09.12.2013 UPDATED 12.12.2013 & 16.12.2013.


The Prism Hoax has been going round and round in circles for some time.

As the Western War on the Syrian people has showed, there is legal blow back on the U.S, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc. when there are legal challenges in Europe, over war.

It is so obvious to so many now, that the fact that the Guardian managed Prism Hoax keeps sidestepping the fact of censorship, that the whole purpose of the Prism Hoax remains focused, on maintaining ...CENSORSHIP.

The media and government only really want to know what the people are doing so they can violently "censor" some people.

The -two- illegal pieces of legislation the government specifically made against our campaign, were only used to violently "censor" our campaign.

(note: the words used are "charged" and "imprisoned", nothing about being "arrested", and being "interviewed under caution with a lawyer" and then having a "trial")

this video which was illegally censored in the U.K by the U.K Attorney General and Google, (without any court order) is now hosted on this website, so it shows in the UK too, (except when you are using some versions of Firefox which may have sound only). It works using Safari with Apple. The link above shows the new version and the still censored in the U.K, You Tube version.

From: babs tucker

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CC: neil kerslake


Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2013 13:51:41 +0000


I refer to:

a) the malicious communications received from the U.K Attorney General on September 28th 2012, October 2nd 2012 & October 5th 2012 regarding alleged Contempts of Court.

i) http://www.brianhaw.tv/index.php/blog/1226-29092012-uk-attorney-general-dominic-grieve-threatens-babs

ii) http://www.brianhaw.tv/index.php/blog/1229-02102012-west-london-magistrates-a-the-umbrella-prosecution

iii) http://www.brianhaw.tv/index.php/blog/1233-07102012-uk-attorney-general-to-qinvestigateq

b) and the fact that the U.K Attorney General then illegally asked his friends at the CIA who manage Google, to illegally remove without any court order, legal recordings of various court proceedings that were legally published in the U.K.


This is called illegal censorship of the people by government and business.

The U.K Attorney General and Google remain in Contempt of High Court proceedings.

We therefore require disclosure of all communications between the U.K State and Google over recordings of court proceedings, with regard to what remain continuing existing legal proceedings in the High Court in our counterclaim in HQ11X00563 and our own claims HQ12X01972, HQ12X02745, HQ12X03564 & HQ13X03488.

The U.K State could never prosecute our campaign, and is preventing our campaign from lawfully campaigning how we wish to, because it is the U.K State who must be put on trial before a jury of the people, over war crimes.

I copy to Amnesty, should they be intending as reported to bring proceedings subsequent to ours, because ours, are -existing- and continuing proceedings involving illegal State censorship, so we will want to know what Amnesty are doing, because any action by Amnesty has the potential of affecting our existing proceedings.

Our current article dated 09.12.2013 explains.

The video makes it clear that people do need to record and publish a proper record of court proceedings because as this recording shows, District Judge Snow intended to illegally imprison anyone who was recording, without their being arrested and interviewed, before being charged, or any trial taking place. He specifically states people will be charged and imprisoned.

Clearly if we are actually doing law, it is the likes of District Judge Snow who need to be imprisoned to actually protect the people from serious harm.


Babs Tucker
Parliament Square Peace Campaign


In the Daily Mail on December 12th 2013, the U.K Attorney General said: "My recent experience is that the law of contempt is both adaptable and resilient in the face of the challenges of technology".

ie: (the U.K State don't bother about getting court orders)

Tim Berners Lee was correct that the current Prism Hoax is about censorship, not surveillance.

The mainstream media and internet "giants" know there is nothing new that the people are now being told, since the European report on ECHELON was released in July 2001.

So it is no surprise that media & the "Tech giants" claim to be looking for global consensus from governments on how to best censor the people over the internet.



“In order to avoid conflicting laws, there should be a robust, principled, and transparent framework to govern lawful requests for data across jurisdictions, such as improved mutual legal assistance treaty – or “MLAT” – processes,” say the companies. “Where the laws of one jurisdiction conflict with the laws of another, it is incumbent upon governments to work together to resolve the conflict.”


They also hope the video link with Snowden in Europe will paper over the fact that Europe knew about everything in 2001.

