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Sometimes, western intelligence services instruct media propagandists, to plant incredible stories, without any opportunity for people to comment, so that people cannot point out the illogical nature of their nonsense.


propaganda: Musa Cerantonio.


One such invention, has 'radical'...keyboard 'warriors' and talking heads, who supposedly want to overthrow, the U.S government, supporting ummm...Syrian Jihadis, who want to 'overthrow'...Assad, which is precisely what the U.S and Australian...governments...want to do.


'intelligence' services are 'embedded' in media.


There is something completely flaky about supposedly hating the U.S govt. while knowing that if you do their dirty work, for them, the U.S govt. are more than happy for you to do whatever you want.




"...Though sporadically critical of them, Cerantonio describes the Isis group, which is closely affiliated to al-Qaida, "as the best forces on the ground in Syria"..."


In fact what Cerontonio, whom it is claimed became a Muslim aged 17 and whose Facebook page goes back to September 2013, shows is that like western governments, he is completely indifferent to the brutal murder of...innocent civilians in Syria :

"Over the past few days I have received some requests for interviews to discuss certain questions about the Jihad in Ash-Sham. The reports that they plan to publish/broadcast seem to be based upon a report that will be released tomorrow about myself and Shaykh Ahmad Musa Jibril by the ICSR (International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation).

I have preferred to respond to the questions asked by the BBC, The Guardian and the ICSR openly on this page.

Questions from the BBC -

1 - What do you think about Muslims travelling from the west to join the fighting against Assad? Do you think it is legitimate for them to do so?

The answer to this is both yes and no. If they are going there to fight against the Assad regime but do not fight so that the Khilafah (Caliphate) will be established and that the Word of Allah (Islamic Law) will be supreme then the answer is a resounding no, such people are not acceptable to us and have absolutely no legitimacy in Islam. As for those who aim to make Allah's Word supreme and aim to unite all of the Muslims as one nation under the rule of a Khalifah (Caliph) then those are the ones who are upon the correct way and we ask Allah to grant them victory over the disbelievers.

2 - Some security analysts say such Muslims could pose a threat to the West of they become "radicalised", what do you think of that idea?

Muslims do not need to travel to Ash-Sham to become radicalised, they only need to turn on their TVs and to look at the actions of the USA and its allies in how they invade Muslim lands, bomb Muslim households killing innocent families and how they torture and rape Muslim prisoners. Going by the definition of 'radical' that these people use then the first radicalisation that a Muslim undergoes is due the natural response to the tyranny that he sees occurring all over the world, and the hand directly behind this tyranny is more often than not the USA.

3 - In Britain a number of Muslims have been arrested for travelling to Syria to fight against Assad. Do you think that's fair?

I cannot comment on specific cases that I am unaware of, nor do I consider the laws of the UK to be legitimate to begin with so I have no interest in discussing their laws which we reject totally in favour of the Law of the Almighty. From the view of Islamic Law it is a duty to respond to the call of the oppressed in Ash-Sham and to defend them from the tyranny that they are suffering under, and nobody should hinder any believer who wishes to respond to their call.

4 - Some western Muslims who are in Syria have a lot of respect for you as a sheikh. How do you feel about that?

Every Muslim respects and loves his brothers, and just as they respect me I have an even greater respect for them.

5 - Some consider ISIS to be a "terrorist" group. What do you think about them?

The definition of 'terror' and 'terrorism' is something that lacks a clear meaning in most western discourse, therefore I prefer not to use such a vague and ambiguous term as it is most likely that it will not be understood correctly.

I have discussed this in the following video should you wish to better understand my stance on the concept of terror in Islam - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0PSoySAat0

6 - Do you believe that you are encouraging Muslims to join ISIS? Or encouraging Muslims to join opposition groups in Syria at all?

I have not told any Muslim to specifically join a specific group, be it ISIS, JN or any other. Rather I have advised all Muslims to support all those who fight the disbelievers and aim to make Allah's Word supreme, and to avoid infighting that will weaken the ranks of the believers. I have tried to remind others often that our aim is not bolstering and blindly supporting any one group but rather our aim must be to unite the ranks of all Muslims from Mindanao to Morocco as one nation under the leadership of a Khalifah who rules by Allah's Law.

Questions from The Guardian -

1 - Do you believe you have incited others to violence, possible acts of terrorism and encouraged young men to fight in Syria?

I do not doubt that I have called upon all believers, whether young or old, to respond to the commands of God.

2 - Why are you so popular on social media for Western foreign fighters in Syria?

Possibly due to the occasional comics and humourous videos that I publish, or due to a shared interest in the adventures of Dora the Explorer.

Questions from ICSR -

1. Do you support the armed opposition in Syria?

If by the 'opposition' you mean the FSA and other groups like them who are commonly called the 'Syrian opposition' then no, I do not support them at all, in fact I am totally opposed to them. My support is solely for any group/s that aim to unite all Muslims into one jama'ah (nation) and to establish the Khilafah, regardless of whether they be in Ash-Sham or elsewhere.

