Day 3450: Friday 12th November 2010

In the wake of Conservative and Lib Dem coalition proposals to radically increase the 'cost' of 'education', at least 50,000 students consciously woke up Westminster Village, this week, when they selflessly marched for future generations of students & 'education'. 

The student demo highlighted yet again the interconnected nature of national and international issues in an unbalanced world run by a global community of big business, where what is absent, is any effective system of justice to protect the people everywhere.

What was striking at one level, was that while media and government remain callously indifferent to reigning down "shock and awe" in violent attacks on innocent civilians in places like Baghdad, a little closer to home, they dared to feign "shock and horror" as they wailed over broken windows in one building in a targeted occupation of Tory HQ, in Millbank Tower, next to MI5.

'Middle England' was however, apparently largely unapologetic in standing up to the Westminster bullies in 'government', who sought to distract from the important issues students' brought to their attention.

The students convincingly put forward 'education' as something people really want and 'need', as opposed to perhaps the celebrity culture of big business which is probably superfluous and irrelevant to human progress.

And I wondered, in the pursuit of human progress/humanity, what is the use of reasonable force in self defence, to protect yourself, and others, from the state who nowadays not only will casually do away with 'education', but your life, since they do go so far as to murder anyone anywhere with impunity, in order to impose whatever economic policies big business effectively choose?

City Police & Waterloo.

Barriers to Human Progress.

And the Police helicopter always makes everyone say..."so pigs can fly."

Luke Griffin: (from "my new campaign is against Brian Haw") practising being a police photographer.

Media guy doing his thing.

and so, like a breath of fresh air, 50,000 students wake up Westminster Village.

Knowledge: Students march selflessly for students in the future.

Cuts to human the message from government, if you want to think...leave the country....

Students continuing on to Millbank Tower & Conservative Party HQ.

Beware of Government Trolls, out and about. The camera shy, fascist above is in fact, from the so called 'Democracy Village'/Peace Strike, who on the State Opening of Parliament, on 25th May 2010, came over to make a 'complaint'. Madam complained to the police over my arguing with the police during an illegal search of our campaign, that was none of her business. With her 'assistance' the police could 'arrest' me to cover up footage and a police witness statement I was showing, where a police officer (an Acting Inspector Cole) had lied that there was a High Court 'direction' that we 'comply' with illegal searches.

During the student march this Wednesday, I warned students to be careful around Madam, to which she arrogantly claimed to incredulous students, that she had made a 'complaint' to have me 'arrested', (and held for thirty hours !!) because I had "offended a Democracy Village dog". Keep digging dear !

....DV poo and well DV poo...

Above left, is what Democracy Village 'dogs' used to leave behind. DV deliberately trained their dogs to leave their excrement by our tents, which while intended to annoy us etc, did not actually make Parliament Square a nice environment for families and their children. Well, the government are trying to shut down Parliament Square by any means available.

Above right, holding the camera is Maria Gallestegui, the Head Honcho of the shape - shifting DV/Peace Strike, Bowel "Movement" (who will 'control' anything for anyone, meaning for example that you don't have to do anything, because the government do not want you to do anything) who was also long ago outed as working for the government.

Regular readers will only need one guess what she was filming me saying. That "the reason she has never  - publicly - told the truth that prior to 1st May 2010, (before she thought/needed to recruit the homeless), she left her far from 24/7 'campaign' completely unattended with the agreement of the police, (which logically proved that no-one needed to be 'searched' or have 'conditions' arbitrarily imposed on their campaign), is because she works for the government. After all, any genuine 'campaigner' would have come clean, long ago, and certainly as state abuse of others, through illegal 'searches', 'conditions' and 'arrests', continued. Gallestegui will continue of course with the assistance of the state, to do her best to avoid being 'cross examined' in any open/public court.

Flourescent Yellow Christmas Decorations in Westminster?

Friends of the Peace Strike/ Bowel 'Movement' arrive...


The Bowel 'Movement' who are also 'campaigning' to get rid of me too, yet again....ask police if they could 'arrest' me...
Frankly, I can't see the difference between the Bowel Movement & Plod....
Whatever 'Democracy' is, neither do 'Justice'.

Meanwhile in Westminster Tube Station: Anyone for a Poppy?

What we really need is an effective universal system of justice to protect the people everywhere.

Babs Tucker xx