The Daily Telegraph quietly slipped in a small report claiming that the British government had agreed to send British troops to 'train' the Syrian 'Opposition', without inviting comment, to test the waters, if there would be any legal challenge.


The reality is that if there is no legal challenge to British troops 'training' whoever they like, NATO will send troops from across Europe to openly invade Syria, because the so called armed Syrian 'Opposition' really are a spent force now.


long past 'time' to end an illegal system of horse-trading over human life







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Date: 20 January 2015 14:22:43 CET

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I refer to an ‘article’ entitled ‘British troops to start training Syrian Opposition’ written by a ‘political correspondent’ called Tim Ross that was published in the ‘Telegraph’ on January 17th 2015.

This propaganda refers to unnamed ‘government sources claiming that the British Prime Minister has agreed to send British troops to train lethally armed members of the Syrian ‘Opposition’.

“...Government sources disclosed that British troops are expected to begin training Syrian opposition groups to fight Islamic State jihadists “by the end of March”...”

Kindly disclose the names of the ‘government sources’ and the relevant signed documents that show the British government have agreed to send British troops to ’train’ the Syrian Opposition in the use of lethal weapons to illegally overthrow the Syrian government, along with confirmation of where such ‘training’ will take place.

In addition it is not clear what the ‘article' means by the "US congress has authorised funding for the mission”, not least because the US Congress is not the British government.

Most importantly our unarmed civilian resistance to the British government, requires the legal grounds the British government intend to rely on for British troops to ‘train' what the British government claim are Syrian ‘Opposition’ some four years down the track from the beginning of the NATO war on Syria.

In legal terms we maintain in line with society’s rule of law, that the so called Syrian ‘Opposition’ who are funded by foreign ‘governments' (and ‘news’ media) to use lethal weapons are (for example) terrorists who have the stated intention of using lethal weapons to illegally overthrow the Syrian government.

It is for example widely documented/evidenced that the 'Free Syria Army' by their own quoted admissions work with al-Nusra and that in fact Syrian terrorists will call themselves whatever name suits on any given day that will further the NATO objective of illegally overthrowing the Syrian government.

Of particular concern is the fact that people like Rupert Murdoch and Lord Rothschild seek to profit from the murder of Syrian civilians through disseminating propaganda to further their objective of stealing oil from the Syrian Golan Heights through the 'Genie Israel' company.

It is a matter of fact that Rupert Murdoch launched what is the ‘Islamic State' propaganda through his report by Medyan Dairieh which is not credible in any legal sense.

The relevant signed documents may be sent by email to our website.

This is obviously a matter of serious urgency.

Babs Tucker
Parliament Square Peace Campaign




This blast from the past (below) from one of Murdoch's far from 'heroic' gangster molls in Iraq, who came a cropper trying to pull the same stunt in Syria served as a timely reminder of the murderous deceit pervading NATO 'government' and 'news' media.


When foreign funded 'opposition' mercenaries cannot overthrow a government, NATO will try to send in troops.


The same Murdoch propaganda on Iraq below is being repeated over Syria, also below.



America funds Iraqi guerrillas

SAS will train sabotage units

by Marie Colvin, Sunday Times, 24 January 1999

GUERRILLA units of Iraqi exiles backed by $97m (#59m) of American military aid are to mount a campaign to overthrow President Saddam Hussein. They could begin infiltrating Iraq by the summer.

Planning is under way for sabotage operations targeting roads, communications and electricity installations, and attacks on army patrols. The units would also spread propaganda with the aim of recruiting sympathisers, both from the civilian population and from within the military.

The tactics, which represent the first stage in a strategy to undermine and ultimately topple Saddam's regime, were being finalised in Washington last week between members of Iraqi opposition groups and the Clinton administration.

The American and British governments have been sensitive to criticism that last month's Desert Fox airstrikes punished the Iraqi leader for his failure to co-operate with United Nations weapons inspectors but left him free to trigger another confrontation.

American war planes over southern Iraq bombed two surface-to-air missile installations yesterday after encountering Iraqi MiGs “darting in and out” of a no-fly zone established after the 1991 Gulf war.