Meanwhile Amnesty, are being wheeled out in the latest feeble attempt to try and paper over what the U.K State have been doing.

It will be interesting to hear what Europe and Snowden have to say about the 2001 report into Echelon.

After all it remains illegal that the criminal Attorney General in the U.K asked his friends in the CIA managed Google to censor our You Tube videos in the U.K (without any court order) and when we quite properly refused to take them down,  they censored the You Tube videos of court recordings in the U.K, not elsewhere. 

...Of course there are ways... like above where you can get around illegal censorship by just putting the information back up in the countries that censor it, by hosting it in a different way, while legal proceedings involving censorship drag on.

However the point is, the government should not be censoring what people show about corrupt public officials.

The Prism Hoax has always been about censorship.

In the short "test" video which was censored in the U.K, the corrupt District Judge Snow is threatening anyone who records court proceedings with imprisonment for Contempt of Court.

It is worth repeating that as we said in the email to the Attorney General and Amnesty, the recording proves our point that courts need to be properly recorded, and proceedings published because at no time does District Judge Snow mention the process of arrest and interview taking place before you are charged, or any process involving a trial, before you are imprisoned.

District Judge Snow clearly says on the recording that people will be charged and imprisoned.

There is no mention of arrest or trial.

District Judge Snow and the U.K courts generally often illegally imprison people without legal reprsentation or trial.

They did it to me, to censor our campaign, which is precisely why the entirety of court proceedings over the actions of public officials must be recorded and published by the people.

In the political case that is recorded, the corrupt courts, actually subsequently managed to find Neil "innocent" in his absence, because they didn't want Neil's Appeal in a Higher court. They wanted to keep our campaign in the Magistrates Court, where rulings are not binding, so you keep going around in circles of state violence.

When you go to the High Court over kidnap, they try to and do kidnap you again, as the video below shows.

In this video involving 666, it is worthwhile noting that:

1) there was no warrant over a breach of the peace,

2) the police who have access to the PNC make no attempt to verify anything, because they know, that i) not only had Neil never been arrested for a breach of the peace, there could not be ii) any warrant in England over a breach of the peace.

Their briefing is to simply make up anything to kidnap Neil (and hopefully Babs).

3) the phoney warrant that was subsequently produced, at the police station, which as the police officer Steve Jago is heard speaking to, admits he has seen, is not ...signed by any court.

The police officer knows that police canot go around using unsigned warrants.

4) The reason there is no signed warrant is because as Steve Jago is heard saying, no warrant could be issued over what could be heard in Neil's absence anyway.

5) Clearly as the earlier court recording (and various other videos) show they had adequate means of summonsing Neil by mail etc. within the necessary 28 days required under s145(5a) of the PRSR Act 2011. The video at the beginning of this article shows Neil attending ...court.

We had just left the High Court where the Commissioner's solicitor was present and he did not mention any attempt to summons Neil etc.

6) The police officer is heard hanging up on Steve because he knows for any number of reasons, any warrant is invalid, and that Neil has been kidnapped when we left the High Court.

7) It is clear that the court do not enquire into anything the following day, before we subsequently file witness statements without appearing, at City of Westminster Magistrates on April 25th 2013, so everything has to be dropped.

8) They could hardly issue another warrant, for failing to appear, once those witness statements had been filed.

We did not need to go to a court where they would have carried on regardless of anything, if we could not record the proceedings.

9) It is clear that the U.K State are illegally delaying the necessary disclosures in that massive civil claim that relates to all the others.

The U.K state - only - invented specific legislative bans against our campaign, (which are illegal) because otherwise due process would follow and after a proper trial of the U.K State, it is the U.K State who would have been imprisoned by a jury of the people, for war crimes, long ago. 

It is for a reason that senior members of the wholly corrupt Judiciary in the Supreme Court are squealing away recently that they should be the last port of call over law.



In fact, as they all know, Jus Cogens has primacy, so wherever & however you get the war criminals in the U.K State tried as war criminals, is actually okay.

and below is just in from the gatekeepers at the Guardian.

    We are taking a stand.



The people will not be censored.