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7/7 WAS AN INSIDE JOB, JUST LIKE 666... (07.07.2014)

We really must not -indulge- the wicked, the stupid and the great brainwashed. They beg us to ‘believe’ the ‘official version’ of whatever corporate propaganda makes their truly miserable lives more comfortable, while innocent people are murdered by the truly brutal British Establishment.




remember the...Genocide that was already happening way before even 9/11, and...remember Jean Charles De Menezes ?

7/7 was an inside job.

Which part of the British Establishment have been brutally murdering people for money, for ever, could people possibly not know ?

Which part of the far from Common-wealth, that involved the most brutal slaughter of indigenous people...all over...the world, could anyone have really...missed ?

It is clear that the British Establishment sent what are effectively secret police running to kidnap us when we left the High Court on April 10th 2013 -because- I was exposing Asst. Commissioner Allison who was the Gold Commander on both 7/7 in 2005, and then May 23rd 2006, in Parliament Square as a liar and worse.


The British Establishment knew that if Asst. Commissioner Allison is properly exposed through legal proceedings, as having lied about our campaign, of all campaigns, as ‘Gold Commander’ then that is going to open a whole can of worms leading to a whole new ‘investigation’ over...7/7, that leads all the way to Number 10, Number 11 and the City of London.


Assistant Commissioner Allison was the 'Gold Commander' on both 7.7.2005 & in Parliament Square, on 23.05.2006




"There was a need for another shock to the society to introduce laws to discipline those who were outspoken about the Government’s behaviors."


Allison is not just running interference for those further up the food chain. He was deeply involved in pulling off all the dirty work.


'Gold Commander': one seriously bent copper.



the British Establishment crossed all 'red lines', long ago.


We were not supposed to get out of a vehicle that was not being tracked on any 'ANPR' on April 10th 2013, when we left the...High Court. The Metropolitan 'Police' hoped the City of London 'Police' would have the opportunity to violently drag us out of that vehicle, doing serious permanent injury to us etc.



When all did not pan out as the filth planned, the video above is evidence of the utter rubbish they had to try making up on the hoof, that is now another truly massive civil claim against the...British Establishment.


There's a whole lot of money being made out of peddling the grave-train of 'terror'.



peddling the grave-train of terror: Detective Peter Sparks, John Yates, Michael Richards, Professor Peter Neumann, Celia Mathieson, Asst Chief Constable Boucher, D.S Karen Baxter, Asst. Chief Constable Marcus Beale

Of course, the Gold Commander who was a liar on 7/7 and also when he was a 'Gold Commander' less than a year later kidnapping me, from Parliament Square, on May 23rd 2006, doesn’t do telling the truth, about anything, including 7/7.

9/11 happened because the U.S and U.K governments could not continue committing Genocide, in Iraq with their sanctions that had murdered so many children, so they had to find some other way of both covering up and continuing their...crimes. 

Taking the...lives, of ordinary law abiding members of the public, like you or me, is not something that the purely -criminal- minds, of the widely discredited Metropolitan Police, and the rest of the British Establishment, are used to losing any sleep over.

Yet, in fact, so frightened is the British Establishment of the 7/7 Gold Commander being exposed as a liar, by this quite ordinary, law abiding member of the public, that they sent what are effectively secret police running to kidnap us, when we left the High Court, on April 10th 2013.


City of London: dirty place.


April 10th 2013: 666 is another inside job.

666 is obviously not the number of this 'police' officer, who might not even be a police officer, who the whole British Establishment are like rats down a drainpipe over, trying to cover up.

It is not by happenstance that Mr 7/7 sent in 666 to try and cover up his witness statement, dated 12.12.2012, after I pointed out it did not provide any 'defence' that is recognized in...law.


our campaign does properly challenge the 'official version'.

12.12.2012: no-one could really spin the old chestnut, of 'reasonably believing' that this 'claimant' should ever have been...kidnapped by the state.

What on earth would a jury make of these total state weirdos and their freak-show, running around in public with an irrational obsession with...numbers !

We get these kind of weird, yet real life things like 666 happen to us, because the British Establishment know we really do mean business about holding the British government to account for...mass murder.

And Mr 7/7, Asst. Commissioner Allison has hardly been acting...alone.


'sensitive material': everyone should always be made aware there are criminal filth running around kidnapping law abiding members of the public off the street. the 'operation' was far from 'confidential'.

this human being, disgustingly referred to as the 'prisoner' by Mr 'Gold Commander' is far from impressed, with being kidnapped because 78 !! Metropolitan Police could not come up with a power of ummm...seizure. quite what any of it has to do with a steve dunn at 'special branch' is a bloody mystery.

Of course Mr 7/7 ’s own far from ‘legal’ defence...only fingers 'both houses and black rod', (which is the British Parliament), being in on everything.

Quelle surprise, and not what is a recognised defence or reason for the Metropolitan Police to continue trying to cover up the CCTV of their illegally using positional asphyxiation on me to torture and try to murder me in Belgravia ‘Police’ Station on September 3rd & 4th 2009 !

The British Establishment are none too keen for the British public to be mulling that illuminating CCTV over their cornflakes !!

Mr 7/7 & Co have always wanted to smash our campaign -precisely- because the British Establishment are all liars, thieves and worst of all...mass murderers.


and here is the same lying Mr 'Gold Commander' at 'Lady' Hallett's phoney 'Inquest' talking about the 7/7 bombings, on February 10th 2011.


Hugo Keith who is one corrupt 'counsel' had skulked off to the Bahamas when he knew, after he delivered his 'bundle' to us, that he had lost in a case he was 'lead' counsel against us, before the Lord Chief Justice in 2007. The whole rotten lot really are all in bed together.


(I have a feeling that it was the old bag, Hallett who we walked out on in the 'Court of Appeal', before cutting the Mayors fences, saying we would not dignify listening to her waffling on after, Lord Neuberger, in the Mayors rubbish, in 2011.)




Of course Westminster ‘Village’ is full of the worst paedeophiles and all manner of disgusting other sick and twisted perverts, because these disgusting people really do get off ...murdering children.


...it isn't like we haven't been clear !

We are correct in saying that it is absolutely do-able under the rule of law, to prosecute war criminals in the British government, before a jury of the people, using universal jurisdiction, and the precedent of Nuremberg.

We have also proved that, despite what the U.K Attorney General publicly says, it is absolutely lawful for the people, to record and publish all 'court' proceedings involving the actions of...’public officials’.



No proper Judicial process, where 'evidence' or lack of, can be properly challenged, has ever taken place, to prove who was responsible for what was a serious criminal act.


The corporate state have simply spun whatever story they liked.


The British Establishment really do have zero...credibility.


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!