On January 31st 2007, an extraordinary event unfolded in Parliament Square, London that showed and led to successive Prime Ministers after Tony Blair who first ordered the 'hit' being followed by Gordon Brown and David Cameron based on each knew what the other had done.


The British Parliament have always been most terrified of the ability of the quiet revolution of our own civilian resistance to slap down the corporate state’s legislation and take back the power stolen from civilian populations, to put the regime on trial through High Court juries.


31st january 2007: it turned out it was 'a hit' ordered by the british prime minister tony blair


The whole point of civilian resistance is to take action to stop the violent state, instead of being a merely observational protest.


In the months following January 31st 2007, what was exposed was that Prime Minister Tony Blair had first put together a hit team around that time including police officers from his own ‘personal protection’ unit, Special Branch et al and the ‘news’ media who had all been lurking in wait to take me out in what barristers referred to as a ‘licence to kill’ that was never removed.


This 'licence to kill' was only ever exposed in cases against me, although it was wider than me, because the Metropolitan Police did attempt to murder Steve Jago on June 25th 2006 in a police cell at Charing Cross Police Station when we had both been unlawfully arrested.


This is because it is possible for civilians to just say no to their corporate legislation and put the regime on trial before High Court juries.


It is not an exaggeration to say that I lived seventy years in seven years, of which 2007 was all out war between ourselves and the state, where we came out on top.


When I was leaving Parliament Square on January 31st 2007, two police officers well over 6ft had come up behind me and shockingly without warning pushed me from behind into the roadway by Parliament Square in...broad daylight.


cx 348 and cx 611 who pushed me without warning into the road

Luckily, I survived and although shocked, by what had just happened, quickly moved away from the ‘police’ officers.

The ‘police’ officers then pursued me to try and cover up what they had just failed to do, by unlawfully arresting me for the old chestnut of ‘obstructing a police officer’.

Obviously the Metropolitan Police were never going to win a ‘case’ against me, that was only about the fact they had failed to murder me.

When the police unlawfully 'arrested' me for still being alive, they then held me face down on concrete in rear stack handcuffs which made it very hard to breathe properly and I suffered what seemed like some sort of panic attack of some kind.


I obviously didn’t really have time to think, nor could I know the evidence that would subsequently come out, to realize the full implications, over what was taking place.

As the circumstances behind the incident kept unfolding what the evidence actually showed was that while the whole incident itself was shocking enough, it was actually a hit, which had been organized directly by the (former) Prime Minister Tony Blair.


dazed: d192 did not 'abandon' his post as lethally armed 'personal protection' to the prime minister, to try and 'save' my life

What emerged is that the lethally armed Robocop who is covered with more decorations than a bloody Christmas tree, who suddenly appeared from goodness knows where really, was a member of the Prime Minister’s lethally armed ‘personal protection’ team.

The Prime Minister’s own lethally armed ‘personal protection’ team do not under any circumstances just happen to go walk about, so he suddenly appeared for a reason.


Their pushing me into the road before trying to stop me breathing happened so quickly that I was just dazed.


unlawfully 'arrested' for surviving an assassination attempt

The lawyer at the police station later quite ridiculously actually asked me where I had been going when I was leaving Parliament Square, which I pointed out in terms of answering any police ‘questions’ was no-one else’s business, since I did not need to report 'being alive' to the police state.

The police nevertheless typically tried to buy time by maliciously charging me with 'obstruct pc' after they had to bail me for twenty four hours because I was too ill to be charged.





While answering 'bail' over January 31st 2007, because the police had not been able to charge me because I was too ill, the same police officers from Charing Cross Police Station who had tried to murder me incredibly turned up and ambushed us to....kidnap Steve Jago !


killer cops: kidnapping steve jago on our way for me to answer 'bail', so they could remove...his 'bail conditions'...i had days earlier proved were unlawful...


 trying to save steve's life on september 4th 2006 (he was trying to save my life) in a revolving door of our winning cases over being kidnapped off the streets


2007 and that door at charing cross police station: all around us was just complete lawlessness so there was the odd tear but you just had a cry in the earlier days and carried on...


september 4th 2006: clinging to the door trying to get help...i was lucky the idiot copper didn't manage to throw me down the steps here


We were being terrorized but we stood our ground...


 found completely innocent of anything here too, at southwark crown court in december 2007


 just being terrorized by police state criminals


As it was the third unlawful arrest in one week on January 31st 2007, it was also used to try and ‘bail’ me away from Parliament Square before that ‘bail’ was overturned too by Southwark Crown Court when I said I would return to Parliament Square anyway.

