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It is a self-evident matter of fact that the certainty of the rule of law and corporate legislation that underpins all war are mutually exclusive [incompatible] so you simply cannot have one where the other exists.

It is also strange how a self-conscious suit or two can suddenly look out of place in London and how sometimes of course while some people may be police, that does not mean everyone is.

 ...just released from holloway prison in april 2008 [centre]...i will always be proud to call brian my friend and wow what a real man :)


The Queen is now moving beyond the Parliament Square land grab she began on February 19th 2008 and lost, with the tawdry deal Cameron did in Europe on February 19th 2016, in what is an unfettered power grab in Europe really.


... the 'fremantle' family [my english mother's side of the family etc] are originally lisbon merchants


...we have already won the 13th december 2007 'lisbon' treaty 'exclusion' argument that led to the break up in under two years, of the charing cross 'police' cabal who had been overtly attacking us


It is no ‘co-incidence’ that:

a) of course no-one wanted the same 7/7 Gold Commander who unlawfully arrested me on May 23rd 2006 exposed as a liar before a High Court jury, along with their corporate legislation repealed because that would immediately raise numerous other obvious questions etc


.... the government were a busted flush

Their corporate legislation was a busted flush on May 23rd 2006

b) on February 19th 2008 the unelected Nazi ‘British’ Queen and Phil the Greek began the curious task of trying [and failing] to make a land grab in Parliament Square [that ultimately failed]

18 june 2010:... we didn't know the queen was up to this until a campaign member thought to do a search in 2010, that raised a few eyebrows and then some

c) during the day on February 26th 2008 we had been at Southwark Crown Court in an odd ‘case’ of mine, that kept on getting kicked into the long grass as happened that day too, over corporate legislation that was repealed in March 2012

d) on February 26th 2008, in the evening, the MI6 front Vitol Oil [who are the largest global ‘commodity’ trader who do infiltrate and overthrow governments] had their bagman Alan Duncan MP kidnap me in Parliament Square to eventually ridiculously try and get me deported over an ‘unlawful demonstration’ in Parliament Square.


I was specifically targeted.


What was even more ridiculous about the 'unlawful arrest' was that even by the corporate state's fraudulent corporate legislation at that time, we were an 'authorized' demonstration in Parliament Square.


It was all about the struggle over the single lever of corporate legislation that underpins all war really.




In fact 'Vitol Oil' infiltrate and overthrow governments.


Of course no multi-national corporations want to spend billions buying politicians and elections to have any Jo Public waltz along and force the repeal of their illegal corporate legislation, which is what the whole structure of the corporate state is built upon and turns.


...'unlawful demonstration' where somehow i ended up in prison


At some point the Iraq [and then Libya and Syria] war criminal MI6 Vitol Oil bagman Alan Duncan MP put his clawprint on a perjured 'complaint'.


perjury: duncan's jonathon aitken moment hiding behind the unelected old crone's oil


There's a pretty big scandal over what MI6 Vitol Oil do, so they have sold off Arawak subsidiary in Russia [big hmmm over that] while Duncan has collected a new directorship for MI6 Vitol Oil subsidiary Fujairah Refinery in the UAE




... quelle surprise...non


In April 2008, I was illegally imprisoned without legal representation or trial in Holloway Prison apparently over the Duncan 'case' because they wanted to deport moi, but they couldn’t destroy enough records or find my passport that would they had illegally destroyed records


... duncan's new vitol oil 'directorship' most people would think it's quite a fudge over much, including russia being in the european courts of human right 



... hmmm...grieve and duncan... so zero 'intelligence' then


It's not like Duncan is hiding behind the former Attorney General Grieve or anything.


e) the 'sequence of events' led to this High Court Order on April 16th 2008 [below] that everyone has to this date without lawful excuse refused to ‘comply’ with to actually explain, in legal terms, how I ended up in Holloway Prison without ahem... legal representation or trial


... nobody has ever complied with the high court order to explain the circumstances that only lead back to MI6 [and their Vitol Oil front]


The case involving the High Court Order above is still live proceedings.


I just couldn't believe it when I read the paperwork saying "it seems highly unlikely"


Of course in all legal terms the High Court Order is really against Vitol Oil who really are whatever semantics anyone wants to use an MI6 front.

