We have compiled a “rough cut”... work in progress, of how the British Parliament first built an undercover operation called ‘Democracy Village’ to use against us, that began on 1st May 2010, where the police are shown using an agent provocateur from ‘Democracy Village’ to unlawfully arrest Babs on 25th May 2010.

The synchronized footage from police cameras and our own camera [that the police in their arrogance did not ever check/realize was still running after our unlawful arrests] exposes 'Acting' Inspector Cole creating a distraction to unlawfully arrest Brian and the plan to use an unidentified agent provocateur from 'Democracy Village' to unlawfully arrest Babs.


...exposing how politicians, news media and... police are quite literally laughing behind your back as the corporate state rakes in your money, in their bogus war on terror








... mega money changed hands with the BBC & MET Police illegally editing and maliciously publishing audio to hide !! MI5 Democracy Village were the 'complainant' in my unlawful arrest at 'State Opening' on 25 May 2010 , while ASIO Assange ran cover... via the same MSM...

[The incontrovertible evidence is the Commissioner of the MET Police et al did know since 14 September 2006, they could not keep trying to maliciously prosecute after the original "void ab initio"]





in their own september 2010, the tory mayor of london actually filed this...admission from the filth [in his malicious prosecution in the high court] that they needed to show reasonable grounds to get a warrant, [we did not claim people were sleeping] that was made in...2007 involving the previous labour mayor of london [to make sure labour and the tories continued working together]


The Tory and Labour party have always worked together horse-trading with each other, while we just have the goods on both.


[N.B: The British Parliament used s17(1)e PACE Act 1984, to try and cover up we had beaten s 132-138 SOCPA 2005. The Mayor of London and Westminster Council used 'Democracy Village' to try and cover up we had beaten s 132-138 SOCPA 2005 & s17(1)e PACE Act 1984.


The British Parliament then invented s 141-150 Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011, to try and cover up we forced the repeal of s 132-138 SOCPA 2005, and had beaten s17(1)e PACE Act 1984, 'Democracy Village', Mayor of London & Westminster Council with the counterclaim in HQ11X00563 !]



It is very obvious from the footage, that when Brian says he is going to go into his tent to film police searching, that 'Acting' Inspector Cole then starts trying to create a distraction to unlawfully arrest Brian.


The entire footage shows that Brian and Babs have not stopped police searching any tents.


In fact, once Babs has got out 'Acting' Inspector Cole's witness statement showing he has lied, no attempt is made to search that tent, while Brian and Babs are present.


When our camera is still running after our arrests, it shows Acting Inspector Cole who is walking around with our camera still running, ...thanking the agent provocateur who refers to him as...sir, (for helping him unlawfully arrest Babs) making it more than likely that the agent provocateur is an undercover police officer.

MI5 are unlikely to refer to police as sir, but a junior police officer would.

Of course most people know that undercover operations can include all manner of commercial interests too.


The entire footage shows police planned to actively use and try to not identify the agent provocateur involved in Babs unlawful arrest.


Acting Inspector Cole did not ever check a) our camera was off or b) the tape, because in his arrogance, as the footage shows, he always intended to just charge us with whatever he liked (without ever interviewing us etc etc etc, of which any footage, including ours would only get in the way of) so he had no wish or need to look at our tape and indeed only takes it because the police camera team suggest he does.


We were never interviewed, so the police had to return the tape to Brian when he was released, because they weren't using it for anything.


All the police assumed our camera stopped filming when the side is closed after Babs arrest.


None of the footage helps the police in any way, so it was only ever about trying to imprison us without legal representation or trial etc etc etc

It is a matter of public record that the likes of the Daily Mail went ‘undercover’ with ‘Democracy Village’, without being ‘joined’ by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, in his malicious prosecution against Brian and Babs and our quite different long standing Parliament Square Peace Campaign.




...the british parliament's 'democracy village' really was a mirror image of 'both houses and black rod' [ie: the entire british parliament]

The agent provocateur used in Babs arrest is clearly trained in that role because after Babs unlawful arrest the agent provocateur ‘complainant’ from ‘Democracy Village’ makes provocative comments in support of the police lying, saying Babs should be ‘disciplined’ and ‘there are dogs around’, ya da ya da ya da.


The modus operandi of 'Democracy Village' is classic straight out of Stasi handbook 101.

It seems more than likely from our information that Parliament Square had been closed to the public prior to our arrests because the British government needed to be sure only ‘Democracy Village’ ghouls would be ‘witnesses’.

It is apparent that police had been illegally listening in to our phone calls, because they came earlier to try and avoid anyone else from our Parliament Square Peace Campaign witnessing our arrests.

The agent provocateur is also heard on our camera Cole is holding supporting police by actively telling everyone Brian had been obstructing the police.


