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White Noise:
(slang) "meaningless commotion or chatter."

Day 3424  Sunday 17th October 2010

A quick round up of the meaningless sophistry spouted about the 'peace camp', this week, by the liars thieves and murderers in our 'Parliament':

1. Hansard report of Parliament on 14th October 2010 stated:
"David Tredinnick (Bosworth) (Con): When does my right hon. Friend expect Parliament square to be cleared of demonstrators? Is he aware that the situation is worse than it was in the summer, with 20 illegally placed tents on the pavement meaning that nobody can use the square at all? When is he going to deal with this situation?

(NB: it won't surprise dear readers that this is the same, Trendinnick who was suspended during the cash for questions scandal)

Sir George Young: I am grateful to my hon. Friend for once again raising this issue. I support the action that the Mayor of London took a few months ago to clear the green in the middle of the square, and I hope that that area will be restored to the condition in which it used to be. In the meantime, the camps have simply moved to the pavement. That is wholly unacceptable, and it is not what one should see in the centre of an historic capital city. We are going to consider legislation in the forthcoming Home Office Bill to put the situation right

2. In the Tory mouthpiece, Evening Standard, this translated into basically, its all Brian Haw's fault.
Parliament squatters' protest camp will be outlawed
by Paul Waugh, Deputy Political Editor

The squatters' peace camp in Parliament Square is to be banned, a Cabinet minister said today.

Commons Leader Sir George Young told MPs that new legislation would end the long-running fiasco where protesters' tents spring up on the historic square within days of being cleared away by police.

Sir George said that the ongoing demonstration, centred on peace campaigner Brian Haw, was “wholly unacceptable” and said legislation was being considered to “put the situation right”.

In July, peace protesters who had been camping in the square since May as part of the “democracy village” were evicted after a legal battle. But many have returned to the pavement opposite the Houses of Parliament. Tory MP David Tredinnick said that the situation was worse than it was in the summer, “with 20 illegally-placed tents on the pavement”.

Sir George replied: “I think this is wholly unacceptable — it's not what one should see in the centre of a historic capital city, and we are going to consider legislation in the forthcoming Home Office Bill to put the situation right.”

It raises the prospect of Mr Haw, who has been camped at the square since 2001, being removed. But police sources think crowds could move into the square to resist any attempt to evict Mr Haw, who has become a figurehead for some peace protesters.

3. So, to then give an impression of being a more 'balanced' piece, the Evening Standard crept down under the cover of darkness, to get the 'opinion' of those who have publicly stated that their 'new campaign is a campaign against Brian Haw'

Quite which 'peace camp' is being referred to generally becomes of course, like much else, unclear.
New laws won’t move us out of Parliament Square, say protesters
by Benedict Moore-Bridger

Peace protesters camping outside the Houses of Parliament today claimed they had a legal right to be there and MPs were “confusing” themselves with promises to remove the camp.

The demonstration, which moved to the pavement after protesters were evicted from Parliament Square in July, has seen about 20 tents erected next to veteran activist Brian Haw.

Commons Leader Sir George Young yesterday described the camp as “wholly unacceptable”, in response to comments by Tory MP David Tredinnick, who said the situation was worse than it had been in the summer.

Sir George said: “It's not what one should see in the centre of a historic capital city, and we are going to consider legislation in the forthcoming Home Office Bill to put the situation right.”

But protester Maria Gallastegui, 51, today warned that any attempt to pass new laws to make the peace camp illegal would be “unworkable”.

Ms Gallastegui said she had successfully applied for the right to protest under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005.

“They [MPs] brought in SOCPA themselves to try to put legitimate people off protesting by intimidating them by making them give all their details, but I've been prepared to do that and this protest is bona fide — it's authorised,” she said.

“It's extraordinary. These MPs have no idea what is going on. There is no loophole — there are procedures to go through which we have done and it's all authorised.”

Mark Barrett, 37, who was one of the founders of the “Democracy Village” which occupied Parliament Square for two months, said any moves to make protesting in the area illegal would meet fierce opposition.

“The right to freedom and assembly is too important to worry about the aesthetics of what it looks like. They have this idea of it being unsightly, but we can't make everything look like a shopping mall.”

He said people would be prepared to go to prison to defend the right to free expression.

Whitewash: was that "democracy village" disappearing?

In conclusion:

For the umpteenth time, one points out, that Parliament et al know that they are of course in fact & 'law', all BOUND by the House of Lords, common law ruling in DPP v Jones 1999 which confirms that the state cannot make what is otherwise lawful, unlawful.

It is logical that one does not actually need the prior 'authorisation' of either the Mayor of London or the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police to hold a static demonstration in Parliament Square, which is a public space, which is open 24/7 to all members of the public, who did not similarly need authorisation to be there, if they are not campaigning against this government.

We are of course still waiting for a full public apology from Ms Gallestegui and the Commissioner of the Metropolis, because it goes without saying that it becomes even more obvious that, unlike Ms Gallestegui disingenuously claims, no-one actually needs any 'authorisation' or to be searched when Ms Gallestegui's Peace Strike was prior to May 1st 2010, repeatedly left completely unattended with the agreement of the police, in an area that the state claim is a high security zone !!

Babs Tucker xx

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!