So all paper trails only lead back to at best MI6 and Alan Duncan which very much explains why there was a repeat performance of imprisoning me without legal representation or trial in Holloway Prison in August 2011 during the decisive MI6 Vitol Oil al-Harati led ‘Battle for Tripoli’in Libya.

There is a very dirty backstory involving a former Labour and current Tory Mayor of London, Livingstone & Johnson in April 2008 also, all of which brings us to:

f) Cameron said on July 19th 2009 that he would ‘remove’ us [anywhere] because he knew he was going to become the next Prime Minister following a ‘hung parliament’ because the undercover MI5 and police operation called ‘Democracy Village’ that arrived on May 1st 2010 was not going anywhere fast.


[refer, further on below, to bogus arrest warrant July 19th 2007 that was 'unusually' executed in a court during proceedings, when the involvement of Special Branch, that no-one could explain was first emerging]


N.B: We found the state's repeated 'reliance' on 'numerology' to be based on the fact that unlike us, they do not live by the certainty of the rule of law

The Labour government and Labour Mayor of London had to have a baton change to a Tory government and Tory Mayor of London, if there was going to be an ‘appearance’ of change for public consumption, while ahem 'Queen and country' and all that went after us, with the Tory Mayor of London's farce that followed on from the Labour Mayor of London's farce in 2007.

g) In all legal terms it is a matter of fact that the undercover operation called ‘Democracy Village’ was a busted flush on May 25th 2010.




There is not a person in the UK who would be remotely surprised about MI5 illegally running an operation against our Parliament Square Peace Campaign, which has been the only long standing law abiding civilian resistance to corporate war, outside the British Houses of Parliament.




Some members of 'Democracy Village' will be MI5, while some will be undercover police and other informants and so on.


.... completely unwarranted: only brian and i are unlawfully arrested


The BBC illegally edited and publish audio of my unlawful arrest, to try and cover up that an agent provocateur from 'Democracy Village' is used @16mins to illegally arrest me, which everyone covers up.




There was an inevitability that when Brian and I combined law abiding 24/7 civilian resistance to war in Parliament Square with repealing the single lever of corporate legislation that underpins all war, that [for example] MI5’s very phoney ‘liberal’ not very ‘activist’ scene would... unravel.







Everyone is on public record as dishonestly covering up an agent provocateur, everyone refused to identify, is illegally used in my unlawful arrest @16mins.


It is known it is absolutely unlawful, to use unidentified people to 'arrest' someone, because that is precisely how the corporate state can use undercover agents as they did here.

[It is possible that the BBC and Cole used the High Court Order soundbite as some kind of insurance policy for themselves, because Cole must have known, I would mention he did not have a High Court Order that he was dishonestly claiming he did have in his witness statement, that I had already complained to his lawyers about, because they obviously need a warrant]

However every jobsworth in Westminster Village knows that I am the one who actually does have the quite extraordinary High Court Order from April 2008, that was very much over the Queen & MI6 trying to make a land grab over corporate legislation.


On June 21st 2010, there was a 'furore' in the High Court which went into meltdown when I began giving my defence by naming agent provocateurs on the court record.


The original paperwork on May 26th 2010, only named one agent provocateur [Rebecca Hall] the Mayor of London was using from 'Democracy Village' to bring his malicious prosecution against Brian and I, that did not even distinguish there were separate campaigns.


may 26th 2010...when agent provocateur no.3 hall was caught out [who was used by mayor of london to front his malicious prosecution to try and cover up agent provocateur no.1 gallastegui and then agent provocateur no. 2. no-name on may 25th 2010] that flushed out others to keep trying to cover up


The Mayor of London had refused to prosecute the ringleaders of 'Democracy Village' who were mostly not 'new' to try and prevent them from facing the lawsuit from us, that eventually ensued in 2011.


...jan 13th 2010 legal proceedings were 'delayed' on april 29th 2010 after i outed just one agent provocateur


Brian and I are the only two real campaigners.


.... on june 21st 2010 the 'democracy village' undercover operation was a busted flush in the high court


On June 21st 2010, the 'Democracy Village' undercover operation, was a busted flush, when the 'judge' refused to let me finish naming agent provocateurs and giving evidence, when he astonishingly threatened me with 'contempt of court' for giving my own defence... before he ran, so i was not found guilty of any 'contempt of court'.


