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A thread on a long established U.K 9/11 Truth group provides a useful example to illustrate how the State manage the business of war.

Bunny Easton pictured in the Independent newspaper on 26 February 2011.

"What people are always being invited to be distracted from, is the law, behind what is going on.....while very large sums of money have passed through many hands, to try and destroy our campaign"


In legal terms, it remains -irrelevant- what the vicious rumour mills of two "activists" called McKenzie, (who is at best an apologist) and Gallastegui, (named as a provocateur), might have to maliciously say, anywhere, outside a court of law (see latest McKenzie post below) about one incident in one video of August 2010, (also below).


Malicious legal proceedings against Brian have already been dealt with, using ....real law.

Legally, all the malicious proceedings against Brian over the incident in August 2010, were done and dusted (finished) by December 2010. It is the state and their agents who are now on trial, in real legal proceedings.

It remains clear, that while a Ms McKenzie -continues- in 2014, to quite deliberately try and publicly smear my name, while I am still living, and my life remains at risk, that she continues to distract from -the fact- that in law, I have at all times, as shown below, legally referred to Gallastegui as an agent provocateur- in what remain legal proceedings, because- in legal terms, that describes the...illegal activities.

Agent Provocateur: in black & white.

It is the state’s serious problem, which arm of the same business state, various agent provocateurs, might ultimately take their shekel from.

That is the -real law- over the (four)video/s explained.

"Luke": My "New" Campaign is against Brian Haw.

And in a small part, of a much longer and particularly revealing piece of spin, put out by the GUARDIAN:"Boris Johnson's made himself look like an idiot," says Luke, one of the protesters. "He's moved us about two inches." Luke is 22, tanned and lanky and pretty sure of himself. He has a mattress in his tent, and his possessions all neatly tucked away on either side. "Before I was here, I was homeless for seven years, just wasting away in a hostel with alcoholics and crackheads." He sits comfortably cross-legged on the pavement, smoking a roll-up, as if he were at some idyllic rural pop festival, while the traffic shoots by just behind his back. "The only downside of being here," he goes on, "is the carbon monoxide."

In fact what is most damning of Gallastegui in the incident,in June 2010, is shown in VIDEO 4 where Gallastegui is actually shown filming, when the camera is passed to her, by the lout, as he goes about the business of trying to destroy Brian's tent, after which Gallestegui can still be heard trying to say something is still essentially all -our fault-, while Brian is unlawfully ...arrested.

On another occasion "Luke" assaulted Brian to try and get Brian arrested by complaining, I kid you not, that Brian's cigarette burnt him. On that occasion, the police could not quite work out how to explain "Luke" being so close to Brian, when -all- the witnesses, said it was Brian being assaulted.

VIDEO 1 @ 1MIN 10SECS shows an assault on Brian by "Kieron" at the very beginning, of this incident in August 2010, some three hours earlier. The CPS, Metropolitan Police & CPS subsequently had to disappear "Kieron" to try and avoid -three- agent provocateurs being -charged- with what was a joint criminal enterprise.

In my still existing counterclaim in HQ11X00563, (which involves much else), a jury could only find that Gallastegui has knowingly worked over many years, with variously the Home Secretary, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, the Leader of Westminster Council, the "spin doctor", Alistair Campbell, the Guardian, the BBC, and so on.

Any "case" against Brian, in August 2010, was legally concluded, in our favour.


There remains however, a wider serious point, to make, for those who wish to investigate and understand, what that one simple video shows, still now, in a much bigger picture.

The -rumour mill- of agent provocateurs, do ultimately have a “licence” (that is albeit, illegal) to.... murder.

If the likes of McKenzie want to keep taking their shekels, they cannot deviate from the trademark policy of smear, that involves, with their knowledge, murder.

The murder of those campaigning against war, or those being murdered in illegal wars, of aggression.