In fact the video footage says Brian is going to open his tent and go inside and film the police searching.


The agent provocateur deliberately interferes in the search of our Parliament Square Peace Campaign with ALL her comments.

There is a deliberate concerted effort to cover up that S17(1)e PACE Act 1984 is being illegally used to conduct overt and covert police operations.

The undercover operation called ‘Democracy Village’ will have been set up under the auspices of S17(1)e PACE Act 1984, which is what is really illegally used when the British government have no legislative powers against law abiding civilians.

The RIPA, and DRIPA Bills ‘news’ media 'surveillance' roadshow, are a political circus to disguise the unwarranted illegal use of S17(1)e PACE Act 1984 against law abiding members of the public.

What is apparent and becomes more apparent through the footage is the deliberate intention of the police to try and hide the true identity of the alleged ‘complainant’ from ‘Democracy Village’ against Babs.

Indeed it is a matter of public record that ‘Democracy Village’ went to substantial lengths to cover up their actual role in Babs unlawful arrest at their Grand ‘Police State Opening’.

‘Democracy Village’ never admitted their role and always sought to pass themselves off as our Parliament Square Peace Campaign.

All that is known about the agent provocateur is that she was one of a number of original ‘organizers’ of ‘Democracy Village’ the Mayor of London did not prosecute, while maliciously prosecuting Brian and Babs.

The primary role of the agent provocateur involved in Babs unlawful arrest on 25th May 2010, was to buy copious amounts of alcohol from the Tesco’s by Westminster Tube Station, for members of ‘Democracy Village’.

The British government did use people from the local homeless shelters and eventually used ‘Democracy Village’ as a bail hostel for dangerous criminals who could not be housed anywhere, probably because the British government could claim it was under 24/7 surveillance.

There is evidence the agent provocateur who was involved in Babs unlawful arrest was around for a substantial time, trying to get Babs arrested again, while the Mayor of London’s malicious prosecution, was ongoing.

The police camera footage and footage from our camera after our arrests, on May 25th 2010, shows that the police had obviously been instructed to not identify the agent provocateur on video, while our camera shows Cole admitting the police will not identify the complainant, and the police camera team ridiculously suggesting police could rely on audio.

It is obvious that the police know they would have to identify a 'complainant' who would have to give a witness statement and appear in court, to be cross examined.

This is to prevent police just ahem...illegally using undercover police officers posing as members of the public, to unlawfully arrest people.

The police could not have ever ‘reasonably believed’ the cases would ever go to trial, but the evidence shows they definitely did want to cover up the identity of the agent provocateur [in terms of damage limitation in inevitable civil claims]

What has not yet been disclosed is the police briefing that all the police officers who were not all local, will have attended, because it is obvious that the police needed a warrant in what was one of many pre-planned police operations that was not linked to any emergency.


'ivory towers':...making sure the whole filthy rotten criminal food chain...of 'command'/'deck of cards' stealing taxpayers money, couldn't slither out of anything pretending, they didn't know there wasn't any warrant.

The video also provides evidence that Acting Inspector Cole and other police officers who are not local, were trying to cover up there are two quite separate campaigns in Parliament Square, not one.

It is a matter of public record that ’Democracy Village’ obviously denied all involvement in Babs unlawful arrest, in collaboration with the BBC who illegally edited audio from the police, that they published with the specific intention of removing the involvement of ‘Democracy Village’.

It is worthwhile to remember given all that has happened, that ’Democracy Village’ could not have continued if the true circumstances of who was involved in Babs unlawful arrest at the Grand Opening of ‘Democracy Village’ at the Police State Opening, had been published by the BBC.


The BBC lie about what was said during...Babs arrest to try and conflate it with Brian's arrest, to try and disappear the involvement of the agent provocateur from 'Democracy Village'.




'phoenix' (who is shown in our video with a yellow jacket and longish blond dreadlocks} is one of the 'organizers' from 'democracy village' who has a long history as a rotten egg, government agent, used to try and take over, or front much [then set up 'Bank of Ideas' as part of 'Occupy London'/'Occupy Democracy' get how it goes]


Obviously if the BBC had published the true account of Babs arrest, once the public had stopped splitting their sides with laughter over the police state claiming it could 'arrest' and 'discipline' Babs for pointing out the state's criminality is shit, they would have realized this.


The whole MI5 Democracy Village was a busted flush that could not have continued. [They also hid that MI5 Democracy Village were the 'complainant' in Brian's unlawful arrest on 8 August 2010]


Cole and the agent provocateur/s were trying to cover up that the British government had 'delayed' a s17(1)e PACE act 1984 trial involving another...  agent provocateur, to...bring in an entire 'village' of.... agent provocateurs.


