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'Lord' MacDonald who is the Chair of Reprieve, is a war criminal.


It is well known MacDonald illegally used his previous position as ‘Director of Public Prosecutions’ to (for example) relentlessly try and illegally smash our campaign so he and his murderous cronies were not put on trial for their obvious war crimes.




Clearly Lord War Criminal has not had a change of heart or conscience, and is using a genuine claim that British drones should not be used to slaughter people in Yemen, as they usually do elsewhere, to try and get a weasel worded High Court ruling to illegally use drones in Iraq and Syria.


wouldn't touch these crooks with a barge-pole.

We proved that you can still get corporate legislation -repealed- despite faux legal challenges, like those of Lord MacDonald -because- we didn’t play their games.


Despite not even being invited to one of our own High Court hearings, which was delayed until long after the faux legal challenges, we did not ever make the 'concession' that corporate legislation was compatible with the people’s rule of law.


Tucker v Director of Public Prosecutions [2007] EWHC 3019 (Admin) (30 November 2007)


"...She appeared before us and made representations in a case earlier this week to deal with a [far from] completely different issue....It is right to point out that in Blum very experienced counsel, instructed on behalf of numerous persons including Liberty, made a concession in relation to the applicability of Articles 10 and 11 in relation to Section 132 and abandoned an argument that the section should be read down. That concession is not made in this case..."


The legal issue over the illegal use of drones has long been festering in British courts, because of the long standing nature of the faux legal challenge by Reprieve, who religiously do not recognise that the true starting point under the rule of law, is the entire British government of all political shades are murderous war criminals.

That includes Reprieve’s Chair.

We happened to sit in on part of a faux legal challenge brought by Reprieve, in late 2012, over drones, when we had been summoned to the High Court over our own groundbreaking claims, where our starting point is that the British government are illegally trying to smash our campaign -because- they are war criminals.

We saw Reprieve win the legal argument, before Justice Moses ran, saying they had lost, before Reprieve just dropped their case, instead of carrying on.

Yet here are Reprieve again, making the same faux legal challenge, in the same High Court.


The Reprieve claim deliberately does not seek to make progress over the illegal nature of the use of drones, everywhere -because- their faux challenge merely seeks to circumvent our own -existing- groundbreaking High Court claims, that inevitably deal with illegal drones.


War criminals who are held to account for war crimes in a court of law, using the people's rule of law, don't have drones at their disposal.


No reasonable person would think that 'Reprieve' have any credibility with Lord MacDonald at their helm.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!