Many of those who have suffered because of the U.K's illegal wars, will know what I mean, when I say, that words cannot ever, even begin to explain, what it is like to live through and try if you ever can, to come to terms with, a very dear friend (and fellow campaigner) being murdered, by the state, while the state are very clearly trying to murder you.

Our campaign lost Brian, who suffered and died. Millions of others continue to die, because of layer upon layer, of lies.

The provocateur Gallastegui’s role, as shown in the video was always to try as usual to smear our names, while looking for some “legal” avenue, to destroy our campaign.

It is also clear that Gallastegui is now part of a media initiative being run by the Guardian (see my email to Guardian at end of article), to effectively pass herself off as me (and by extension our campaign)

The only way anyone can even begin to try and stop our continuing to campaign, and rewrite the “official” version of our campaign, is to murder me.

One reason the U.K State remain anxious to rewrite an official version of our campaign, is because should the true facts of what the U.K State really did to our campaign, ever see the light of day before any, or many a jury, it would be a scandal that would - legally - bring down the House (of Parliament) on all sides, along with many other layers of the Queen's "government".

The monarchy is rather a large, legal anachronism spanning one sixth of the land, in the world.

Ours is a long standing campaign, that in contrast to the British Establishment, has -always- brought real law into all we do, because we always want to save people’s lives, here and now, and well into the future.

At the time of the incident in the video, I had named agent provocateurs (not just) in High Court proceedings, on June 21st 2010, in the Mayor of London’s case against Brian and I.

It was never a “quarrel”. It was about doing law for life.

So the best the State could do, was as usual, buy time, by finally severing us legally from Democracy Village and Peace Strike, by remitting our Appeal in the Court of Appeal, back to the High Court, which is why we were still on a tiny bit of grass, in the video.

(Subsequently the Mayor of London conceded that he used agent provocateurs, by never challenging my evidence, while the Judge side-stepped the issue, because our campaign was no longer joined with Democracy Village & Peace Strike)

Later I show how I dealt with that, “sidestep”.

Historically our website shows (contrary to what McKenzie claims in her post), the government sought to “dictate” who -we- campaigned with.

In fact, three examples are:

1) The government sought to -ban- me, despite Brian and I saying we were campaigning together.

Tucker v Director of Public Prosecutions [2007] EWHC 3019 (Admin) (30 November 2007)

2) Yet, the Mayor of London sought to legally -join- us in 2010, in legal proceedings with Democracy Village, because as usual, he had no -evidence- against our campaign, to take us to court.


A well known old troll on the anti war circuit, called -Raga Woods-, even stood up in the High Court demanding that it was for the Judge to rule she could join our campaign. of course Brian vociferously intervened, to point out that it was not for anyone else, to decide who could join our campaign.

3) The Guardian still dishonestly claim publicly (as recently as June and November 2013) that Gallastegui is a member of a our continuing campaign.

In legal terms, in the incident on this video, in August 2010, Brian was unlawfully arrested, falsely imprisoned, and illegally charged based on a malicious accusation by Gallastegui & Co.

The malicious prosecution was dropped by the CPS -because- I sent them the video pointing out, that it was already online(none of which Birds "Solicitors" wanted me to do).

I told the CPS that if they did not -immediately- drop the case (where Brian was charged while in hospital with cancer) I would Judicially Review their decision in the High Court, to charge and prosecute Brian, which we had done and won before, over January 2008. (Brian gave me written authority to act on his behalf, in various ways, in legal matters)


2008: Just like in 2010, trying to smash Brian's camera to conceal ...evidence.

The video in 2010, shows an incident that was identical to January 2008, where the police try to cover up that Brian was assaulted (like at the very beginning of the video) when they tried to smash his video camera, so he could not film... evidence. We do recommend for safety, using a hands free, small Go Pro camera, attached to your body, with straps, which we subsequently found to be enormously useful.


shows I returned from having a shower at a friends, because Brian has -unusually- phoned me to tell me (VIDEO 1 @ 1 MINUTE 10 SECS) had all been going on for hours, without the police doing anything.