I was not found guilty of any 'Contempt of Court' and the agent provocateurs I had got as far as naming, did not ever deny they were agent provocateurs in the High Court.


23rd june 2010...the evidence is i was then illegally denied legal representation because my 'lawyers'... ran too


I was illegally prevented from giving further evidence etc.


h) this all inevitably eventually resulted in our lawsuit on August 17th 2011 against ‘both houses and black rod’ when Westminster Council were then used to bring another malicious High Court prosecution.


Yet again, some people in ‘Democracy Village’ will be MI5 and some will be undercover police and others just paid informants and so on.


The Mayor of London and Westminster Council lawsuits originally overlapped because Chris Coverdale was trying to cover up that he was a completely busted flush on June 21st 2010, which meant he had to try and run cover for Gallaestegui if they were going to keep trying to pull off their 'Peace Strike'/'Democracy Village'/'Make Wars History' monikers.


Again Brian and I are the only real campaigners who are not any part of 'Democracy Village' etc who everyone else belongs to:


... chris coverdale is the common denominator


It is not really as though the British Parliament are at all bothered about illegally using undercover operations which are far more open and blatant than they care to admit, because just like war, all they have to do is control the courts and 'news' media.


Just because 'news' media lie doesn't mean the people don't know what is going on.


Millions upon millions of law abiding civilians all around the world who were never led by any 'politics' and 'news' media opposed the Iraq War and never changed their minds.


It was Chris Coverdale who put his own name forward twice for the Mayor of London and then Westminster Council lawsuits [where the outcome of the lawsuits changed nothing for him, because he never even stayed in a tent]


It was Chris Coverdale who to tried to cover up the undercover operations used to front both malicious prosecution against us, that included him threatening me on January 20th 2011 that he was going to disappear me [because Nato was going to war with Libya and Syria]


...the 'ringmaster' ?


Murdoch et al know that Coverdale is the typically many monikered  'organizer'/'co-founder' of 'Peace Strike'/'Make Wars History'/'Democracy Village'


... far from legal cover over may 23rd 2006


october 7th 2011...coverdale's 'legend'


Coverdale's 'legend' had always been politicians and the public don't know about the substance of the certainty of the rule of law, while he always distracts people with 'acts' and 'treaties' etc etc [that politicians do know they made]


Of course it has always been a self evident matter of fact and law that the entire British Parliament could not stand on any witness stand in the High Court before a Jury and claim they 'reasonably believed' UN Resolution 1441 gave them any 'authority' to unilaterally act 'on behalf' of the United Nations Security Council to invade Iraq.


The British Parliament 'do not have a recognized defence in law' to the Iraq War.


Chris Coverdale who was an 'organizer' of 'Democracy Village' who had already failed to deny he was an agent provocateur in the High Court when I had managed to get as far as naming him, Simon Moore and Phoenix before the 'Judge' ran on June 21st 2010, while I was standing on the witness stand and Coverdale was in the middle of the front row, in front of me, surrounded by his shite.


...coverdale threatens to disappear me on january 20th 2011 and westminster council slap us with their high court lawsuit on january 21st 2011


We obviously had infiltrators trying to play it both ways, covering up for Coverdale.


No-one who supported what Brian did could possibly ever dignify any of Coverdale's ever changing monikers like 'Peace Strike'/'Make Wars History'/'Democracy Village' as having any credibility.


'make wars history'... coverdale, machon and a belinda mckenzie try and cover up there is no question mark


There is no ? that Brian won the malicious prosecution highlighted on Coverdale et al's 'Make Wars History' because the video footage begins by showing agent provocateurs, typically trying to a) smash Brian's camera in his face, at the very beginning b) that the police then tried to cover up, while c) Coverdale's own agent provocateurs filmed what they did.


All Coverdale et al are very clumsily trying to cover up on 'Make Wars History' is what was another lawsuit against his own agent provocateurs.


There really can be no doubt whatsoever since it was the Queen and MI6 Vitol Oil going after us together over corporate legislation in February 2008, that there will be at least one MI5 officer involved in some ‘capacity’ in the ‘Democracy Village’ undercover operation that began in 2010 and carried on until May 4th 2012.

