Over the years in Parliament Square, I met some really lovely and naturally very distressed fathers from Fathers4Justice. They were peacefully campaigning for the basic right of they and their children to have ...contact. Time and again, I saw the business state treat them like ...garbage.


So .....many .....kind, loving and genuine Dads (and Mums too) have been treated so appallingly by a seriously perverted and corrupt legal system.

The Family Courts are anything but.

With far from reputable High Court Judges like Flasher Richards on the loose, what hope for Justice did these Dads ever have ?

Fathers4Justice make the point well, that our children, rather than a bunch of paintings, should be treasured.

Tactically sound - legal - strategy too, if they get a jury at Crown Court.

This group is a thoughtful bunch of human beings who have learnt heaps in the years they have been actively campaigning for their children.

Fathers4Justice now shun the two faced complicit MSM and have set up some wonderful websites for the people.

The Fathers4Justice website is here

With a link to a new website PeopleNotPoliticians.org which is a new political platform for...people, not politicians here !!!!

Wouldn't it be great if they can get someone elected without the "help" of the MSM

Wishing them all the very best.