In legal terms, the current global economic model is quite literally, criminal fraud (and much else) on a world wide scale.

In two very important respects, a simple sleight of hand, called ..language (backed up by large doses of seriously illegal state violence) has been deployed to enslave the entire human population.

People have been LIED to about a) land, while b) privately owned central banks run most “governments” (ie: business states) around the world through the disgraceful IMF/World Banks.

Therefore, alternative universal economic models that are lawful, will only come from the people the world over.

Mr Rothschild does not love you.

Mr Rothschild does not love me.

What really matters tho, is that the likes of the Rothschilds are global fraudsters murdering millions of people while enslaving billions of people.

The Zionist Rothschilds used the Balfour Declaration of 1917 to consolidate what is their continuing domination and control over global finance and government.

Some ideas for an alternative universal economic model that - is - lawful include:

The starting point for a fairer universal economic model (that is actually legal) must begin by putting a few commonly understood universal laws in place first, that will make what is war (on the people everywhere), not law, impossible.


A new universal economic model that began with universal law would consider genuine harms and losses (which are criminal) before juries of the people.

Juries are generally more interested in human beings and the truth than judges, politicians or businessmen.

J.P Morgan, Mr Rockefeller and Mr T.B...(liar) really do not and have never cared about the human race.

Therefore the only remaining laws that would actually continue to exist within the new universal economic model, are the few laws most people the world over know and can remember (and could pretty much count on our hands), such as ....thou shall not kill.

The ream upon reams of legislative garbage that has been invented and imposed throughout years and years of state violence in many countries can be discarded because it only - ever -existed for various business interests.

A truly open justice system (which is filmed and published by the people), because it is essentially administered by juries of the people, will help to redress a yawning gap in justice that has opened up around the world, through years and years of legislative fraud and violence.

Therefore the primary “infrastructure” that people would then contribute towards first in a new global economic model would be universal law, which would only be about genuine harms and losses.

If we apply logic/humanity to what we know, we can see that.....


If we really open our minds, and discard the propaganda which is just social conditioning, although we are where we are, at this time in history, there is a simple solution to land re-distribution/use, that will free everyone from those who would enslave all of us, for their own miserable ends.

Land - security - for everyone would relieve one of the biggest social problems that unnecessarily faces humanity today, because it is possible for everyone to "lease" for free, a reasonably sized plot of land, to survive on, in their life time.

Think about that !!

Land security for - everyone - would - transform - people’s lives, and humanity.

Land security would dramatically change all other choices people make throughout their whole lives, because all human beings would, by right, begin life, with an enormous freedom and security underpinning their whole lives.

Humans do not currently enjoy any freedom or security because the true ownership of land has always been mis-represented by various economic models.

No-one invented the earth, so no-one has ever really really owned it, and therefore fairer land (and by extension, resource) use/distribution is possible. The Queen (for example) really does not legitimately need or own the land the “Crown” currently illegally claims.

It is an astounding fact that if the current world population of 6.8 billion people lived in the same population density as New York, the entire population of the world would fit into the state of Texas, in the U.S.

Various analogies abound.

Therefore, there is quite clearly no shortage of space on earth for the existing human population to quite comfortably live on.

The eugenicist global business state would very much like there to be less people, only because it will be rather uncomfortable for the global community of big business if even 5% of the 6.8 billion people who make up the global community of people tell ...the global business state to fuck off from their lives.

And for those who are unsure if there should be a free lease of land, for all, for life, or would resist the idea of a free lease of land for all, for life, it is well worth considering, that this idea is not only legal, but it is a whole lot fairer than that which is currently the norm.

Who (for example) was the far from Common-wealth a good deal...for ?

The current land fraud involves the global business state selling on land it does not own, to Jo public, only in an attempt to avoid questions being answered about what big business does with land all around the world, it never owned.

Under our idea, people would still be free to roam to or move wherever they wanted. People could at any time, apply to lease another piece of land for home use, if it was not being used, because all they would have to do, is apply for another lease of land to live on, and give up the free lease on the land they were on.

It would be for a global community of people - to agree - on how much land every person needed for shelter and survival, in their lifetime.

There could be a global referendum.

Of course there would no longer be any need for borders, because there is very clearly plenty of land to go around.