Only days earlier on January 29th 2007, one of the other unlawful 'arrests' had involved District Judge Snow from Westminster Magistrates illegally using 'bail conditions' to try and stop our campaigning.


When District Judge Snow had illegally imposed those unlawful bail conditions, I had just gone to Downing Street...with a banner.


january 29th 2007: challenging district judge snowjob's unlawful 'bail conditions' that bindmans solicitors were never going to do for us

I was then unlawfully arrested at Downing Street and District Judge Snow was forced to remove the unlawful bail conditions because I proved the British regime couldn’t imprison me for breaching unlawful ‘bail conditions’ over the non-imprisonable ‘offence’ of alleged unlawful demonstration.


 in the mindless british police state they just 'follow orders' without question, from 'politicians'

The British Parliament were desperate to just take me out because we were winning cases all the time, all over the place, proving right in their faces, that we could just slap down their corporate 'legislation', while all they were doing was illegally preventing our putting them on trial before a High Court jury.


we were winning all the time, proving that civilian resistance could just slap down their corporate legislation all over the place...



In due course ‘police’ witness statements over January 31st 2007, extraordinarily or shockingly revealed ‘police’ had been given a ‘licence to kill’ by Special Branch.


To date it has been impossible to establish precisely when the 'licence to kill' was given or the pretext used because all the police simply refused to say, while Judges just refused to make police answer when they were were on the witness stand without any jury.

In fact the ‘licence to kill’ was never really revoked, because Bindmans Solicitors were always directly involved in illegally refusing to take the inevitably ever mounting civil claims to...a High Court jury.


The only way the British regime could and can continue is by illegally preventing access to High Court juries.

[The sole purpose of every single one of my own 48 unlawful arrests has only ever been to desperately try and prevent my ever getting before a High Court jury in claims against the British government...

...the British regime do not want civilian resistance living outside their corporate control being able to stop their violent oppression of civilians at home and slaughter of civilians abroad

Ultimately the big one is, no part of the entire apparatus of the British state could ever go on the witness stand in the High Court before a jury and claim they ‘reasonably believed’ that UN resolution 1441 gave the entire British Parliament any right to unilaterally vote, let alone to invade Iraq

The point is not that people just know that, but that civilians need to be able to act on the basis of knowing that to stop war because the regime have no defence that is recognised in law]


The malicious prosecution against me came to ‘trial’ on July 19th 2007 at South Western Magistrates Court because the ‘licence to kill’ cases had to be moved out of Westminster because the state apparatus was already creaking trying to keep a lid on the growing mountain of the regime's widespread corruption.

[We were being unlawfully arrested all the time, but we were winning all our cases too because we really are just civilian resistance upholding civilians society rule of law]

On the two days previous to the 'trial' at South Western Magistrates we had been at Camberwell Magistrates in another case (that was one of three I won on Appeal at Southwark Crown Court in December 2007) where the police had not been able to explain this whole Special Branch ‘licence to kill’ either, which had raised all sorts of questions.

This included the reality that the campaign had been infiltrated with and effectively surrounded in many respects, by undercover police et al who were trying to set up our murders, and help cover it all up.






In 2007 Corbyn's STWC Coalition had been directly involved in trying to remove us through their Ken Livingstone as Mayor of London.




november 23rd 2006: brian rings mcdonnell, corbyn and jones about steve and i


Brian complained to McDonnell [Labour] Jenny Jones [Green Party and Metropolitan Police Authority] and Corbyn [STWC & Labour Party] over a particularly violent arrest of Steve and I on November 22nd 2006, that happened because they were trying to stop us having civil claims with High Court juries.


