good example of how the whole circle jerk of gate-keeping distraction works.


Yankee Jones plugs the second-hand accounts of Brian's unlawful arrest from Moore and Little plugging...themselves [and Puckett] while trying to link to and use etc our Parliament Square Peace Campaign, and indeed speak for Brian


[The ghastly Jones' latest free speech hero in the UK, is EDL's Tommy Robinson for goodness sakes, which would just have them both laughed at across the UK]


Contrary to what Rob Little who has always been an apologist for the filth claims, in our experience they often use at least ten filth to one of us [and I would bet the same goes for how many MI5 operate against us too]


In January 2008, the feeble Alex Jones is not interviewing, but instead using Brian too in what is very much gate-keeping to try and contain that we really are at the vanguard, the very many gatekeepers don't want anyone following us along.




[What had happened on January 12th 2008, was Steve Jago came and asked me if I wanted to go on some march that it later became clear had been organized by the MI5 & police as revenge.
... it is very distressing

I said no because I was really tired.

In the end I only went on it, because Steve promised to carry my banner for me.

The march that we were not leading, was copying what Steve and I had often done.

During the walk-about it transpired because three police officers told us:

a) that there had been a ‘shake-up’ in ‘policing’ in Westminster [because there was too much dirt/massive civil claims over what Charing Cross 'Police' had been doing to Steve and I in 2006 & 2007]

So basically all the police officers from Charing Cross, who wanted/were able to continue doing terrible things to us were transferring to Belgravia, who from then on did [generally] 'deal' with Parliament Square [so there were a very many, many 'police' officers who were really, really shitty with us]

b) when I was too tired [it was very cold in the middle of winter for us in Parliament Square] to go down some route and just said I will meet everyone further ahead so I could rest, two police officers, one from my January 31st 2007 lawsuit, came along and incredibly said to me, I had to tell everyone to follow me [which I declined to do, because that is really not me] he said because the march was about Steve and I !!
[Of course if it was really about Steve and I in any constructive way, then someone would have asked us what helped us etc. It was well known MI5 did not like Steve and I going 'walk-about' in Westminster, and had indeed sent out a police helicopter over us one day down by MI5 etc etc etc]

When we passed back through Parliament Square to finish at what had been Jago’s and my Parliament Square Peace Campaign ‘outpost’ at Downing Street [which was one ‘tactical’ response to the filth illegally ’downsizing’ the display in Parliament Square on May 23rd 2006] Brian said he was going to come with us and film, because he was worried about something happening to me there.

We weren’t really going to Downing Street anymore at that time [for reasons I won’t elaborate here]

The three of us were not actually involved in anything that led to Brian getting the camera smashed in his face by the TSG, because he was just filming other people lying down in the middle of the road [that the police had closed]

In fact once they grabbed Brian, to cover up what they had done, it was myself and Steve who actually managed to break through TSG police lines to desperately try and rescue Brian, so they could not get away with another malicious prosecution.
[District Judge Snow-job, originally tried to arrange a five day show trial with twenty lying police officers !! but the CPS immediately dropped the malicious prosecution before any hearing in the High Court, the minute we, not any 'lawyer' filed footage in the High Court, challenging the 'decision to prosecute'] 

I was quite literally thrown back into the people by police and police piled on top of and violently dragged Steve away too [they could have killed Steve with what they did to him] and I tried as hard as I could to hang on to Steve, but I just couldn't manage to in the end.
It was mostly all about revenge, by the police, so I was the last person they wanted to end up with on that day.
We were just exposing so much, because we were at the belly of the beast in Westminster Village.

[A ‘journalist’ told me people were paid/horse-traded Brian's picture, being paid more to not publish the picture]

That day was all about revenge over our breaking up the Charing Cross ‘police’ cabal [although subsequent 'events' show the whole rotten system was creaking all over trying to 'contain' us]

Indeed Cole’s not very ’clandestine’ unit had to move from Charing Cross to Belgravia in 2008, and then on to Royal Parks in 2011
No-one has ever thought PC CX 674 Roger 'Jackboot' Smith who was the 'political Kommisar' who arrived in April 2006, to instruct all the senior police officers, was himself a police officer.
There was the whole rotten original 'Contempt of Court' case and so on still going on then too.

