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"...my new campaign, is a campaign against Brian Haw..."


DAY 3392  15th September 2010

Parliament Square Peace Campaign (PSPC) Leaders Babs Tucker and Brian Haw repel a take-over bid of their Green Zone by agent provocateurs - working for corrupt British Government in concert with corrupt police et al - The Green Zone opposite the British Parliament, that PSPC won at High Court of Appeal, is intact and clear of pirates, bandits and corrupt pretend 'peace campaigners'. The fight continues, we go forward to win. Brian Haw this time was 'arrested' for being Innocent, much of the World will understand how this happens. We need a Universal System of Justice for All, we need most of the World's good people to do what they can to make this happen. Take a look at this video and say who the criminals are. Then take a bigger look at the World. Then please do something to make change for the better, thank you. -- Brian W Haw.

A member of 'Democracy Village' called Luke Griffin (any relation to Nick of the BNP variety ?)  shown in the above clip, could be called many things, but a 'victim' as he claimed, is not one of them, as the clip shows.

In fact Luke Griffin and Kieran who are shown in this clip, are just disciples of Maria Gallestegui, who was named way back on 13th January 2010 as an agent provocateur in what is one of Westminster's open secrets. (refer to 'reply to caution' posted on 'full disclosure' 11th september 2010)

Luke is third from left and Kieran is second from left.

And one suspects it is the police they "love"

On 21st June 2010, old guy with beer in hand told Babs she was a
f****** c*** while ranting on with racist abuse about Muslims

Old guy below is from DV who are of course good mates
with the BNP spin-off, English 'Defence' League

Clearly not satisfied with having most of the whole square (except our 'green Zone') shut down, Peace Strike cum Democracy Village are seen in the clip trying to take over our campaign so they can get the whole square shut down, which is clearly their only purpose in being here.

Otherwise instead of trying to take over our campaign, the DV tossers, would be having their argument with the government about getting back most of the square that they got shut down themselves.

Instead they are seen trying to help the Mayor get us and the whole square shut down too. The fact that they are trying to do this is rather a give away that they really are not who they claim to be.

Then again, Maria Gallestegui always was quite an accomplished liar, pretending to be doing (what was a far from) 24/ 7 campaign like Brian, who by contrast really is the real deal, doing the real thing, 24/7.

Whoever heard of a campaign that could be left completely unattended with the agreement of the police in a High Security Zone, which is what the Peace Strike claimed to be doing. Try leaving a backpack, at a train station around here, and they'll dispose of it, but a whole campaign. What frauds, she and the police are.

At best Peace Strike cum Democracy Village could be piggybacking off our efforts (as we fight court battles etc) but in fact this clip shows Maria Gallesgetui is just a miserable old agent provocateur whose job really is not yet done.

Maria Gallestegui is seen egging her disciples on, in the clip, while bossing Brian around telling him he can't remove them from our campaign, while saying Brian will need to call the police to get rid of all of them, which is truly pathetic and she really should grow up.

I just get on with using reasonable force to try and get rid of them (at 1.30 am for goodness sakes which is a full three hours after they started at 10pm, and have promised to keep going well.... forever) and well you only have to read the court of appeal 'order' and look at the maps to understand they are a bunch of troublemakers (refer court order and maps with green, red and blue zones that the agent provocateurs and the police are fully aware of that we have posted on the blog under full disclosure 11th september 2010)

A reasonable person could of course only find Luke's extremely crude and sexually explicit language about Babs in ths clip, more than deeply offensive.

Now either the Mayor of London is going to prosecute these people for continually breaching the supposed injunction, as they continue to childishly climb the fences (which is one of the numerous times Luke claimed to have injured his arm) or the Mayor can take a hike too and open up the whole square, and stop the whole charade.

The Mayor is equally pathetic, trying to 'proceed' against our campaign in the High Court again, without a single shred of evidence that we have been unreasonable, because of course we are easily distinguished from Democracy Village. (refer 'full disclosure' 11th september 2010 & mayor of london 13th september 2010 on our blogs)

Peace Strike cum Democracy VIllage in essence took over most the square with the state's assistance because most people don't actually want to sit amongst alcohol and drug fuelled racists and so on.

The police refused to enforce the alcohol ban which would have cleaned things up, but they didnt want to. The so called activists didn't either. Democracy Village lied when they claimed they could not get rid of the alcohol and drugs because they had plenty of people perfectly capable of just saying no, and dealing with it in much the same way as Brian and I have always muddled along and done, as best we could and we are considerably older than most of these supposedly big tough guys.

Hmm... and I mean what sort of able bodied tosser sits in a hospital chair (that a little old lady could be using in hospital), giving "romantic recitals" while innocent civilian children are being slaughtered in illegal wars of aggression !! Brian returned the chair across the road to disgruntled plod who were forced to call the hospital to collect it so that it could be put to better use.

As the Daily Mail "undercover" reporter put it when referring to Democracy VIllage calling it an...al fresco dormitory for drug takers and drunks....
"Illegal drug deals were taking place just yards away from the country's leading politicians as they arrived at the House of Commons for Budget Day and other high profile debates,

Cannabis and other illicit substances were then consumed virtually alongside the armed police who patrol the Houses of Parliament.

After my first night sleep had been broken by the chimes of Big Ben every 15 minutes I emerged from my tent to discover a subdued atmosphere in the camp.

A quick inspection of my companions tents found many of them empty.

Either they have got up exceptionally early to run an errand or, perhaps, more likely they have found a more comfortable place to sleep at night."
When Luke finally started to try and tear down our tents and attack us in an area where there is supposedly an injunction against him, Brian had no alternative but to call 999 and name Luke as the person attacking us. So the police came down some time later and got Luke to make a complaint against Brian so the police could "arrest" Brian. The police illegally refused to take any witness statements from Brian who was the one who rang 999, or the four other members of our campaign present, while refusing to look at the video footage we have put up.

I strongly recommend that the CPS and Plod look at this clip and stop trying it on with yet another trumped up charge against Brian Haw.

when he answers 'police bail' on Wednesday 15th September 2010. There are copies on DVD too, for the police and CPS. There was as they all know, already a Court of Appeal 'order' that Luke et al, did not go where he was, in our campaign.
Babs Tucker xx

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!