Jeremy Corbyn [STWC and Labour Party] covering up what was going on


On November 23rd 2006 Brian was showing Corbyn et al the photos he took of what was going on that they were covering up too. It is provable before a High Court jury that Jones along with Paddick got their nods for the House of Lords by covering up for the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police et al.


It is a matter of fact that Brian Paddick who was Asst Commissioner at the time of the massive police raid on May 23rd 2006 covered it all up with Jones and the Commissioner.


There's no difference between any dirty 'politics' in Westminster.


They used what they knew to improve their own bank balances.


november 2006: we were never charged with anything


while we were still in 'police' custody brian showed mc donnell, corbyn and jones all that was left of us, which was a cross ripped off me he found in the mud...


We were never charged with...anything


i am trying to untwist their handcuffs while they are pressing down on to me, while they are trying to crush jago's head on concrete



Corbyn, McDonell and Jones all conspired to try and stop our having civil claims with High Court juries.




When Corbyn's STWC Livingston tried to smash 2007 we just kept taking down their fences while (former Mayor of London) Livingstone did not dare take us to court...


twist and pop: their fences going down too in 2007



livingstone & corbyn et al's fences were repeatedly taken down by us, from august 2007 onwards


by 2011, i had to bring out the bolt cutters in a polite big finger to the next mayor of london boris johnson and 'master of the rolls' who were threatening me with imprisonment for their illegally denying our legal representation


Ultimately the next Mayor of London Boris Johnson and Master of the Rolls found themselves in a Catch 22 because they could not imprison me for breaching a High Court injunction by cutting their fences too, without giving me the legal representation they were illegally denying us...










On the day of the ‘trial’ at South Western Magistrates Court on July 19th 2007, over January 31st 2007, the barrister Sultana Tafadar from Tooks only then got around to quickly showing me a copy of CCTV from January 31st 2007.

What stood out about the CCTV was that while it had obviously been edited (which is one reason why it had only been disclosed then) was that it inexplicably showed men in trench coats descending around ‘the scene’ along with ’news’ media lined up in a row ready to roll.

It was obvious from the CCTV that what really was a hit had been a pre-arranged affair where the role of the 'news' media was going to be to try and cover up that it was a hit that was supposed to take place.

What then took place at South Western Magistrates Court really shows why court ‘proceedings’ need to be filmed and published by civilians.

After we had looked at the CCTV we went into the court before a 'Judge' who had been brought in from somewhere or other, who while obviously corrupt, it became apparent had not been given the entire script that unfolded, in advance.

At some point the Judge announced that Westminster Magistrates Court had inexplicably telephoned South Western Magistrates Court to bizarrely say the trial had been abandoned.

The Judge said he could not understand how the trial had been abandoned, because obviously all sides etc including the Crown Persecution Service ‘Prosecutor’ from Westminster Magistrates were present in South Western Magistrates Court.

Nevertheless Mr Judge wanted to speak to Westminster Magistrates to find out what was going on so he adjourned proceedings.

In any real or legal sense it is impossible that Westminster Magistrates who were involved in subsequent events that unfolded could possibly have had any say in proceedings listed and being heard in an entirely different court.

After a considerable time, the ‘Judge’ who would not explain what Westminster Magistrates had said when he spoke to them, for reasons that later become clear, said he could proceed although he further delayed proceedings by hearing another video link case management hearing.

Of course it became clear later that he and Westminster Magistrates had agreed an extraordinary ‘plan of action’ with the police etc.

Mr Judge had only announced Westminster Magistrates telephoning to try and cover his own back.

As it was getting later in the day, it became clear that the ‘trial’ was not going to be finished that day.

The police then said they had to put Robo Cop on the witness stand first which was out of sequence, and turned out to be because they wanted to try and eliminate any connection to the Prime Minister with what then took place.

Robo Cop gave an unconvincing performance that somehow as a member of the Prime Minister’s personal protection unit !!!! he had abandoned that role to turn up to ‘save’ my life ????

It is true that other police officers had half killed me by illegally holding me face down in rear stack handcuffs on concrete which is known can cause positional asphyxiation, but to say he turned up to ‘save’ my life would be considerably over-egging the pudding.

What appears more likely is that a High Court jury would conclude that once the 'hit' had failed D192 was sent in to take over the situation in terms of damage control.