[In 2007 police were babbling away about ’Special Branch’ in three cases we won in among some very strange circumstances, including I kid you not, getting kidnapped from court by police during proceedings at South Western Magistrates in July 2007, because someone was trying to halt what was starting to coming out in the cases]


19th july 2007...a bogus is true that rather uniquely i was actually incredibly kidnapped from inside a court during proceedings over january 31st 2007 !!! [i won this and all 'connected' malicious prosecutions eventually anyway]


[The really bizarre kidnap from South Western Magistrates had the 'Judge' and everyone completely gob-smacked because it is a Contempt of Court because they could have waited until court ended but I guess the order came from on high.


They had really wanted to shut this case down that involved armed police etc from the Prime Minister's personal security on January 31st 2007, when it became apparent that Special Branch was involved.


This malicious prosecution had run on from another at Camberwell earlier in the same week, where it first emerged that Special Branch was involved. The Metropolitan Police ridiculously made an application for 'public immunity' certificates, so it would have to be heard in a closed court etc, in civil claims, but no hearing has ever been able to take place yet]

The label anyone wears has never personally bothered me much.

i) the British government obviously did a back-flip when our lawsuit was filed on August 17th 2011, that would have to be heard before a High Court jury, because they know [among much] I have a) beaten the Queen over her land grab and b) have a High Court Order against MI6 & now c) a lawsuit against MI5 et al.


... our 'de-fence'


On October 7th 2011, the High Court confirmed that even if Westminster Council withdrew their lawsuit against me, mine against everyone, that went all the way back to May 23rd 2006, would not go away.


The thought of our lawsuit before a High Court jury completely freaked everyone out, because it is impossible one way or another, however they want to play it, for them to stop much being exposed.


Either they have to let me put evidence before a High Court jury or they don't, either of which will prove that they have always been acting illegally.


The real 'conundrum' is that the British Parliament cannot in the first place, find a recognized defence in law to try and stop a High Court jury trial of our lawsuit in public, because it was always so obviously seriously illegal to run any kind of undercover operation against us.







There is a huge difference between 'having an opinion' on anything, and illegally working with the corporate state to try and cover up what people who dishonestly claim they are 'campaigners' are really doing.


october 7th 2011... the very same same day coverdale et al are a busted flush over my lawsuit, he's re-hashing the same lies over the substance of the certainty of the rule of law, saying politicians and people don't know the law.


... june 21st 2014: they love their dates, setting off on what was an anniversary of their being a busted flush in the high court on june 21st 2010, for their tawdry 'photo-op' in france


19th june 2013...nafeez ahmed is in serious trouble for these lies over what he and puckett knew is a high court lawsuit from august 17th 2011 [moore is pictured in what is really 'advertising' in the guardian]


Nafeez Ahmed publishes and circulates an edited video/false account of my unlawful arrest on May 25th 2010.


It would be a little difficult for Nafeez Ahmed & Co to try explaining to a High Court jury, what on earth they thought they were doing trying to cover up their lies in the Guardian in 2013, before traipsing off to... France on June 21st 2014 ??


april 10th 2013: an undercover police operation of another kind, where everyone knew it was absolutely unlawful to use fake numbers to try and hide the identity of a person impersonating a city of london 'police' officer


[In hindsight when City of London 666 'police kidnapped Neil on April 10th 2013 after we left the High Court, and changed their stories about what turned out to be what any reasonable person would know was yet another City of Westminster 'police' bogus 'arrest warrant' it seems everyone was most likely trying to stop any of us leaving the... country.


Again no real paperwork, like witness statements etc, has ever been produced from the police officers involved in plotting that 'operation']


 'dr' nafeez ahmed : most people would probably be surprised if ahmed was not a spy.


Ahmed heads up what has been the many monikered '9/11 We Are Change'/'Kew Village'/ 'Democracy Village' etc Moore/Newnham and Puckett chapters, where he only profits from peddling the whole bogus 'war on terror' wares.


Indeed Ahmed openly admits he whores himself around for the likes of Kissinger, Albright and Murdoch's Atlantic Council.