Last week Washington designated seven Iraqi opposition groups to receive training and weapons. Backing a campaign of guerrilla warfare put forward by the Iraqi National Congress and other organisations is intended to ensure that Saddam's regime is destabilised without any need to commit American ground troops.

Defence sources in London said Special Air Service (SAS) soldiers would be expected to instruct the Iraqi exiles. The SAS is one of the best forces in the world at teaching counter-insurgency skills.

Details of the plan, revealed by Iraqi opponents of Saddam in London, suggest that the first units could be in action within six months. It calls for the establishment of training camps, either in America or in the Gulf. A core group of 200 to 300 exiles is to receive two months' initial training, including sabotage techniques and the use of weapons.

This first group would serve as an unofficial officer corps and would help to train a further 2,000 to 3,000 recruits.

Iraqi opposition sources said they had thousands of volunteers to join the campaign to overthrow Saddam. "We have at least 2,000 names," said a volunteer in London who plans to take part in the first stage of training. "I need to update my military skills. I deserted the Iraqi army after only three months."

British defence sources said training needs would vary widely. Members of the Kurdish opposition groups are veterans after decades of fighting the Iraqi army. They need little instruction in military skills but lack discipline. However, many Iraqi exiles expected to join from Sweden, Holland, Jordan and Turkey have only rudimentary military knowledge acquired as conscripts. Several dozen are expected to join from Britain.

Plans for the first phase of the campaign provide for each commander to infiltrate Iraq with 15 to 20 men armed by the Americans, probably with light weapons and explosives.

Each group would act independently inside Iraq, choosing its own targets but co-ordinating operations through a headquarters set up in Kurdish northern Iraq, already protected by allied war planes.

About 20 groups – 400 men – are expected to go into Iraq in the first wave, mostly to set up bases in the western desert and the Shi'ite south, areas regarded as restive despite repression by Baghdad. They would aim eventually to infiltrate cities in the country's Sunni heartland, the bedrock of Saddam's regime.

Hit-and-run operations would follow with the aim of causing maximum disruption while exposing the units to the least possible risk. Captured guerrillas could expect to be tortured for information by Iraqi security agents before they were executed.

The units' objectives would include obtaining intelligence on Saddam's military forces and passing it back to headquarters to aid preparations for a later stage of the strategy. This would involve setting up a “liberated enclave” inside the country to attract army deserters and provide a base for a rival government-in-waiting.

Defence analysts said the guerrilla campaign would harry Saddam but was unlikely to threaten his position. If successful it could undermine his reputation within Iraq for invincibility and encourage other Iraqis to move against the regime. "It will get the ball rolling," said a retired American general involved in the planning.

The plan replaces an earlier, more ambitious proposal to send 2,000 trained Iraqi exiles into the south of the country to establish an enclave. This would almost certainly have provoked a swift confrontation with Saddam's forces.

Aware that co-ordinating Iraq's fractious opposition groups will be hard – one group has rejected the offer of military aid – the American administration has appointed Francis Ricciardone, the deputy chief of mission at its embassy in Ankara, to take charge. He will have a team of officials including military and political advisers.

Saddam has built up his forces in southern Iraq during the past month, apparently to quell internal opposition."


The fact it is illegal for British troops to 'train' Syrian terrorists cannot be any different from numerous purported prosecutions of terrorists 'reported' in NATO 'news' media.


The 'news' media claims that 'pleas' in the case below, could not previously be reported until admissions were made is simply untrue, in what is a stage managed prosecution for public consumption.


The 'case' below is just another tiny cog in the wheel of a particularly ambitious NATO propaganda project to try to re-invent NATO 'government' and 'news' media propagandists as the 'peacemakers' while civilian populations are all treated as suspected terrorists.






nato war on syria


The British 'government' and 'news' media will recruit anyone they can use in any number of ways, in their illegal Middle East oil wars.