It is clear that even police officers with a ‘licence to kill’ who tried to use positional asphyxiation in public were not going to get away with killing me in that way without other members of the campaign who were witnesses wading in.

After delivering his fairytale to the court, Robo Cop was cut loose so the Prime Minister could try and give an appearance he was not involved in what happened next.






[the British regime had by this time even been forced to issue a summons against Commissioner Blair in 26th June 2007, while another had asked for against PM Blair,  so the regime were really struggling because even our stated objective of repealing legislation was going to happen eventually one way or another...


a summons had to be issued against commissioner blair


On 27th June 2007 was another example of our being unlawfully arrested when the police could not charge us with anything.


Yet again not committing any crime by stating arrest war criminals....


june 27th 2007: they didn't want us 'spoiling' the change-over between blair and brown by indeed stating or acting on the obvious which was why don't we all just actually 'arrest the war criminals'...


The war criminals really are murdering children...


all of which the global 'news' media are trying to cover up


while civilians are publicly treated like...criminals..again...and again...


yet...again we were...never charged with anything while genuinely being civilian resistance, watched by the observational protest of stwc


waiting for everyone (five of us were arrested in the round-up) to be released from charing cross, all eventually without any charge



So enter stage left at South Western Magistrates Court, one PCCX674 Roger Smith who appeared at Charing Cross Police Station in April 2006, when it became clear the British Parliament’s legislation against us was going to fail and be repealed very quickly if they could not find ways of delaying the inevitable.


cx 674 going into the houses of parliament with files etc


yabba yabba: cx 674 and cx 348 in their completely lawless world of westminster village

Successive people have never been convinced that PCCX674 who was seen to wear other numbers too is actually a police officer.

He is the only junior police officer who has his own office on the top floor with senior management at Charing Cross, to obviously try and ‘co-ordinate’ delaying the repeal of legislation, who I saw leaving Number Ten in plainclothes myself one day.

Smith is something else who was just sworn in as a police officer to stalk us and legislation was repealed when I managed to launch a counterclaim in the High Court after the Tory government took their turn.

Anyway to stop proceedings on July 19th 2007, Smith incredibly ‘arrests’ me with a bogus unsigned arrest warrant purportedly from...Westminster Magistrates Court, during court proceedings, which is completely illegal and a contempt of court, not least because it was not in any way related to the proceedings.

There was no reason they could not have arrested me when I left the court.

The barrister Sultana Tafadar from Tooks Chambers said what was taking place was completely illegal and couldn’t be done but everyone ignored her.

To be ‘fair’ the ‘Judge’ did go a little pale, but he did not stop Smith or incredibly the other police officers in the still live case of their having attempted to murder me, entering the court to en masse quite literally kidnap me from the courtroom during proceedings.

It really did just beggar belief.


The police just all came into the court despite the fact they were supposed to wait outside the courtroom to be called as witnesses.

The Judge had obviously been given his instructions from Westminster Magistrates to go along with whatever the police did.

The Judge hastily said we could ‘adjourn’ until a later date, to which I could only respond, if I was lucky enough to live that long with everyone trying to cover up everything that was going on.

To say I was in a state of some shock was an understatement especially when I had a gang of the very same police officers in a trial that was about their already trying to murder me, then surrounding me as they took me down the concrete stairwell leading down to the court cells.


The police ‘liasion’ officer disgracefully said to me that he was going to make sure he was on duty next time I was at the court because he had never seen anything like it before.

That was a pretty disgusting thing for him to say really because any sense he was a ‘police’ officer supposed to be upholding the law was entirely non-existent.

The reason the police did not and could not wait to ‘arrest’ me outside the court, was because the purpose of the bogus arrest warrant was to try and disrupt proceedings, to try and cover up the Prime Minister had ordered what was a hit.

That would have of itself been enough to bring down Blair and many around him while opening up again the whole question of the illegal Iraq War.

In the police van going to Charing Cross PCCX Smith 674 was on a power trip boasting that he had an unlimited budget to try and smash our civilian resistance while the other ‘police’ officers were in thrall that he was able to do whatever he wanted (or indeed was told to do by Number Ten)

At Charing Cross Police Station I completely refused to talk to Smith at all, who strangely lost the plot with my simply ignoring him in what was a truly outrageous provocation and further intimidation of the most serious kind.