In some circles, it is unpopular to point out that the false god called “sovereignty” has only ever been about controlling populations. After all, the Indians were in the U.S, and the Aborigines in Australia (for example), long before the white man arrived.

Practice whatever you want to call culture and religion, on yourself, but please don’t pretend it can be “imposed” on the rest of the human race.

All other land such as that currently - owned - by big business or monarchies etc. would revert/go back into the global pot of the global community of people, like the land you lived on would, when you and all family members living with you, had died.

Homelessness which is totally unnecessary would simply cease to exist, because it would be a basic right to have a free “lease” on land you took care of, that could provide you basic shelter and food for life.

Any land re-distribution should take into consideration that at different times, there have been and are, geographical advantages for the human race, in more densely populating some parts of earth, rather than others.

Proper land “distribution” through the largest body of people, the global community of people called the human race, could nevertheless be administered locally.

The global community of people would naturally have an over- arching interest in maintaining the earth for the benefit of everyone.

Businesses who wanted to lease land - from - the global community of people, would by contrast have to pay various fees for land they leased for business, dependent on their use of that land.

The purpose of our universal economic model is to turn what is a global economic fraud that enslaves the entire human population on it’s head, by making the global community of people (not big business) truly responsible for “managing” the earth.

Where people have mortgages, the trillions currently spent on war, could actually be transferred to pay off most mortgages. Of course banks would actually have to produce -evidence- that real money was loaned, rather than banks simply adding more zeros out of thin air to their ledgers, so that "interest" on non-existent money, that was received, could be used to give huge financial "bonuses" to banksters.


Energy, which would then be managed by the human race, could be provided at cost to homes, which would also transform people’s lives, by people just paying whatever resources cost to link to their home.

Existing energy resources would therefore first be used to continue to supply all homes that were inhabited, and then people would have to agree globally on what they would by contrast charge businesses to access and extract energy from the land businesses lease from the global community of people.

People then have some interest both in limiting their own use of energy resources and exploring what are the most efficient/local uses of numerous energy resources for humanity.

The energy policy is intended to put the interests of the human race before big business.

The energy monopolies of big business which exist solely to exploit labour and resources for fraudulent profit would cease to exist.


Privately owned Central Banks such as the Federal Reserve, are incredible frauds that would be outlawed under a new universal economic model.

The very fact that Universal law would require the Federal Reserve to publicly declare who their private owners are, while subjecting itself to a public audit would finish the Federal Reserve, because you can bet the owners will not able to run fast enough.

The banksters bootlickers, like the irksome Bernanke and Paulson could take a hike to the Federal Penitentiary. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

After all, how dare anyone say in Congress that the people can’t know the names of the criminals running the likes of the Federal Reserve ?

Just who the fuck do Bernanke and Paulson think - they - are ?

In a truly new universal economic model, I guess everyone would need to start on a level playing field in terms of what is universally agreed as the - standard - means of exchange.

Therefore the global community of people could (for example) re-distribute the worlds gold fairly between everyone in the global community of people.

Whatever is agreed as the standard of exchange must nevertheless be shared equally between the human population at the beginning of any new global economic model.

The human race really are not indebted in any shape or form to the likes of privately owned central banks owned by people who have remained -invisible- while stealing quite literaly trillions upon trillions of dollars and pounds of people’s money.

In the scenario we suggest, “banking” should then probably be limited to groups of people creating building societies/credit unions that are actually owned by groups of people who have deposited whatever the standard is (ie: gold) as collateral, who then can only loan more than a percentage of what the building society actually had.

Banking thereby ceases to be part of the fradulent Rothschild Roulette, because traditional banks simply no longer exist, while building societies cannot loan more than they hold of whatever the agreed standard of exchange is.

There is simply NO POINT in supporting the current financial system with all manner of parasitic financial instruments, that no - one can even really properly explain any longer - because - they are all based on one financial fraud or another.

A major re-adjustment to finance could only really be done at the same time a global community of people acknowledged the major frauds that have historically been perpetrated over land, resources and labour, and so changed how they were used too, as part of a new economic model.


The global community of people would obviously need some sort of fund to manage the new world "infrastructure", as simply as possible.

Perhaps there could be one tax.

A tax on business...TRADE.