Previous occasions when the overt use of British troops to train Syrian terrorists etc, have been suggested or reported by 'sources' include:





by Anthony Loyd, The Times, 6 July 2013

"Britain has offered special forces training to Syrian rebels, the commander of the Free Syrian Army has said. General Salim Idriss, head of the force's Supreme Military Council, said that that proposal had been made to him two weeks ago by British officials in Ankara.

“We've had many meetings with our friends from England," he said in an interview with The Times in southern Turkey. "They offered us training for our security teams, and training for some of our special forces. We told them we were very interested.”

General Idriss, 56, is the most senior commander in the fragmented rebel army, and the main conduit for foreign weapons. Up to $1 billion has been earmarked by the United States to assist vetted units of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), though General Idriss said that as yet, no arms had arrived.

“So far they have given us nothing," he said. "I've had meetings with all our Western friends. They all tell me that they are discussing military support for the FSA. But so far there is nothing.”

The British offer of training will apparently be taken up once a host country, most likely Jordan, agrees. "I told the British to co-ordinate it with the country in which the training will take place," the general said.

His remarks illuminate the incremental shift in Western policy since al-Qusayr was seized from the FSA last month by regime and Hezbollah forces. Days later US officials announced that they would arm vetted rebel units, having determined that the regime had used chemical weapons on numerous occasions. Analysts noted that the US offer was probably aimed at redressing the balance of Iran's increasing involvement in the war.

General Idriss went on to warn that if rebel-held areas in Homs, now the main focus of the regime's military operations, were seized, then the Syrian opposition would pull out of proposed negotiations in Geneva.

“If the international community continue in their silence over the attack on Homs, an attack supported by Hezbollah, by Iranians and by Iraqi fighters, then it is possible Homs will fall," he said. "In that case then we will not go to the Geneva meeting, and we will lose all logic, rationale and wisdom. The fighting will spread into the regime's villages and cities, we won't be able to control our fighters and we can't be blamed for what might happen next.”

Rebel-held areas in Homs have been hit by airstrikes, heavy artillery and infantry assaults since the start of the week. General Idriss, who claimed that regime soldiers captured there had gas masks for use in tactical chemical strikes, said that the city was the latest obJective for the regime. Afterwards, it would focus on rebel zones in the Damascus suburbs before turning to Aleppo. He alleged that the regime had used chemical weapons on FSA positions near Damascus last week.

A bespectacled figure, General Idriss was in civilian clothes and without a bodyguard, despite threats to his life from, among others, Jabhat al-Nusra, an al-Qaeda affiliate. "Every second my life is in danger," he said. "Some of the Islamists would kill me too. I am target No 1 for both the regime and Jabhat al-Nusra. My Job is the worst in the world, not Just in Syria."

Appointed as the Supreme Military Council's Chief of Staff last December, General Idriss's final post in the Syrian Army, from which he defected in June last year, was as a lecturer at Aleppo's military academy. A moderate, trusted by the West, he received his own military training in East Germany and is fluent in English, German and Arabic. Noted for organisational and diplomatic skills, he has tried to unify the rebel forces, as well as structure the FSA's finances and weapons supplies.

Gulf nations have been the most reliable benefactors. General Idriss refused to name the foreign donor of Konkurs, Russian wire-guided antitank missiles given to the FSA, but said that they had been decisive against the regime's tanks. Anti-tank and antiaircraft systems were top of his list in requests. "In the absence of a no-fly zone these weapons are our greatest needs," he said. "We understand the West's sensitivity over shoulder launched, anti-aircraft missiles falling into the wrong hands, but I have told them that I can guarantee any condition they need to ensure that weaponry is in the right hands. We need these weapons quickly to put an end to the killing and destruction. We are fighting for a democracy, not another Somalia."

Countering suggestions that a flow of Western arms would simply escalate the war, General Idriss noted that the revolution had begun with the mass killing of unarmed protesters, and that massacres still occurred. "It was not weapons that provoked this regime to start killing," he said. "This regime is without any humanity. To survive, it will kill and kill and kill again."



nato are illegally smuggling lethal weapons to all the terrorists