I could not even safely attend court to defend myself in malicious prosecutions the regime had brought.

It was impossible for the Metropolitan Police to claim they were not at the very least trying to intimidate the defendant given all the most basic procedures were just thrown out the window.


Clearly Number Ten was getting more and more rattled.

To be honest I didn’t really have much time to consider being 'intimidated' because it was all so incredible.

I just asked the custody sergeant for a lawyer and a copy of the bogus unsigned arrest warrant.

The pretext for the bogus arrest warrant turned out to be a ‘Community Order’ that I had already filed an appeal over.


it was impossible to have an arrest warrant over a bogus 'community order' that was already destined for the dustbin when it had already been appealed to a higher court.


The unsigned bogus 'arrest warrant' had been falsely dated July 16th 2007.

It is a matter of fact that PCCX 674 Smith had actually sat in Camberwell Magistrates Court on July 17th & 18th 2007 telling that court himself, that the bogus ‘Community Order’ was under appeal.

The 'police' obviously could not arrest someone nor could the 'court' who was being appealed issue an arrest warrant, over something that was already under appeal to a higher court (where I won against both conviction and sentence, on appeal in december 2007)

The wholly corrupt Bindmans Solicitors who were only ever helping the British regime try and prevent our having High Court jury trials against the government sent along some muppet to Charing Cross Police Station.

The muppet was completely ignoring what was going on and instead going off on a tangent wanting to give me a lecture about his understanding of human rights, so in the circumstances, I understandably told him to just fuck off and tell Bindmans to send along a real lawyer.

One of Bindmans gofers Jonathan Bell then rang me and just went blah did blah about it would all be sorted out.

The only real solution to bent lawyers is to have MacKenzie friends having the same rights of access to police stations and the necessary documents and CCTV etc.


Ultimately the only real problem is getting access to a High Court jury in all the civil claims.

The next day Westminster Magistrates typically ignored how I illegally came to appear in their court and just used it as an opportunity for them to disappear the 'Community Order' (and replace it with a fine) that was all of no more use to anyone, once it had been appealed.

It was illegal for them to try and disappear what was already under appeal to another court, which I naturally won in its entirety anyway in December 2007.

It will not surprise any civilian population that when I next appeared at South Western Magistrates over January 31st 2007 on August 30th 2007, I won the malicious prosecution brought against me of ‘obstructing the police’ trying to murder me, by still being alive.


after winning the 'right to life' case at south western magistrates


Blair had failed in his organized 'hit' on January 31st 2007.



That is just one account of the extraordinary abuse by the entire apparatus of the state during just one of my own forty eight unlawful arrests that were just a free for all by the entire apparatus of what is only a murderous corporate state.


a copy of kitty cat's arrest blair banner we used to hand out at downing street to people, with the phone number of charing cross police station on it

While it has always been necessary to remember salient facts, over the police being criminals, I do not overall think of or remember any ‘police’ as anything other than an overwhelming ocean of evil faces delivering the most appalling and violent abuse imaginable.

It is absolutely true that the Metropolitan Police are the Nazis they complain of who just ‘follow’ what are corporate ‘orders’.

All the police officers from successive Commissioner’s of the Metropolitan Police all the way down the food chain were all viciously motivated by the ‘glory’ of collecting the bounty on our heads.


Sadly the Metropolitan Police did attempt to murder me again when six members of the TSG (riot) police viciously tortured and attempted to murder me using positional asphyxiation etc at Belgravia Police Station on 3rd & 4th September 2009.

That hit was very obviously ordered by a desperate Gordon Brown, after Cameron said he would ‘remove’ us if he was elected Prime Minister.

The current Prime Minister David Cameron announced to Rupert Murdoch on July 19th 2009, that he would ‘remove’ us, safe in the knowledge he knew what Tony Blair had done.




No lawyer would ever challenge what in legal terms what was an extraordinary statement by Cameron against unarmed civilians, let alone before a High Court jury.

