The evidence abounds that the NATO British ‘government’ always uses lethal weapons to wage illegal wars on civilian populations, to try and mask the fact the British 'government' have no recognised defence in law to legal challenges brought in courts of law.

In legal terms despite the lame efforts of Da Silva who is the most foul Establishment fraud, there is enough evidence to actually bring a criminal prosecution against the British government over the brutal murder of Irish lawyer Pat Finucane who was successfully challenging the British government over their ‘shoot to kill’ policy.


the ripa act was only invented to try and keep covering up state murder

The British government clearly ordered the hit on Pat Finucane because he was bringing successful legal challenges against the British government, that no number of other layers could disguise focus on fact that the British occupation of Ireland was of itself entirely illegal.



The fact that the use of ‘covert human intelligence sources’ were (and still are) authorised by the British government, actually makes the British government legally responsible for the murder of Pat Finucane because the outcomes of their political ‘decision’ to illegally occupy Ireland, was entirely fore-seeable.



the fraudulent ripa act is a deliberate attempt to cover up state murder


The Stormont fudge however makes any prosecution against the British government over the murder of Pat Finucane highly unlikely.

This same pattern of British colonial war mongers murdering civilians to prevent legal challenges is seen through legal challenges brought by Iraqi and Palestinian resistance.

The British Prime Minister is clearly being dishonest trying to claim that any ‘lessons’ about society’s rue of law have been ‘learned’ by any British ‘government’ over the murder of Pat Finucane.

The British Prime Minister does not want to be on a witness stand in the British High Court being cross examined in front of a jury, over just what steps’ he took, or indeed had already been taken by Tony Blair & Co to try and illegally smash our own unarmed civilian resistance, and why.


Da Silva would never be able to distance the British Parliament from Cameron's public admission on July 9th 2009 that he wanted to use the highest 'public office' to try and smash our campaign.


The evidence is our unarmed civilian resistance is the most targeted civilian resistance on the British mainland in the history of Britain (although now we move beyond the British mainland too)

It is a matter of fact ‘both houses and Black Rod’ (the British Parliament) had motive and intent to attempt to murder me, including on September 3rd & 4th 2009 at Belgravia Police Station.


The 'best' that could be said about the Labour Party attempting to murder me in September 2009, after Cameron pointedly made his announcement in July 2009 on Sky News, was that Brown was trying to win back the Murdoch 'vote'.

The reason was the same as it always is.

The British 'government' were trying to prevent successful legal challenges against them.

The British government tried to murder me to prevent my having a High Court jury in a civil claim where I had not been charged with anything over a massive police raid on May 23rd 2006.


A High Court jury in 2006 would have led to the much earlier repeal of fraudulent violent legislation targeting our civilian resistance, we nevertheless eventually had repealed.


I personally believe that every last piece of 3000 + pieces of legislation that have been invented for the bogus 'War on Terror' since 2001, should for starters, be repealed.


It is also ridiculous to suggest the British government have any defence to the illegal Iraq War.


The British government simply could not argue in any court of law, that they 'reasonably believed' UN resolution 1441 authorized the UK to act...on behalf of the UN, who have even had to confirm it did not themselves.

The foul RIPA Act, which is designed to try and gloss over the murky world of British ‘Covert Human Intelligence Sources’ has no real legs in legal terms, precisely because it is used by a British government who have no legitimate authority to be engaging in covert activities against civilian resistance in the first place.

Our own civilian resistance is (for example) not obliged to enter into or defer to the RIPA Act or their phoney tribunal.

Our own civilian resistance is legally entitled to put (for example) the evidence of illegal surveillance before a High Court jury, which neatly proves the British government were illegally spying on us -because- we went to the High Court on April 10th 2013.


the british government did not just happen upon us after we left the british high court


The British Prime Minister has not rescinded his ‘order’ to try and use the entire apparatus of the British State to try and smash our unarmed civilian resistance, making it inevitable that only a court order from proceedings involving a High Court jury, could secure that amongst much else.


Indeed Special Branch never backed down from or actually rescinded their 'license to kill' me that was outlined in police 'witness statements' from January 31st 2007.

The British 'government' which is whatever you like to believe 'political' means, have always tried to kill off successful legal challenges to their non-existent legal ‘authority’.

It is society’s rule of law that actually only allows very limited public space for a few administrators to responsibly manage a very few agreed public services/infrastructure that could (for example) easily be funded through one tax on the luxury goods civilians can actually afford to buy.


It is self-evident that it is not legal to build a 'system' that solely trades in human life for financial gain.

Anything that people read in NATO ‘news’ media is a watered down and manipulated apologia over the long Genocidal British government.


The British government's illegal system of taxation and legislation violently oppresses civilians at home and murders civilians abroad because that is what generates the greatest revenue for big business.


The RIPA 'Act' is ONLY designed to cover up the still existing "licence to kill".

All civilian resistance to colonial NATO 'governments' has experienced the reality of the whole fraud known as ‘covert human intelligence sources’ which involves nothing more than a merry-go-round of criminals who are only trying to provide cover for each other.