The current Al-Sweady "Inquiry" being held in the UK, is the latest attempt by the UK Establishment to try and cover up, that politicians - ordered - the torture of Iraqis.

And let's not forget the responsibility of the disgusting mainstream media in the UK who keep wheeling out Blair to give him airtime for his lies while endlessly apologising for him, because he's a good guy.

Meaning of course that by extension the mainstream media must be the good guys too.

Well, they are not.

There's a lot of utter bastards in the media who have made a very tidy living out of the very real suffering of others, in war, while they monstrously talk about balanced reporting of what they know are in fact, the most serious criminal acts by the state.

You can bet that there is not a single mainstream media journalist who actually gives a damn that any Iraqi was tortured.

War sells more newspapers.

And western media, like government, have revoltingly sold war as something, a westerner can just sit back and have an "opinion" over, while maybe having a cup of tea.

What is really disturbing to all decent and civilized people the world over, is not only that torture was intended as tool to terrorize whole populations.....but the fact that people were tortured, on the orders of UK politicians, simply because they could be tortured.

It was torture for torture's sake.

The UK Parliament made up of all shades, knew their war of aggression was illegal, all along.

Not a single politician can be trusted with the life of a single member of the public.

It was only recently that the current UK government were disgracefully trying to weasel out of legal responsibility for the torture of the Mau Mau in Kenya, by saying they were not the same...government as then.