It is the STASI style unwarranted S17(1)e PACE Act 1984 that is really being illegally used against all law abiding civilians.


13.01.2010: it was not like anyone did not know what the british government was running from after they tortured and attempted to murder babs in 2009


Cole’s conversation with fellow police officers, after the arrest of Brian and Babs on May 25th 2010, makes it clear that the police know they are acting illegally over searches, because Acting Inspector Cole claims to be acting under ‘advice’ from the police legal department, that could not include lying.

It becomes clear that the police dishonestly claimed they had a High Court Order that they did not, to try and purport it effectively substituted a warrant, they could never get.


london evening standard...only two veterans kidnapped, long before the unelected old crone rocked past.


...the london evening standard cropped the 'democracy village' agent provocateur involved in babs' unlawful arrest, who is the black woman on the right.


What they were ALL really trying to do with the complicity of our ‘own’ lawyers was as usual, trying to stop High Court jury civil claims.


25th may 2010: the corporate advertisers in the london evening standard rag that they have to give away, were wont to do multi-page spreads...["the 'democracy village'...'umbrella' for stop the war coalition" et al]...'plane stupid' never campaigned in parliament square itself, but did go on the roof of the houses of parliament as a distraction, when cole and alan duncan unlawfully arrested babs, steve and ant to desperately try and cover up the vitol oil scandal in february 2008

Of particular concern and what was hugely illegal was the British government and ‘news’ media trying to endlessly ‘join’ us in far from legal High Court proceedings over many years, with their own undercover operations.

The very next day after our unlawful arrests, the Mayor of London was using the government’s ’Democracy Village’ to maliciously prosecute Brian and Babs in the High Court, over alleged ‘trespass’ before Westminster Council joined in overlapping High Court proceedings.


The Tory Mayor et al (ie: all 'political' sides) were hoping to disguise the massive undercover operation done under the guise of S17(1) e PACE Act 1984.

In fact undercover operations extend far beyond the odd undercover police officer, to include all manner of commercial interests and these were no ordinary legal proceedings.

It was extraordinary for two law abiding civilians, to face not one, but two malicious…High Court prosecutions, at the same time, from purportedly different public authorities, using the same undercover operation called ‘Democracy Village’ and worse while Brian was dying from cancer.

What was exceptional about the undercover operation called ‘Democracy Village’ was the size of the campaign that was waged against Brian and Babs, with the complicity of ‘news’ media to try and pull it off.


Everyone was repeatedly trying to 'join' our Parliament Square Peace Campaign with 'Democracy Village', happily 'forgetting' the...very serious High Court legal proceedings.





“We’re disassociated from that lot,” says a gruff chap in his sixties, sat amidst the placards opposite the Houses of Parliament, pointing along to his right at a line of three tents.


“We are the Brian Haw Peace Campaign. We’ve been here ten years.

The “they” to which he, who would not give his name, refers, are the remnants of Democracy Village, the peace camp set up after the May Day protests last year, which filled the square....

“Everyone knows that lot, Democracy Village, was set up in there,” says the nameless gentlemen, this time pointing over the road to the Palace of Westminster, “to use as an excuse to clear us all out. They are establishment agents.”

At the peak of Democracy Village’s “occupation” of the square last summer, the protestors garnered considerable negative publicity.


The camp became increasingly popular with alcoholics and drug-takers...

In that context, it is not so surprising that Babs Tucker, Brian Haw’s number two, told television crews that “They are not our anti-war campaign.” But even with that element now long gone....



The Independent [for example] blithely tried to gloss over the most serious abuse which is the British government, illegally using an undercover operation to proceedings, that were in the High Court, that Babs did win, where none, were..."long gone"...


Obviously Babs would have to be beyond stupid, to agree to be 'joined' in any way including proceedings with 'Democracy Village' when the 'Police State Opening of Parliament' video shows they openly said during their involvement in Babs unlawful arrest by police, on 25th May 2010, that Babs should be 'disciplined' by the police, for exposing police acting illegally.


The 'Democracy Village' was a re-incarnation of the Stasi.


The wheels came flying off the seriously dirty ’Democracy Village’ undercover carriage, when no thanks to dirty lawyers, Babs came across a 50p secondhand law book in a Russell Square book fair, and filed a counterclaim in the High Court.

[In fact, although Babs counterclaim has yet to be settled, Westminster Council while trying to duck and dive all over the place, withdrew their malicious claim against Babs on May 4th 2012, in an admission they never had a genuine claim]

[N.B: When Brian and Babs had fired Bindmans Solicitors in 2009, then Bindmans simple re-appeared ‘representing’ the undercover operation ‘Democracy Village’ from 2010 onwards, who we were ‘joined’ to in far from legal proceedings while Birnberg Peirce who ‘represented’ us before running knew there was an undercover operation and never tried to file a counterclaim]

The disreputable actions of so called ‘human rights’ lawyers in the corporate money merry go-round explains why the role of McKenzie Friends must be formally extended, to include for example, access to police stations.