A lawyer had presciently said to us that what was going on at [for example] Charing Cross Police Station towards us was soooooo corrupt, the police station would end up having to be broken up, to try and 'contain' anything like I think it was West Midlands were broken up.

I had consecutively won three massive court cases in a row at Southwark Crown Court in December 2007, including in particular over September 4th 2006 that was 'linked' to many, many other failed 'cases' of theirs.

As far back as September 2006 police were overheard complaining in my ‘void ab initio’ case, they were going to their Federation over ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 because that kind of ‘policing’ against us was the first real political policing of this kind, where it could never be said, we were doing any kind of ‘civil disobedience’ etc.

We had broken up the Charing Cross Police cabal of very serious corruption in two years.
The Chief Superintendent of Charing Cross, Terry the Tosser was shipped out to the East End for several years, until returning for the Royal Wedding.

In December 2005 [following my first unlawful arrest] a police officer from Charing Cross had ‘warned’ me, the ‘police’ were ‘going to make an example’ of me which was odd, but seems to be because I definitively identified I stood alongside and with Brian as a fellow campaigner.

My first unlawful arrest incredibly involved police, CPS and the Judiciary dishonestly saying I could only be a ‘supporter’ who did not hold a banner, but not a fellow campaigner, which of course they were never able to explain.
On September 5th 2006 Charing Cross police had when I was brought out to the van, to be taken to court, over the seriously corrupt business of September 4th 2006, all incredibly stood in their central courtyard actually cheering, when they thought [incorrectly] I was going to prison. That was really surreal, and I just thought what a freak-show doing anything sooooo weird.
September 4th 2006 was seriously COINTELPRO:
... september 4th 2006: it's the most massive lawsuit connected to many others. the person impersonating a police officer attacking me, edited the audio out, but they couldn't hide too many people had seen us/something happening etc
... i was actually trying to get help for steve after they invited us into a corridor [they subsequently claimed had no cctv] and then suddenly attacked steve !! to try and grab his camera and get rid of him, because he was a witness to my going to the police station etc in an early case where it was found the police "never had any evidence" to charge me.

In hindsight, one way or another because it was a march on January 12th 2008, even if we had not gone on it, everyone may well have ended up in Parliament Square, because it only ended up with TSG having a go at Brian and Steve.

 13th december 2007... winning the 'lisbon treaty'...'exclusion' argument


The Info-snores and 'We are Change' dribble is just like MI5 'Indymedia' [where Newnham was a 'moderator'].


'Indymedia' were sticking their heads somewhere, trying to cover up that I said loud and clear in 2006, that we have 'confounded' corporate legislation.


People talked a lot but we did actually walk the talk and do the job, despite the massive disinformation campaign against us.


'Indymedia' actually had the nerve, I kid you not, to dishonestly say that "the crazed attacks on Babs and Steve can sometimes obscure the wider issues of SOCPA 132" [corporate legislation]


may 23rd 2006: we 'confounded' corporate legislation that was a busted flush, when I was unlawfully arrested and released without charge, while everyone stuck their heads in the sand, and talked about anything else, rather than my having a high court jury trial


MI5 'Indymedia' drivel:


...i said loud and clear : i have 'confounded' which was true [the single lever of corporate legislation]


...the obscurantist 'Indymedia' incredibly said "the crazed attacks against Babs and Steve can sometimes obscure the wider issues of SOCPA 132"


In fact, the whole issue MI5 et al were trying to 'obscure' is that it is the single lever of corporate legislation that underpins all corporate war that we proved can be repealed.


It had hardly escaped anyone's attention, that the bogus 'war on terror' had been the pretext to rubber stamp 3000 new pieces of billion dollar corporate legislation for multi-national companies.




Corporate legislation really is the biggest money making racket going.


There's stupid and MI5 pretending to be stupid.