A -TRADE - tax.

There would then be no tax on the income of the person whose labour is used by a corporation or collective, while both a corporation or collective would have to pay a sliding scale rate of TRADE tax based on how much - income - they made depending on the amount of labour and resources they used.

This tax would recognize that....

It is illegal to tax the laborer on the labour he provided to someone else in return for an income (when the corporation or collective made profit from the labor)

The suggested universal economic model prevents corporations from exploiting labour and resources while paying no tax.

The individual who still wants to work for himself, would still be able to do so, because there would only be one sliding scale tax on business - trade - related to the amount of labour used to do/create anything out of various materials/resources.

(**And if you want to work for the Metropolitan Police in the U.K, well we would suggest using the Metropolitan Police for a little “social experiment” called “they don’t get paid”, which roughly translated, would soon rid London of the biggest criminal gang on the block because the institutionally corrupt from head to toe, criminals in the MET, do not commit their many crimes ....for free**) Of course there would be a prize for the best slogan to accompany this “community initiative” :)

Anyway....moving along from another of the many delightful possibilities that a genuine universal economic model would open up....

The sliding scale business - trade - tax, which is based on the amount of labour or materials used for trade is intended to create a greater level playing field amongst all human beings, while also recognizing that in one way or another we all use to varying degrees the resources of labour and materials that may or may not be finite.

In reality, collectives of the people working together, would probably become the norm, which has nothing to do with the “ideologies” of either socialism or capitalism.

The suggested universal economic model would quite simply remove the “incentive” for a trans-national corporation to exist, because the transnational would no longer be able to fraudulently “profit” from exploiting ever cheaper labour and/or ever more resources, while paying no tax, which is what is happening under the current global “economic” model.

Meanwhile collectives of people, paying a reasonable rate for labour and leasing land particularly to use renewable or recyclable resources, would - obviously - benefit many people in many ways.

The use of one sliding scale - trade - tax is therefore a genuine attempt to redress the fact that ever increasing taxation of the labor force (much of which has been wholly illegal) to pay for all of - the global business state’s "infrastructure" -  and more, has hidden the truly criminal and exploitative nature of huge transnational corporations who pay next to no tax, anywhere, and so should simply no longer exist, in that form.

The removal of exploitation by the global business state would be likely to unleash a wave of creative brainstorming by people the world over, that benefited humanity.

The one trade tax on business we propose would more than pay for a much simplified legal system with hospitals, roads and so on.


Local “administrators” (not politicians) could collect the - trade - tax and administer infrastructure (and they can be taken to court).


Several thousand individuals from around the world could be selected at random, every few years, to come together and discuss and agree (much like a jury do) whether universal laws and taxes are being properly collected and administered locally.

Their role would last until the next several thousand people are selected at ...random.

While anyone selected at random would not have to participate in the people’s government if for any reason, they did not want to, within a population of six plus billion, it is very likely that there will always be a few thousand people who will be more than willing to participate in helping maintain a global community of the people.

The people’s government would all be paid a living wage out of the global trade tax so that they and their families neither profit or lose out by their participating.

Equally it could be, that people decided to have local government too, or - just - local government and this too, could be selected at random.

The principle is to randomly select people in government (like the “grandest” of all juries) because:

a) just like with juries, random groups of the people, unlike politicians, really can be trusted

b) it is the only way to - eliminate - existing cabals and prevent new cabals of different interest groups, that have been created through either artificially electing individuals who really work for big business - and - does away with monarchies/dictatorships which are also just cabals of special interest groups.

There would be no more war, because no one person or group gets to play god, indefinitely, while everyone, through the way the new economic model operates, has an over-riding interest in caring for ...the global community of people and the earth.

Basically what would happen is everyone would get on with their lives, and live in peace, because that is what everyone the world over, wants to do NOW.


It is worth considering that all of the above changes, would mostly likely result - if - many of the current corporations and holders of public office in what is now a global business state of criminals, were prosecuted in court, before a jury of the people.

This Universal Economic Model does not for one second suggest it has all the solutions, and of course, it is very much an early work in progress, but it makes the point, that there really are many honest solutions - NOW - to ever deepening human enslavement.

Millions of human beings really are being murdered for ...business interests, right before your very eyes.