In August 2011, the British government unlawfully imprisoned Babs in Holloway Prison, without legal representation or trial, using the false pretext of the unlawful arrests over the illegal searches, thinking that would finish off the Parliament Square Peace Campaign, after Brian’s death in June 2011.


...the british government are very dirty dogs of war indeed

The British government intended to use Babs unlawful imprisonment in Holloway over the illegal searches, as an ‘opportunity’ to try and rush through a ruling in the Westminster Council High Court claim, while Babs was imprisoned, because a ‘defence’ to the WCC claim had to be filed while Babs was illegally imprisoned.

The British government were suitably shocked when Steve Jago was nevertheless able to file Babs ‘defence’ in the High Court for her, in her ‘absence’.

The ‘defence’ which was actually the mother of all counterclaims, has not yet been settled, because what was really going on, was so dirty.

Of course Westminster Council are no stranger to scandals, having been involved in the ‘Dame’ Shirley Porter, Tory votes for homes scandal.

A person inside Westminster Council told us in 2012, that all their legal department budget was being used to try and get rid of our Parliament Square Peace Campaign, so there were certainly large brown envelopes flying all over the place, because the ‘legal department’ weren’t actually...doing anything.


There never was any 'evidence' against us to support their malicious High Court prosecution.

Indeed when Babs had confronted the former Tory Leader of Westminster Council Mr Colin Barrow-boy, grandstanding on NBC about us in early 2011, and pointed out he had no errr...evidence in his malicious claim against us, he lamely said, Babs wouldn’t go if he asked her to !

Our video, which is a work in progress, contributes to helping people understand that undercover operations are far, far larger than they are led to believe, because they are directly run by ‘politicians’, who only work for a huge array of vested corporate interests.

The counterclaim ultimately leads directly back to the Prime Minister’s door (although of course many others of all ‘political’ shades were involved) because Cameron got commercial support on the basis of what was his very unusual public statement that he would illegally use the most senior public office to try and ‘remove’ our Parliament Square Peace Campaign)




It’s hardly a level playing field of any kind, when the ‘office’ of Prime Minister is used to try and enable the entire apparatus of the state to try and violently smash our Parliament Square Peace Campaign of civilians.


It's not like we are Arthur Scargill and his massive union, that Thatcher vowed she would smash.

Cameron's public statement gives people some idea of the sheer scale of the war Westminster Village ‘politics’ has waged against our Parliament Square Peace Campaign, for no other reason than just because we are law abiding civilians.

What is illuminating is how the election in 2010 must have really been decided, because their ‘Democracy Village’ began on May 1st 2010, when it must have already been known that the Con-Dem Tory/Lib Dem ‘coalition’ would ‘win’.

A Labour government would have looked utterly ridiculous and then some backing a Tory Mayor of London roadshow, that actually followed in the foot-steps of the previous Labour Mayor of London, Uncle Tom not so Stop the War, Ken Livingstone who had failed to remove us in 2007.



[Boris' Tory mouthpiece, Andrew Gilligan actually covered up that Uncle Tom Livingstone had Brian and Babs unlawfully arrested which is part of a High Court jury civil claim]




While it was pathetic that the Tory Mayor of London Boris Johnson ultimately tried to portray his wife as a human rights ‘lawyer’ to try and ‘defend’ him against Babs in the London Evening Standard, it is indicative of just how personal and vindictive all ‘politics’ really is towards defence-less civilians.

In fact, the best the British government of all political shades, could hopelessly ever try and do was try and surround and isolate us, which could still never change and control or take-over the direction of what has always been, our law abiding Parliament Square Peace Campaign civilian resistance.


....despite the police stealing this banner in august 2011, everyone always knew the truth

Behind all the smoke and mirrors of the rally for more war, lie so many obviously lawless ‘politics’ of all shades who still persist with the criminal cry that they can simply ‘vote’ to murder any civilians they like for corporate interests.

Their ‘fears’ are based on a real shift forwards where law abiding civilians are peacefully in increasing numbers significantly turning their backs on the unsurpassed greed of all corporate ‘politics’ in so very many different ways now.

The world and civilian populations really are not at all like ‘politics’ and ‘news’ media try to portray.

The illegal Iraq War has irrevocably defined the times we live in, so that all corporate ‘politics’ now know that civilian populations are not going to be forever artificially divided and ruled by any of the two-faced ‘politics’ of the UNSC weapons supply line.

Please note: Our long-standing civilian resistance that began on June 2nd 2001 is not a 'news' media outlet. We only publish information to help save civilian lives.