.... the reality is everyone around us was either MI5 or sticking their heads up MI5's arses


Only MI5 could have such a ‘wide latitude’ to publicly and maliciously repeatedly lie about someone over May 25th 2010, in the manner they have, outside a court, while there is a lawsuit against them in the High Court, after they were a busted flush when I formally named them on the High Court record on June 21st 2010.



It was Chris Coverdale who threatened to disappear me on January 20th 2011, after I had named him as an agent provocateur in the High Court on June 21st 2010, which he had never denied in court, which is where he had to do it.

... 'democracy village' had loads of back-up beyond agent provocateur rebecca hall



...  some of the coverdale cavalry arrogantly trying to smash brian and i, where my own 'lawyers' ran after june 21st 2010, so i was illegally denied legal representation


... the ringmaster ?... coverdale put his own name forward... twice


Both the malicious prosecutions do not reflect the true numbers who were really in the MI5 'Democracy Village'.


There was always an absolute 'disconnect' between all the people from all around the world we would meet who were normal people like us, and the MI5 freak-show of very phoney 'liberal' so called 'activists' which was only all about so many lies and distortions.


It is cowardly in extremis to throw every malicious prosecution etc anyone can try and dream up against us [that we always won even in any practical sense really] to try and hide from our lawsuit that began so far back, on May 23rd 2006, really.


For the avoidance of doubt I am saying that no-one who was a genuine member of our Parliament Square Peace Campaign would ever dignify anything Coverdale does as being in any way, genuine.


Chris Coverdale [for example] needs to be before a High Court jury on the court record, answering for what he has done.


Of course it was obviously no simple matter at all for MI5's 'Democracy Village' to try and infiltrate and smash our Parliament Square Peace Campaign, that they never managed to do.


On May 4th 2012, we saw their overt presence off.

There is only considerable evidence they are trying to maliciously pre-empt our August 17th 2011 lawsuit before a High Court jury, against them.

It would simply be impossible for MI5 to explain their ‘photo op’ in France that began on June 21st 2014.


'in [MI5] lethal service'... it's actually the mayor of london case and it's not really a laughing matter what newnham [hat] puckett [orange t-shirt] and veitch are covering up, including over my unlawful arrest on may 25th 2010 either


... veitch's portrayal of the phoney 'sectarian' european military garrison called israel [born in the uk] that only doesn't want free and fair elections across all people, because it would obviously return arab administrative rule

In fact the MI5 'Democracy Village' undercover operation all proves the extraordinary lengths they are willing to illegally go to, in their efforts to try and cover up what they did to this law abiding civilian in police ‘custody’ on September 3rd & 4th 2009.


Not forgetting September 4th & 5th 2006.

MI5 are very clearly seen to be illegally trying to stop my 2011 lawsuit.


.... of course, the one two-faced united nations security council weapons supply line revolving door between all 'politics', 'news' media and 'intelligence' services want to be able to say and do whatever they like to anyone, without any lawsuits like ours.


It is impossible to say the long-running illegal MI5 operation against our Parliament Square Peace Campaign has been any kind of anything remotely resembling a level playing field.


Murdoch et al's 'journalists' are anything but straight talking kinds of guys.


... murdoch's al-baghdadi look-alike emile ghessen is a classic 'democracy village' style example of the revolving doors, between a former 'royal marine'/'journalist'/lethally armed 'activist' for 'kurds'/mercenary for a private army


The unscrupulous 'Democracy Village' undercover operation were exactly like Emile Ghessen, because they would be anything anyone else wanted them to be for money.





Of course it is simple for anyone to understand that the illegal MI5 operation against us, was to try and stop the single lever of corporate legislation that underpins all corporate war being repealed.

The certainty of the rule of law and all corporate legislation [which they have gone into overdrive rubber stamping under the guise of the bogus ‘war on terror’] are mutually exclusive, so where one exists, the other does not.








Please note: Our long-standing civilian resistance that began on June 2nd 2001 is not a 'news' media outlet. We only publish information to help save civilian lives.
The certainty of the rule of law, that exists for the benefit of everyone, does not change to suit any 'politics' or 'news' media.