I do not know what happened to Dr Abbas Khan.


The Daily Mail tell us their version, which suggests that Dr Khan was working for the Foreign Office. After all Dr Khan does not complain about Mr Hague's continuing role in Guantanamo.



What I do know however, is that while it is well established that lying is a way of life for the Daily Mail, and that Amnesty are not in any hurry to see the U.K State in the dock over Iraq and Afghanistan, there remains a serious issue over the credibility of both Mr Galloway and Mr Fisk of the Independent.


It is a fact that George Galloway worked with Tony Benn and Ken Livingstone of the U.K Stop the War when he was Mayor of London, to try to remove our campaign from Parliament Square in 2007, as there can be no doubt Mr Fisk of the Independent has -always- done too.


All they have ever sought to safeguard, like many others, is their own income, while publicly portraying a particular position.


They fake caring.


Brian's eyes were opened to Mr Galloway when he first came to Parliament Square.


Gary, like many others exposed Galloway as all ego, long ago in 2007.


However, Mr Galloway -specifically- cheered on my death in Parliament Square earlier this year, which is quite sinister.


Mr Galloway was at Millbank House in London, when he wished that I froze to death in Parliament Square in January 2013 (to cover up what the U.K State, along with the leadership of Stop the War, really did to our campaign).


Many over the years have commented that Mr Galloway gives a good speech, but is clearly not really against illegal wars.


Neither have ever cared about the British government attempting to murder campaigners in the U.K, who are against illegal wars, so it is not credible that they care about a U.K doctor in Syria.


The latest Fisk article in the Independent is clearly designed to try and give both some credibility in speaking, over the brutal war on the Syrian people.


It is the credibility of Mr Galloway and Mr Fisk that remains the issue.


This campaigner could not believe what either claimed.


The U.K business State do not care that it is claimed that their own slice and dice brigade murdered more than -80- civilians in Aleppo.


I am not sorry that the police stole a book of Mr Fisk's I was once reading.


What tangled webs people weave, when they deceive.



Article on the treacherous Robert Fisk:

Robert Fisk’s anti-Syria propaganda

Propaganda alert


compiled by Cem Ertür

29 April 2011

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