"...never before seen...rebellion which is anti-elite, anti-state, anti-tax, anti-parliament, anti-press..."

In 2014, the law abiding majority, of humanity, who I count myself amongst, are broadly casting off many...shackles.

The days of listening to the patronizing rhetoric of the "we know best" brigade of Establishment politicians, journalists and lawyers, are almost gone.

Never have so many, seen what is going on with their own eyes, and started doing what the people can, around the world, to help each other, to protect people and life.

It is now a self evident truth, that real change will only come, through -the people- exploring and being involved in, constructive challenges, whether it is through law, media or local governance.

It is by neither accepting nor following what you are fed by the system, that you can bring about real change.





" In a time of universal deceit, law abiding civilians trying to restore the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law is an evolutionary act."


(adapted from George Orwell)