Day 3386  9th September 2010

Brian Haw in Parliament Square on 9th September 2010

After the rain earlier today, there wasn't really any sunshine.

Today Parliament did not find their courage as they voted "overwhelmingly to stay in Afghanistan."

Of those who could be bothered to turn up to 'debate' what should be the most important issue in this country at this time, 310 MP's "voted" for (and 14 !! against) continuing to "sacrifice" the lives of innocent civilians (over 90 % of the casualties of this illegal war of aggression are in fact innocent civilians) and the lives of soldiers, rather than voting for a 'lifestyle change' that would merely involve a financial "sacrifice" being made by MP's and their friends in big business, ie: the likes of the Rothschilds and the Rupert Murdochs of this world.

In contrast to Parliament, who remain divorced from reality and the human race, the vast majority of decent and civilised people from around the world, understand that this 'war' has nothing to do with the failed experiment called 'democracy'.

We understand that this illegal war of aggression is just another continuance of centuries of resource wars. If we look at just the 'Commonwealth', (where the 'wealth' really was not being shared around) the British Government have considerable previous form in using illegal force to 'occupy' countries throughout the world in order to steal their resources.

So this Parliament know exactly what they are really doing, and they remain not just an international disgrace to the rule of law and democracy, but an international disgrace to humanity.

It seems to me that as long as people continue to simply hand over their money to big business and big government they give their consent to them doing whatever they want.

Logic says that when enough people simply say 'no' and do not 'buy' whatever big business or big government are trying to 'sell' us, then they simply cannot do what they do, because in practise, they would be an irrelevance, because we simply would neither need nor want what they have on 'offer'.

In Brian Haw's 24/7 Parliament Square Peace Campaign, we live what we believe. "We do not live within the lie. We don't do denial, and we absolutely refuse to be indifferent to the suffering of our fellow human beings."

Instead of 'globalisation', which is just the de-regulation of money and violence, (and the few making a killing out of the suffering of the many) we know that we could in fact by contrast, live in a world where there would be justice for everyone, just by being more self - reliant and thinking for ourselves (the creative solutions are always within the people) and by taking care of one another.

(For a report of who said what in today's 'proceedings', you can 'google' Hansard and go to 'Read Today in the Chamber' and scroll down to 'backbench business', which is/was updated during 'debates'. The 'Official Report of Hansard' is not put up until the following day after 8am).
This 'vote' on the continuing illegal occupation of Afghanistan was taken on the same day that it was reported that "Twelve US Soldiers (may) face trial after Afghan civilians are killed for sport and their fingers collected for trophies". You can see (for example) the Guardian and Daily Mail reports online.

The U.S government are also trying to stop people from suing companies involved in the seriously illegal practise of 'extraordinary rendition', where anyone from anywhere can be kidnapped, tortured and their body dumped without trial in one of the many secret prisons that still exist throughout the world.

Brian Haw in Parliament Square on 9th September 2010

Babs Tucker.