HIGH COURT TRANSCRIPT (18.11.2008) & BRIAN HAW'S (14.07.2008) WITNESS STATEMENT (02.06.2015)


The following High Court Transcript & a Witness Statement from Brian was during a Mexican standoff in 2008 after we had put in a Judicial Review over legislation that was unsurprisingly repealed in 2011 (when you consider the witness statement by Brian, that gives a snapshot of some of what was going on ‘behind the scenes’)

In the High Court 'case (mis) management hearing Brian makes some good points about Genocide and the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes (while also politely pointing out that in January 2007 his own QC at that time, Ian McDonald, the Head of Garden Court Chambers was corrupt as indeed were the 'instructing solicitors' Bindmans)



The case CO/11393/2007 (which was never concluded) came about because (they wouldn’t let me anywhere near a High Court jury to get the legislation repealed over my unlawful arrest on May 23rd 2006)

a) after the summons against the Commissioner was issued the regime went into orbit and the state violence spiraled way out of control


the summons that stirred the hornets nest in westminster village

b) all of which Southwark Crown Court was finding increasingly difficult to cover up

c) led to the Commissioner threatening to steal our tents in the run up to Christmas 2007

February 7th 2007: All the time politicians thought committing Genocide was a huge laugh.

The best thing we could think of doing was slap in a Judicial Review over ‘illegal seizure’ just before Christmas that was agreed to by the regime as a delaying tactic really, because they knew it could never go ahead. (I just wanted the custody record and a High Court jury)

The High Court delayed it all by Southwark Crown Court refusing to produce a recording.

Meanwhile the Mayor of London and then Westminster Council came after us too in 2010 & 2011 (when I slapped them with the mother of all counterclaims that began to turn the tables and led to the repeal of that legislation) and so on...

1. The High Court Transcript 18th November 2008 (19 pages):






1. S(3)1 of the Criminal Law Act 1967 is not and has never been a police power of seizure (which is something the High Court could never change) and was a red herring that was not used on the night, but later to waste time and try to distract from there could no sanction involving seizure.


2. I was unlawfully arrested during the illegal seizure because I was trying to retrieve property, so but they could not find anything to charge me with. They had been delaying a High Court jury all along, while going through the pretence of prosecuting Brian knowing they could not prosecute him if they could not prosecute me (and the 'lawyers' had all been in on it, trying to cover up Genocide)


3. As per para 89 no-one would tell us where everything had been taken to after Hendon Police Academy because the we could just go and collect it.


It is so corrupt.


2. Brian Haw's witness statement 14th July 2008 (14 pages):




It was rather an understatement that there was a "perception of bias".


Brian Haw was a very brave man indeed, who taught us much, and is always missed after he passed away on June 18th 2011.


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