On the night of September 3rd/4th 2009, I remember the curious look of fear in the eyes of the truly cowardly lead culprit as he entered the cell I was being unlawfully held in as it dawned on me that I was going to be fighting for my life.

I only survived that attempt on my life because Brian heard something going on so he would have been a witness when I screamed because as Brian said Babs never screams, because she is no cry baby.

The truly vicious Metropolitan Police are evil, stupid, and absolutely criminal but even they knew that they were not going to be able to get away with murdering both of us at the same time in the same police station.


all the banners i ever made with evidence of state war crimes were all stolen by the metropolitan police

When the ‘police’ finally pulled me from the concrete floor because I could not stand myself, I nevertheless looked the lead coward who had caused the most physical harm straight in the eyes and told him that he could break every bone in my body that might kill me, but he would never control me.


[I had learned on August 5th 2006 how to mentally block out physical torture that you know will have to end, when I was tortured for two hours, but murder is obviously harder to stop]


both steve and i found completely innocent..again


literally tortured for two hours following this unlawful arrest on august 5th 2006 where i also yet again...won the malicious prosecutions brought against me


Following September 3rd & 4th 2009, Bindmans Solicitors were forced to write a letter that the police secure the CCTV that the Metropolitan Police obviously still refuse to hand over, despite a High Court civil claim.

One of the partners from Bindmans Mike Schwarz came and spoke with Brian and I, because Bindmans were in a real ‘fix’ trying to work out how they were possibly going to try and cover up what was going on, in yet more proceedings against me that were immediately thrown out.

Westminster Magistrates threw me out of court when I just publicly demanded the police hand over the CCTV of their trying to murder me on September 3rd & 4th 2009.

There was no one in the courthouse who did not hear I wanted that CCTV because the police had attempted to murder me.

On October 7th 2009, after the Schwarz meeting, the Metropolitan Police incredibly kidnapped me off the street in broad daylight to try and cover up what they had done.


So Steve Jago contacted the Australian High Commission and told them they were legally obliged to inform my family in Australia that the UK police had literally kidnapped me.

There was no functioning legal system there was any pretence of turning to in the UK, while the Australian government could not refuse to tell my family.

Bindmans freaked when I told them at the police station, they could fuck off when they lamely tried to say I would have to pay for legal representation, for goodness knows what ?

It was understandably that attempted murder that finally brought about the massive bust up with Bindmans Solicitors.

On October 7th 2009, the police were furious when the Foreign Affairs Department in Canberra rang Belgravia Police Station so it was confirmed what was going on, because the Australian government didn’t want their fingerprints found on what was going on, so the police had to release me the next day.

A doctor who was actually a hospital consultant who had overheard over the phone, which was next to the doctors room, what I had told Canberra including about contacting my family outside the UK, and why, asked to see me.

When the police wanted to earwig he closed the door on them and asked to take a look at my hand that had been broken in September and said it would have to be re-broken to fix it, or I would always have problems and pain from it.

That wasn’t really an option with what was going on in Parliament Square.

In all the circumstances I considered myself ‘lucky’ to be alive and that every day is a bonus.

Considerable 'bounties' were put on our heads by the British regime because of our being not just a protest that is an observational complaint but 24/7/365 civilian resistance taking action to actually stop Genocide.

The Tory administration effectively hit the ground running in what was one running long hit because it was a complete free for all by then, with no lawyer making any effort to stop the state, by going to the High Court with our civil claims.

Sadly Brian was effectively murdered when he died on June 18th 2011, in Bremen, Germany despite our very best efforts to protect him.


I do not respect or recognize that the repulsive British ‘police’ of which we have ourselves accumulated enormous evidence of their criminality that is done in full collaboration with the British regime and the entire apparatus of the state, could possibly have any ‘authority’.

In real terms while the lunatics running their asylum are criminally insane, we have always as civilians simply upheld civilian society’s rule of law.

It will always be civilian society’s rule of law which exists to protect life, that is not for sale by or to any other.

Please note: Our long-standing civilian resistance that began on June 2nd 2001 is not a 'news' media outlet. We only publish information to help save civilian lives


Our information draws upon a very many years of our own unique first hand knowledge and experience of the entire apparatus of the lawless violent Genocidal British regime, used against our own civilian resistance.