In fact Nafeez Ahmed can only be seen actively trying to smash genuine campaigners with his fake campaigners, to try and keep the bogus 'war on terror' ticking over, which is a very serious matter indeed.


june 21st 2010... moore and co had actually first tried to attach themselves to us in 2008  as 'we are change' to try and cover up the 7/7 gold commander's involvement in my unlawful arrest on may 23rd 2006


Obviously if Ahmed, Newnham, Moore & Puckett were really 9/11 and 7/7 Truth 'activists' etc which is what they originally dishonestly portrayed they were in 2007, while doing the whole 'lawful rebellion' legal woo, they would have wanted the 7/7 Gold Commander on trial before a High Court jury over his unlawful arrest of me, on May 23rd 2006, but they didn't want that at all.


The first time I ever came across Simon Moore was when Gary and I were removing the previous Mayor of London Uncle Tom Ken Livingstone's illegal fences in Parliament Square in 2007, which Gary and I had a 'habit' of lawfully doing all the time.


Moore just turned up out of the blue, when we were doing that one time and sort of hung around from time to time going on about their 'We are Change' which wasn't much interest to us, because they weren't doing anything to help us or indeed anyone, while we really were changing much.


The whole 'lawful rebellion' legal woo distraction is very selfish at best I'm okay if I get lucky Jack, because it isn't about the repeal of the single lever of corporate legislation, for the benefit of everyone, and most importantly to save human life.


They only ever really wanted to impose what they wanted us to be doing, on us.


We always consistently stayed upholding the certainty of the rule of law.


We didn't even subscribe to [and never had any need to] the whole sausage machine of 'civil disobedience' which is just something 'intelligence' services really have long inculcated into the lexicon of the torpor that then inevitably hangs over much 'activism'.


Indeed we would never have survived so many years on the front line, if we had followed the distractions of 'civil disobedience' or 'lawful rebellion'.


june 21st 2010: gareth newnham was the one who anonymously 'leaked' the kennedy 'undercover' distraction for the guardian in september 2010, via another of his monikers as a 'moderator' at the free for all 'indymedia.


The purpose of the Kennedy undercover 'leak' in September 2010, was to try and give some credibility to the long discredited House-mans one stop filth shop in Kings Cross, London, who regularly spawn undercover inventions like 'Democracy Village'.


By September 2010, the British Parliament were freaking out that their 'Democracy Village' had not wiped us out and they were desperate to keep us away from a High Court jury.


The war mongering Guardian sponsored 'undercover inquiry' is nothing more than a butt covering exercise over what slithers through House-mans which has zero credibility.


There's considerable sums of money being thrown around to try and cover up what has really been going on. lame rip-offs for 'public consumption' covering up and sanitizing the truth about MI5 et al, where what be so much more real, is our filming and publishing our High Court lawsuit before a ...jury... for free !!


The 'undercover' government funded 'movie' unsurprisingly looks pretty stupid because it is a matter of fact it was the likes of the BBC who illegally edited and published audio they got from the Metropolitan Police on May 25th 2010 to try and cover up 'Democracy Village' was a busted flush when everyone refused to name the agent provocateur used to unlawfully arrest me.


'equity'...'fun'... the extremely vulgar rip off brigade: all about making money


All very Wallinger-esque where Mark Wallinger [who is very much a Queen's 'curator' along the lines of Anthony Blunt] took £90,000 + from the British government to rip us off in January 2007, with 'State Britain' lies, where they installed evidence of Genocide in Tate Britain to stomach churningly 'argue' over whether Genocide was 'Art'.


Most of the accompanying 'undercover inquiry' websites are Soros sock-puppets etc.


Of course they want to disguise our lawsuit, because no-one could explain before a High Court jury, what [for example] MI5 who are really behind the operation against us, are doing.


When you stick with the certainty of the rule of law, that most law abiding civilians do every day, the corporate state, can only tell whatever lies they like away from a High Court jury, that cannot change your direction or shut you down.




I made it clear to Blair's 'biographer' Rent-a-tool et al, that despite lies and 'rumors' we had not 'retired'.


