Our recent article on CHANGE: WHY THE U.K "ANTI WAR" MOVEMENT HAS NO....MOVEMENT.. was posted by an unknown person, on a site called U.K Indymedia.


As we are very busy doing our own thing, at the moment, I can only comment briefly.

U.K Indymedia is widely known by genuine campaigners (and any adult with a brain in the head who saw it) as essentially a gossip column, with a difference.

It is -used- as a platform by the U.K government, for making and encouraging, trademark personal attacks of a particularly vicious nature, that the general public would not write, and the mainstream media could not publish.

So we have for the record, posted a copy of the fact that U.K Indymedia, -censored- our article.

Clearly any adult in their right mind knows, that our article remains in legal terms, a basic right of reply.

In terms of U.K Indymedia our article addressed:

a) the factual and legal situation of Indymedia dishonestly hosting a hijacked website that they purported to be ours, which they knew was not, after Brian died.

b) the fact that U.K Indymedia are in addition quite happily publishing all sorts of vile and untruthful public smears of our campaign, without giving our campaign any opportunity of having any right of reply.

To suggest, in the real world, that Indymedia are any sort of responsible "forum" is not possible.

Clearly the process of faceless -"moderators"- in Indymedia simply -censor- what they do not like, which in the case of our article, happens to remain the truth.

As our article makes clear, this includes, because not a single one, from the Indymedia "moderator/censor" all the way up the food chain to the U.K Attorney General, could explain in any legal sense, let alone before a jury in a court of law, what any one of them had done, let alone what they all knew to be the combined effect of what they had -all- done.

After all, the U.K State - specifically - invented phoney legislation (ss 141-150 of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011) to try and cover up a remaining counterclaim HQ11X00563, involving the illegal use of agent provocateurs.

At least one of these named agent provocateurs also happens to be a "moderator" on U.K Indymedia.

HQ11X00563 puts the whole U.K State including agent provocateurs in the dock, (going back to 2005 and SOCPA 2005 ss 132-138).

U.K Indymedia published people effectively cheering on my death in Parliament Square, knowing of these legal proceedings.

In these circumstances, a jury would not only not, look favourably on U.K Indymedia publishing malicious comments that effectively cheer on the death of this member of the public.

As long as U.K Indymedia want to maintain they are an open forum, (which they are not) we will ask in HQ11X00563, for a court order to be made, requiring U.K Indymedia to actually introduce an open and transparent process of moderation/censorship.

The reason for this, is to prevent anyone else's life being put at risk again, because of the actions of Indymedia etc.

U.K Indymedia have knowingly censored, our right of reply, to let dangerous smears etc. continue.

Gareth Newnham can expect to find himself in court one day, explaining to a jury, his actions, that include as a moderator on U.K Indymedia, effectively cheering on my death in Parliament Square.

Of course it will have dawned on grown up members of the human race, that an "anti war" movement (which includes Indymedia) that does not even recognise equality of all before law, as a starting point, is not a legitimate movement of any kind.

Of particular concern from an adult perspective, is that responsible adults want to ensure that young people can not only campaign effectively, but safely.

Sadly with the tangled web of deceit involving the many hidden faces of censorship, including by the likes of U.K Indymedia, this is not currently a reality.

The purpose of our campaign is to save lives, not put further lives at risk, so I will not be silent about the likes of U.K Indymedia or the leadership of Stop the War.

If we did not have this website, and I had frozen to death in Parliament Square, the likes of U.K Indymedia, and so on, could have got away with saying -whatever- they liked !

I finish with a very serious point.

Please be aware that U.K Indymedia are not - just - useless and benign. 

U.K Indymedia include dangerous individuals such as Gareth Newnham, whose purpose is, to cover up what is really going on.