-I- am the one seen in VIDEO FOUR, who steps in (specifically to protect Brian and keep him out of it legally, because I know I have legal grounds to use “reasonable force in self defence” of our campaign, although I do expect that I will be arrested...because that is what...generally happens).

Illuminatingly, the video shows that despite -my- very clearly being the one who is removing the louts, it is Brian they - still - go for, on this occasion, by trying to destroy his tent.

What the video shows in legal terms is a joint criminal enterprise by - three - people to try to set Brian up.

An important fact also remains, that when this video was shown to the CPS and they had to drop the malicious prosecution against Brian, the CPS, Metropolitan Police and Gallastegui -jointly- “disappeared” the young lout so that (for example) -he- could not be charged as I said earlier, with the assault on Brian, which would -expose- them all.

How could Gallastegui explain keeping quiet about filming one of her own campaign members trying to destroy Brian's tent ?

They had to "disappear" this "Kieron" -because- the video shows a joint criminal enterprise between -three- people, where Gallastegui is controlling (rather than “siding”) with the two louts, as McKenzie claims. It was our own experience that is confirmed by witnesses, that these two louts (and there was another one who claimed to work with the Australian government) were generally used by Gallastegui to go around and remove anyone, not “following”.....orders.

The “orders” were, to use any means, to destroy our campaign.

(The Australian had to leave when Gallastegui was witnessed by Brian and another woman, suddenly punching me out of the blue, to both try and distract and provoke me -because- the Australian who had lost the plot was in my face, threatening me, while claiming that he worked for the Australian government, when I stood up to his macho nonsense, all of which the police had to try and cover up)



THE LOUTS FROM THE VIDEO: "Kieron" is second from left and "Luke" is third from left in a Daily Mail picture, from their article.

On (for example) several of many other occasions, it was witnessed that I had to be rescued by fellow campaigners when another Democracy Village/Peace Strike lout (who made a point of showing me and others what he claimed was his PNC with convictions for armed robbery !!) had me pinned against the fence threatening to shoot me dead, before I was subsequently told, he had finally been jailed again, for stabbing a local news vendor several months later. It is a fact that I was punched in the jaw, (after trying to smash a bottle !! over my head just missed) on the tenth anniversary of our campaign !! as I was about to return to Germany, while Brian was in a medically induced coma.

The government exploited many people with very serious “problems”, who because they could not be re-housed, were “housed”, with Gallastegui’s “anti-war” campaign which had 24/7 CCTV for when things backfired on the state, as they often did.

Remind me who was...unsafe ? in broad daylight, in the middle of London ?

Another very deeply disturbed individual was telling me he was trying to kill me, the very same day, he told me he had been released from prison ! (The police who had to drag him off, because there were too many witnesses, also claimed he had been released from prison, but claimed he could not now be prosecuted, because he had been found...insane)

It has long been known that Members of Parliament who obviously are criminally insane themselves, do (for example) have links to various criminal gangs.

It threw many a drunk, who had no-where to go, when my standard response to their abuse came to be, instead of hassling me, why didn’t they just stand for Parliament, because however much they “protested”, they behaved no differently, from the government.

Once I dealt with the reality, the government were running a bail hostel, as an “anti war” campaign, (with others who came and went from two homeless hostels around the corner by the Home Office) and explained they were exploiting people, including to those very people, who were being exploited, much of the Democracy Village/Peace Strike violence had to stop, for a number of obvious reasons.

It is worthwhile noting that although the government say the area is a “controlled drinking zone” where alcohol supposedly cannot be consumed, this was not only, not enforced by the police, but quite the opposite.

