Day 3441: Wednesday 3rd November 2010.

In cynical political manouevrings that beggar belief, a US 'military tribunal' has convicted Omar Khadr, a child soldier of 'war crimes'.

Omar Khadr was kidnapped by the Americans, in 2002, when he was fifteen years old, following a battle, in Afghanistan, which was where he had lived since 1996. Omar was then tortured and held without trial in Guantanamo Bay for eight years.

President Obama signed a 'Military Commissions' Act in 2009, that recently brought Omar before a 'military tribunal' in the U.S, where he was of course found 'guilty', by the US military, of 'war crimes'.

While the US government knew that child soldiers, for example cannot be tried under international law, because they are classed as victims of war, the US used their own 'military tribunal', because the US government knew that it would be the actions of the US government, who are engaged in an illegal occupation of Afghanistan, that would come under scrutiny in any International Criminal Court.

I remember that it was when the 'case' of Omar Khadr came to light that I really thought 'government's' could stick what they call 'Democracy' where the sun doesn't shine.

It will never be 'Democracy' to kidnap, torture and dump without trial the body of a fifteen year old boy in Guantanamo Bay.

The 'military tribunal' that has now taken place, many years later, can be seen for what it is.

A quick political fix.

Babs Tucker.