The phoney ‘Bureau of Investigative Journalism’ is the latest stage managed government production over state ’surveillance’.


not something an image consultant can spin.

The revolting Bureau of Investigative Journalism do not have an ‘investigative’ bone in their bodies, as they illegally -support- British govt air strikes in Syria !!






The BIJ lawyer from Doughty Chambers arrogantly claims they will publish their application in 'due course' which roughly translated means the British government are still making it up as they go along :)

As our campaign has proved, what the murderous British government and the whole Edward Snowden Hoax, and the likes of this BIJ outfit are really trying to cover up, is that the British government illegally use ‘surveillance’ to kidnap and try to murder those, like our real resistance, who are really successfully challenging them in courts.

The UK PM’s image consultant, Lynton Crosby’s problem is this.

The faithful Daily Mail readers would choke on their cocoa pops trying to reconcile just:

a) the British government using secret 666 police to kidnap people taking the British government to court, because those people are successfully holding the British government to account over Genocide,


b) the whole fluffy corporate ‘news’ media sales pitch of the government ‘protecting’ freedom etc.

The 666 headline, which involves a major British government cover up, is not a corporate ‘news’ media headline that sells what is a truly sinister and murderous corporate state in a good light at all.

The BIJ challenge is an exercise in the British govt. hedging their bets and trying to cover all bases, which is deliberately limited:

a) to the non-existent legal concept that people who label themselves ‘journalists’ should enjoy superior rights to the rest of us


(it is incredibly arrogant and revealing when ummm...phone hacking 'journalism' still claims it has superior rights to the rest of us)

b) deliberately has no real evidential guts to it, like the real example of the British government illegally using ’surveillance’ to kidnap Neil after we left the British High Court on April 10th 2013.


(it is well established that no lawyer has ever been bothered about the quite unique breadth of illegal 'surveillance' of our campaign, which is part of the fact of why our campaign was repeatedly illegally denied proper legal representation)

It is important to recognize the layers who work together, who are the real enemy of real resistance.


They will all be complicit in anyone's murder to maintain the 'image' of the fluffy Daily Mail corporate ‘news’ lie, that even though the government makes ‘mistakes’ it is there to ‘protect’ people, when nothing could be further from the truth.


Once we got out of the vehicle on April 10th 2013, which was not part of what they hoped would be their plan, they were fucked and just had to make up, whatever lies they could, which all fell apart, while the cover up continues.


They did not actually want us to just get out of the vehicle.


Both times I went to the High Court on December 6th 2012 (when I refused to settle out of court) and April 10th 2013, they kidnapped Neil from his vehicle.


It was the December 8th 2012 attack that seriously injured Neil.


Both incidents added two further very serious civil claims against the British government, who didn't just happen upon us, after we left the British High Court.