Police "upholding" the right to....drink alcohol in their "controlled alcohol zone"

The Daily Mail ran an article on how curious it was that there was so much drug taking in Democracy Village (which the Daily Mail were still trying to pass off as us) under the noses of armed police. Of course it is well known that the fact remains, the government actively encourage alcohol and hard drug consumption, not just in Democracy Village/Peace Strike, of course.

More members ...of Democracy Village/Peace Strike "enjoying"... "common land"...in front of our display of the murdered children, just as the British Establishment, have enjoyed not so common land all around, the far from ...Common-wealth.

It is however, the likes of Tony Benn (who stood up in the High Court specifically to “defend” this Democracy Village), who along with McKenzie and Gallastegui quite deliberately -all- promote an ill-disciplined “anti war” movement that includes heavy drinking and hard drug taking etc.

Their intention is clear.

They do not want anyone, to do anything.

Our lives, as genuine campaigners, who really are trying to save lives, were deliberately put in very real danger, every single day.


The government handing out free hard drugs and alcohol is a very simple and inexpensive -tactic-.

If the state could not successfully infiltrate our campaign, to hijack it, then the state would continually -surround- our campaign, with drunks, drug addicts and violent criminals, and so on, to deter anyone joining our campaign, while the state continue to try to destroy our campaign.

People from around the world who came along, got that one.

GUARDIAN: DEMOCRACY VILLAGE: WHAT HAPPENED NEXT ? "Gallastegui rolled her eyes..." for the media (and didn't dare front up in court, is what really happened).


The Independent came more than a little bit unstuck, by trying to make an issue out of our campaign, supporting..umm...Palestinians... right to Freedom and Justice, so the comments column has subsequently been ...removed.

People worked out for themselves that someone who opposed the Iranian government, and criticized our campaign, did not need to be outside the U.K Parliament, (with Peace Strike/Democracy Village).

And here is Mr Farid, the Iranian "bomb all my brothers and sisters", "dissident" (from the Independent article), doing some more spin in another "media interview" -using- our campaign as their ...backdrop...

The extraordinarily comprehensive attacks on our campaign, in 2011, were really about Libya, more than, a Royal Wedding.

Nevertheless, it is quite apparent not just from media reports, at the time, that very large sums of money were passing through very many hands, to try and remove our campaign.

Of course McKenzie's portrayal of Gallastegui “fearing” campaigning alone is not true. In fact Peace Strike etc. is Gallastegui -and- Chris Coverdale (who always lurks in the shadows), who were both assisted in organizing everything, by the likes of people called Gareth Newnham, Simon Moore, Peace Little, Mark Williams and Emma Sangster (for example).

CHANNEL FOUR: PEACE PROTESTERS "NETWORK" WITH MP's.25.05.2010:"...Tracey and her husband Tarquin are "the resident drunks" says Gareth Newnham, a land reformist from Kew Bridge eco-village....Mr Newnham added that today was a "day off from direct action" out of...respect... for the pomp and ceremony of the State Opening of parliament which attracted scores of tourists."

TELEGRAPH:"Serial protester ...Gareth Newnham..."

The incident in the video in August 2010, took place shortly before Brian was hospitalized with cancer.

What the leaders of the so called U.K “anti war” movement are - NOW - very obviously covering up, is that it is very clear that when the Mayor of London and Westminster Council could not remove our campaign, -because - I had filed a counterclaim in HQ11X00563, including over the illegal use of agent provocateurs, the government invented -seriously illegal- legislation.

This legislation is called ss 142-150 of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 (and already has a civil claim against the government over it, from January 16th 2012, in HQ12X03564)

You see, I had learned through the Mayor of London’s proceedings, when the Judge sidestepped the issue of agent provocateurs, to bring a counterclaim, against the state and their agents, when Westminster Council pulled the same stunt and brought a malicious prosecution in the High Court, against us, at the beginning of 2011, by using agent provocateurs, including Gallastegui and Coverdale.

My counterclaim then became a separate claim, that could not be disappeared when Westminster Council had to withdraw their malicious claim against us, once Gallastegui had run in May 2012.

