Day 3424  Sunday 17th October 2010

Do we say what we say, and do what we do, out of 'habit' or because
we are fully 'conscious' of what is going on in the world around us?

Brian Haw's Parliament Square Peace Campaign, Parliament Square, Westminster, London.

While Globalisation has in essence brought about the 'de-regulation' of money through the use of state violence, the Human Rights Act which highlights the inconvenient fact that we are all equal, has by contrast, effectively in practise, been consigned to the dustbin.

How do we know this?

We actually live in a world where anyone, from anywhere, can be kidnapped, tortured, and their body dumped without trial, in one of the many secret prisons still operating throughout the world.

And this is casually referred to as "extraordinary rendition & torture".

Man Made War. War doesn't just happen. (Parliament Square, Westminster, London.)

"Jus Cogens" is therefore the pill that our governments and big business need to swallow.

Jus Cogens basically means that some human rights are universal because they are so fundamental, to the maintenance of legal order that they cannot be taken away.

For example, "extraordinary rendition and torture" will always remain absolutely unlawful regardless of weasel words about watered down treaties or alleged derogations, and whether or not a government 'outsourced' torture to another member state of the United Nations.

The "church", (Westminster Abbey) and the "state",
also work"hand in hand" to "protect" business interests.

it is also not good enough when President Obama signs an Executive Order claiming that he 'opposes' rendition, when he does not ban it's use or bring to justice, those who have used it and those who continue to use it.

Where there is evidence of torture, all the Heads of countries involved in facilitating the torture, should be brought before the International Criminal Court, under and according to the principle of Jus Cogens.

If there is no justice - for everyone - in a system, it is not a system worth having. Jus Cogens should mean there is no-where for governments to hide from justice.

"Weren't you just a little bit curious Mr Straw?"

Babs Tucker x