I can confirm that the reality of our own quite unparalleled practical experience of resistance to the old boys club in Westminster Village, bears no relationship to the fictional account put out by the errr...British Establishment, called, “The British Establishment and how they get away with it”.


only the british establishment publish drivel with a title like this


The latest fictional version of Westminster Village is a ‘news’ media narrative that early on, in pages 5 & 6 deliberately conflates legislation with law, to try to get around the admission that it is the far from legal system that “facilitates” the violent hold on “power” the British Establishment illegally exercises.


“all of these things are facilitated -even encouraged- by laws that are geared to crack down on the smallest of misdemeanours...” (page 5 & 6 “The British Establishment and how they get away with it” by Owen Jones)



In fact illegal legislation, where there is no identifiable harm, and which our long established Parliament Square Peace Campaign proved can be repealed, is invented solely to violently oppress civilians at home and murder civilians abroad, simply because that is the easiest way for a few very lazy criminals to generate the largest revenue for 'big business'.

Jones and his fellow conspirators like Russell Brand who supports Jones’ fictional account of Westminster Village, do therefore mean to once again try to hijack the truth to try and draw people down a very long garden path leading no-where good for civilians, anywhere.

What is clear is that the fictional ‘news’ media narrative of Westminster Village is flailing around trying to find a way it will never find, to get a grip on resistance that simply has no need for ‘news’ media propaganda, whether it likes to call itself, ‘mainstream or alternative’.

When the Westminster Village ’news’ media admitted that I used to drive them barmy with “Genocide is a War Crime and Tony Blair is a war criminal” what the Chairman of the Parliamentary Press gallery omitted to mention was what followed.



in fact district judge snow who illegally imprisoned me without legal representation or trial unsurprisingly remains in contempt of a habeas corpus high court order that he explain how i could be imprisoned under s5 public order 1986, when duncan went out of his way to pass by me to have me unlawfully 'arrested' for causing him 'harassment, alarm and distress' over asking about his £160,000 at that time undeclared 'expenses' from vitol oil


I then used to introduce people to further facts (over a loudspeaker) by saying...”Welcome to Westminster Village, which is an old boys club, where some go into politics, some go into media while some pretend they are doing law, when what they all agree on is that they are willing to make a killing out of...somebody else...”

Duncan then just edited and stole another of my soundbites that went on to explain that the British Parliament were "a bunch of liars, thieves and murderers who are an international disgrace that serves no justifiable democratic purpose..." to try to use against us.

It is impossible to claim the British Establishment didn’t hear or far worse...fear what we say and do.

It was my mention of the media that had as the Daily Mail 'Chairman' of the Parliamentary Press Gallery and much else, at that time admits himself, the entire ‘news’ media in Westminster all gunning for our violent disappearance courtesy of the ‘police’ too.

The real truth really is -all- the Westminster ’news’ media have always been in bed with -all- the politicians and -all- the police (and soldiers) to violently oppress civilians at home and murder civilians abroad through their illegal system of taxation and legislation.

The current problem the British Establishment have is that it is ridiculous to suppose that a single ‘news’ media outlet will ever publish the truth that civilians can remove the violent power the state has illegally gifted itself by repealing, most usually through High Court juries, the illegal legislation.

There is after all no great mystery in how the system works or how it can be changed, which only continues to make liars out of -all- of those who are “Westminster Village’s” British Establishment, avoiding such an obvious fact.

It goes without saying that genuine practical resistance who has 48 linked High Court claims against the British government that include several attempts on their life, that should all be heard before a jury, would bring the British Establishment and it’s 'system' of injustice to it’s knees in one foul swoop.

The Mc Libel Two did admirable work against one corporation, while ours inevitably goes further because of the nature of our own practical experience.

The entire Westminster ‘news’ media who helped ‘facilitate’ not just what was done to our own Parliament Square Peace Campaign, but what is the continuing Genocide in the Middle East, will cease to exist over time, because they can never have any credibility, because they can never tell the one simple truth that legislation is not law.

Violent state power -only- comes from legislation that can be repealed, because it is not compatible with society’s rule of law.


A ’news’ media that cannot tell civilians that one simple truth, serves no useful purpose for society.


To publicly portray that it is 'politics' or 'news' media, instead of society's rule of law, that 'governs' society is inherently illegal.



The fact that Rupert Murdoch shelled out $70 million dollars to promote nothing more than click-bait snuff movies tells you how deep the problem for propaganda goes.

the guardian incredibly advertising rupert murdoch's vice 'news' media click-bait snuff movies