Police...!!...stole the banner (HQ12X03564)

In a court of law, it would be impossible for a jury to not find in my favour in HQ11X00563 and all our other civil claims, because the government never ever, had any lawful excuse to violently interfere in our campaign.

It remains more than seriously illegal, for Parliament to then, invent legislation to try and make that Mother of all counterclaims in the High Court disappear, by killing off the Claimant, and re-inventing the agent provocateur as me/ our campaign.

What people are -always- being invited to be distracted from, is the law, behind what is going on.

In 2011, Brian had just died and they had to smear my name and try and kill me, very fast.

I did suffer enormously, without shelter, while the leadership of the so called U.K anti war no movement stood shoulder to shoulder, with the government, and the media, against me, so they could all stay warm and cosy in their little beds at night....while millions suffered and died.

One million people for one week, in Central London, would stop war, and at the very least, begin to solve much else.

I understood that the solution lies with -the people- not co-opted movements. We met people from around the world who know what is going on, and saw and understood, what was being done to us, in Parliament Square.  

Ms McKenzie (who does publicly purport to be a legal eagle of some kind) is another dangerous cog in the wheel, trying to make 1+1 = 2, become 1-1= 0.

The U.K state want to destroy our campaign - because - we are quite literally, doing our bit to legally, take apart, a very far from legal, system.

Our only “agenda” is to try and do our best, to save -everyone’s- life.

We never wanted to spend so long in Parliament Square, ourselves.

The U.K State's “official” version of our campaign is not yet complete, because somehow, despite the extraordinary odds, I (for example) am still...alive.


The U.K State wanted me well and truly dead, before they openly did a Libya, in Syria.

Our campaign still has much to do, to bring real law, into all we do, because our purpose is always, to save lives.

As a responsible and caring adult, I do very strongly recommend that people DO NOT use Ms McKenzie as a “McKenzie friend”, in any ...court of law, which are already rotten enough anyway.

It is very clear that when it comes to real law, Ms McKenzie, is another very dangerous fraud, trading in smears on the rumour mills, where she will, if it serves the government’s interests, put innocent people’s...lives...at risk, of the most serious harm.



And then the likes of Ms McKenzie will quietly and calmly explain on the rumour mill, in a gently patronizing tone, that it was -all- our fault, and we “deserved” it, because we did not smile quite enough, like the British Establishment does, when it murders, anyone ...for money.


NB: The fact quite literally billions of people around the world -know- the evil regime in the U.K, are - entirely - responsible for the brutal murder of millions of innocent civilians, including in the Middle East, is conveniently ignored in this piece of government propaganda, saying "bomb them all", penned years ago, by McKenzie.

Thursday, 24 December 1998

“Sir: As the dust of the last week's futile bombing raids on Iraqi towns and bases settles and we move into the, hopefully, reflective period of Christmas and year end, it might be an appropriate moment to ponder on the Government's dealing with Iraq and its next-door neighbour, Iran.

All year there has been the spectacle of our Foreign Office sidling up to the murderous mullahs (who are suddenly handing out oil contracts), lauding by turn the new "liberalism" perceived to be prevailing under President Khatami and his "rule of law". Salman Rushdie is publicly mollified (and privately gagged) and there is a scramble to comply with Tehran's orders to "close down" all groups working from this country purported to be in opposition to the Iranian government (first in line being the UK-registered charity Iran Aid; after 15 years of rescuing children orphaned by the regime its funding has been cut off).

On the other hand Saddam Hussein continues to be presented as number one Bogeyman, the sledgehammer comes out again to crush him and his people and Iraqi opposition groups are invited to tea in Whitehall.

Make no mistake, the regimes in question are still equally horrible, so we could ask, which of the two diametrically-opposed policies is the "ethical" one - or are they both?


Friend of Iran Aid

London N6”


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