2. Do you support ISIS?

From what I have published on my page in the past you would see that on some occasions I have supported some statements and actions of the group, and I have also criticised and opposed other statements and actions of it. My support does not unconditionally belong to any single group in the region and I believe that as of the moment all groups are lacking and incomplete and cannot have my unconditional support until the Khilafah is established, in which case the Jama'at al-Muslimeen (the Muslim nation) must all gather as one and support the Khalifah.

3. Do you encourage individuals to fight jihad in Syria?

Allah the Almighty has ordained this matter from above the seven heavens when He said - "And fight in the Path of Allah", and He said, "Fighting has been enjoined upon you". Ibn Hazm, the great Andalusian scholar explained the matter of Jihad for the Muslims when he wrote, "Jihad is mandatory upon the Muslims. If some fulfill the duty by protecting our borders and fighting the enemies in their own land and conquering it, then the other Muslims are relieved of the duty otherwise it is a duty on each one of them according the verse: “Go forth, whether light of heavy, and strive with your wealth and your lives in the path of Allah. That is better for you, if you only knew".

As a believer I accept the Words of my Lord and I seek refuge in Him of being one of those who denies or rejects His verses.

4. Do you support, condone, or condemn foreign fighters who travel to Syria?

I condemn and am totally opposed to any person whether they be Syrian or non-Syrian who fights for the tyrants and disbelievers, such as the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Iranian fighters entering into Ash-Sham. I condemn and am totally opposed to any person who fights for any other goal than making the Word of Allah supreme. My support lies only with those who fight in the Path of Allah according to His commands and whose aim is the establishment of the Khilafah, the unity of the Muslims and establishing Allah's Religion on earth.

- A comment that I wish to make regarding your study:

I was forwarded a summary of your report that you plan to release (which I have not read up until now) which contained the following words -

"Using social network analysis, the paper identifies the two most prominent of these new spiritual authorities as Ahmad Musa Jibril and Musa Cerantonio. Jibril, a U.S. based preacher with Arab roots who is in his early 40s, has a long history of support for militant causes. He is eloquent, charismatic, and – most importantly – fluent in English. So is Musa Cerantonio, a 29 year old Australian convert to Islam who frequently appears on satellite television and has become an outspoken cheerleader of ISIS."

I am not familiar with most of the works of ICSR however I have read 2 of your reports in the past about Shaykh Anwar Al-Awlaqi and I was truly amazed at how the writers managed to make so many basic errors and seemed to be genuinely unfamiliar with their subjects beyond listening to a few of their talks as well as being ignorant of Islamic issues in general. Sometimes it may have been something small such as continuous spelling errors and misunderstandings of basic Islamic terms, and sometimes it was completely absurd conclusions regarding an individual and entirely misunderstanding his words or actions. It seems that this poor analysis has continued to be a trademark of your works!

If you had bothered to read all of the posts and comments on my page or even on other pages you would see that far from being an 'outspoken cheerleader of ISIS' I have criticised the group on many occasions and have quite often been abused and insulted by some of the aggressive and blinded supporters of the group on my page. It seems that you have taken a few words of praise of mine on the good that the group has done and translated it into 'outspoken cheerleading' which shows the lack of research and lack of understanding that your writers often exhibit. What amazes me is that on one hand I am described by some as an 'outspoken supporter of Jabhat An-Nusrah' by incompetent groups such as MEMRI based upon a single sentence that I mentioned praising the group's attacks attempting to liberate Damascus, and now I get the same from ICSR claiming I am an 'outspoken cheerleader of ISIS' despite the fact that on the very page you claim to have used as your research source I have counted 12 different times where I have criticised ISIS' actions and statements, let alone the amount of times I have done so on other pages, in private messages or in other media forums. I truly suggest that you give up on clutching for straws and trying to write academic works based upon what seems to be a simple 5 minute review of Facebook pages, it makes you look desperate as well as incompetent."


Cerontonio's Facebook page confirms that, just like the British and American governments, he shows absolutely no regard whatsoever, for innocent civilian lives in Syria.  He is at the very best, quite a horrid...opportunist.




exactly the same as Obama and McCain's Ukraine line, that everyone who is not with them is a...'terrorist'


Cerontonio's Twitter account that began last July is here.


It seems highly unlikely that there has been any 'academic' study of this guy...at all.


Of course western government propaganda, that is currently trying to persuade the public that western governments are looking for 'moderate' allies, to fight the Syrian...people, doesn't really wash, not least when one considers the total absence of any 'moderates' of any kind across the whole spectrum of murderous British, American and Australian 'politics'.


Clearly these keyboard 'warriors', who are free to give their CIA sponsored You-tube sermons, that are re-published by the mainstream media propagandists, have never so much as had a threatening letter, like we have, from the U.K Attorney General, who illegally censored some of our You Tube videos in the U.K without any...court order.


Of course our proposal of lawfully recording and publishing jury trials of the British government over war crimes, does actually terrify the brutal British Establishment, because it really would save...millions of innocent civilians...lives. 

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!