Ultimately all the whole bogus 'undercover inquiry' etc is covering up too, is that it is only state violence that is illegally stopping law abiding civilians bringing successful legal challenges in courts of law to end corporate war.


june 21st 2010... agent provocateur 'no name' no 2 [woman on right with hat and in 'fatigues'] who was also an original 'organizer' of 'democracy village' was still sitting comfortably in parliament square, because the mayor of london refused to prosecute her in his efforts to try and avoid lawsuits against these people


Obviously because everyone knew I would name agent provocateurs in legal proceedings in courts of law, after I named agent provocateur number 1, they refused to name agent provocateur number 2.


There were soooo many people from House-mans threatening me over exposing just one, agent provocateur number 1. Gallastegui.


guardian interfering in a high court lawsuit... with the 'eventually connect' bull, which are not the kind of lies nafeez ahmed et al would dare repeat in the high court before a jury, let alone with his cv


... ahmed banged to rights as a 'producer' saying what they could not say before a jury in the high court



It was Coverdale who had the nerve to approach me in 2009 and ask if he could 'manage' the police torturing and attempting to murder me in Belgravia Police Station in September 2009, which I declined for him to do, and is why I named an agent provocateur in January 2010, to try and save our lives.




Both Ahmed and Coverdale definitely know that it is my interview tape and CCTV from September 3rd & 4th 2009 that they don't want the police to hand over to me either.




My interview tape and footage from September 3rd & 4th September 2009 that does exist that the Metropolitan refuse to hand over to me, in my lawsuit, is being illegally covered up.


On September 3rd 2009, what could only have been a seriously violent 'intelligence' operation caught on CCTV [not dissimilar to January 31st 2007 when two police officers pushed me from behind into the roadway, before armed police, trenchcoats and cameras appeared and I was unlawfully arrested to cover up what happened] went badly wrong in Parliament Square.


That 'intelligence operation' was also witnessed by independent members of the public who came forward with witness statements to the ...police. My interview tape before the police attacked me in police custody, at Belgravia Police Station, covers my essentially questioning the use of 'intelligence' agents.


The British Parliament always knew they were going to lose our lawsuit, before it had begun because they had never had any 'recognized defence in law'.


.... very dirty deeds: we have never seen a shred of 'official' paperwork from this illegal 'police' operation


... well, i sure wasn't the one who called up coverdale and nafeez amhed's...puckett to 'film' the illegal raid on our parliament square peace campaign, where their 2013 'hit piece' missed out this 'chapter' where i made the 's.a.s' look soft when i was the one illegally left without shelter standing my ground against the british parliament

So the British government prepared a two-pronged assault with old legislation before it was repealed and new corporate legislation to create an unprecedented extraordinary legal vacuum against us by illegally putting a ‘stay’ on our lawsuit in March 2012, so they could carry on doing whatever they wanted.


... perplexed plod: how did babs know etc ?


They failed to use the old legislation before it was repealed against us [which would not have made that much difference if they had anyway] after I get a tip off, which threw the police completely.

j) Cameron agrees the tawdry EU deal on February 19th 2016, for his illegal unfettered Europe wide corporate power grab in Brexit hoax on June 23rd 2016 [I was exposing how definitely MI5’s vulgar Gareth Newnham was trying to hijack our Parliament Square Peace Campaign on June 23rd 2011 after Brian died]



...the 'public policy' ballyhoo...the tawdry article 50 lisbon treaty deal that is not legally binding....this is the unfettered power grab all european politicians want whichever way the brexit goes [because the british parliament will do a corporate deal whichever way anyway]

I certainly never set out to get a High Court Order against MI6 or the lawsuit against MI5 et al, which are obviously an uphill struggle and then some, but no law abiding member of the public should ever have to be any kind of doormat to the corporate state.

All was very much a consequence of our very honestly upholding the certainty of the rule of law to force the repeal of corporate legislation.


The repeal of the entire single lever of all corporate legislation, really would end corporate war for the benefit of everyone, which is a completely stand on it’s own, whoever is saying it, truth.




This much law abiding civilians will admit is true.








Please note: Our long-standing civilian resistance that began on June 2nd 2001 is not a 'news' media outlet. We only publish information to help save civilian lives.
The certainty of the rule of law, that exists for the benefit of everyone, does not change to suit any 'politics' or 'news' media.