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The Curious "Case" of the Irish Neo Nazi
(footage to follow)

Day 3431  Sunday 24th October 2010

In a book called McMafia, the author, Misha Glenny quotes the former Director of the CIA, James Woolsey who said in 1999:
"If you should happen to strike up a conversation with an articulate English speaking Russian, in, say, the restaurant of one of the luxury hotels along Lake Geneva, and he is wearing a $3,000 suit and a pair of Gucci loafers, and he tells you that he is an executive of a Russian trading company and wants to talk to you about a joint venture, then there are four possibilities.

1. He may be what he says he is.
2. He may be a Russian intelligence officer working under commercial cover.
3. He may be part of a Russian organized crime group.

4. But the really interesting possibility is that he may be all three
- and that none of those three institutions have any problem with that arrangement."

Around 1am on Sunday morning, when members of Brian Haw's Parliament Square Peace Campaign were sitting quietly enjoying a chat and a cup of warm tea, a commotion started up in the neighbouring Peace Strike / Democracy Village Camp. Three male members of the Peace Strike were present when a male best described as an Irish Neo Nazi, started an argument that he soon escalated into a series of assaults.

The three male members of Peace Strike were unable for reasons only they know to move the one man on etc. Two seemed to be in the main watching the third one being quite viciously assaulted time and again, without really doing anything. It seemed as though pro-war had met pro-war, but the problem was that one of the pro war sides couldn't let on to the other pro war, passing by that they were in fact also pro-war, so on the same side.

So despite the fact that we do not approve of the government run campaign alongside us, that is variously called Peace Strike/Democracy Village, three members of Brian's crew did what any decent and civilised people would do, and went along to prise Irish off the member of Peace Strike/Democracy Village who was being quite viciously assaulted. This was eventually achieved and Irish naturally started to have a rant and a go at us as well.

Apparently Irish who gave an appearance of being drunk and disorderly, didn't like "Pakis", Australians, women or generally speaking pretty much anyone. He did however like the UK Prime Minister David Cameron and the Ulster Unionists and considered himself a right wing extremist. And most of all he wanted war.

His underlying theme seemed to be that if you wanted Peace, then he would wage War against you. Obviously the kind of guy that every arms dealer etc. loves.

He was obviosuly brought up in the school of thought that believes that violence should be used as a means to control people. People like Irish, resort to violence because they understand that most people just want to live in peace and get on with their lives, so the only way you can try to assert some form of control over what is actually natural, which is to want to live in peace, is to use violence.

Irish finally came unstuck when after repeated attempts to assault our Eddie, along with the ubiquitous verbal abuse of Babs, he finally grabbed hold of our Debs and tried to punch her, before punching our Eddie. Edde then bravely used reasonable minumum force under Section 3(1) of the Criminal Law Act 1967 to calmly restrain Irish, from causing further physical harm.

The Mayor of London Boris' private security looked on, making sure no doubt the grass remained safe.

Babs then called the police on 999 at 1.07am requesting that the police attend Parliament Square to collect the troublesome cargo who was otherwise going to get rather chilly on the pavement.

When plod arrived, as if on cue, Irish came out with the now well familiar line that everyone had attacked 'poor' innocent him, who was just passing by. The cowardice of such people, in trying to cause further trouble and inconvenience by getting people who were minding their own business arrested etc, really is quite incredible.

Police took some statements and said they would refer it to the CPS, along with the CCTV, and gave us the look as they said the CPS would obviously make a decision. Indeed.

I am sure it would be a revealing case that would be very interesting.

After the police faded away, the three members of Peace Strike / Democracy Village, did likewise, as they toddled off leaving their campaign completely unattended.

Several hours later, around 3.30am a group of tossers who are clearly similarly indifferent to the realities of the world around them, came past shooting a music video.

irish neo nazi communication signal

irish neo nazi gets arrested in parliament square

irish neo nazi being taken away in parliament square.

Boris' private security looking on,"protecting" the errr...grass !!

our eddie

just wandered off.

3.30am Sunday morning in Parliament Square. Such is the ever changing landscape of Westminster.

the twilight zone.

Babs Tucker x

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!