I can promise you.

If you tell the truth, wherever you are, you will have the state running around like blue arsed flies.

And when the state needs to torture you, or put you in hospital over an...umbrella !!!! you really know they are running...scared ...of the people.

As indeed they should be !

Last night the state went into Parliament Square to try and kill off our campaign, once and for all...

From: babs tucker

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Subject: ARREST: Is an UMBRELLA a bigger CRIME than GENOCIDE ?

Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2013 06:39:39 +0000


Despite being - WARNED - about the law, I do believe you have dramatically just escalated matters - because - you have no respect for the people or life.

You are committing GENOCIDE & you are violently assaulting people in Parliament Square, to steal... UMBRELLAS !!

You do not seem to realise that there can be consequences resulting from your actions.

Because you have been told that you do not need to go to court, you can do whatever you like.

You are very much mistaken.

Our - website - which is basically quite a comprehensive MET-CRIME scene, shows that you deliberately failed to respond to our emails asking that you be explicit about what criminal "offences" you alleged we had been committing in Parliament Square, so that we could go to the High Court - before - the time limit you imposed had expired.

Parliament didn't want us taking them to court.

We are aware that instead of doing law, the ever-present Mr Fixer, PCCX 674 Smith (who looked rather shocked to run into Neil and myself) attended a meeting at Westminster Council on the morning of Friday 15th February 2013, on behalf of the Commissioner of the Metropolis to arrange what is a criminal conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, ie: a cover up, because you knew you had no legal grounds to go to the High Court and obtain an injunction….against our campaign.

No-where is it evident that you have even acknowledged the existence of Article 10 of the Human Rights Act, Freedom of Expression.

Meanwhile the Commissioner's solicitor Mr Forshaw is shown to have failed to respond to an email today, to agree a time to appear at the listing office at the High Court, on Monday afternoon. No doubt, this was because he had reason to fear arrest, because he also knew what was planned.

Which was intended to be a re-run of ….the civil claim I filed my witness statement about in HQ12X01972 in the High Court, also on …February 15th 2013.

You now need to look at the attached SHOCKING VIDEO of YOUR CRIMES.

The SHOCKING VIDEO of your CRIMES, shows that an innocent man, Steve Jago was then unlawfully arrested and violently assaulted at 7pm on Friday 15th 2013, before being unlawfully "arrested" and falsely imprisoned, so that you could try and steal the campaign, again, when it was manned by THREE PEOPLE.

Sound familiar. The criminal state arresting the victim of their crimes ?

Of course when the criminal state have to invent laws to make our campaigning a crime, it only makes it all the more obvious that the state knew all along, it was the one breaking the law.

And it is pretty desperate to call an umbrella a crime.

Yet that is what the SHOCKING VIDEO shows you doing.

It is clear that once again, the criminal Parliament gave you orders to steal the campaign on the 15th February 2013 - because - it was the TEN year anniversary - of when millions of people from all around the world, told the state that going to war was illegal, and not a single person has changed their minds that the state was CRIMINAL in going to war.

So instead of doing law, you followed "orders" and did what corrupt politicians demanded you do and in so doing, YOU broke all known law, to try and cover up ….WAR CRIMES.

YES, You are trying to cover up the war crimes YOU are committing.

That is your shame.

Children dying in war.

And grown men who dare to call themselves police officers, are running around in Parliament Square, in Central London STEALING UMBRELLAS, to try and cover up children are dying in war.

So you really do know that what you are doing is wrong.

The police and the politicians are living in a fantasy world, if any of you think you are going to get away with the mass murder of innocent civilians in illegal wars of aggression.

Every day, more of your crimes are being exposed and every day there are more people from all around the world saying NO to your horrible and corrupt way of life.

As a law abiding member of the public, I am telling you, you cannot continue to get away with the continuing mass murder of innocent people.

Your "system" is imploding.

Because it is unnatural.

And what you are doing is evil.

And the criminal police officer who aggressively said we don't pay his wages is correct about one thing.

I would NEVER pay for a criminal like him, to break all known law, and with such arrogance. And more than that. I don't care who pays him. It remains he has no authority to... break the law. Your "police officer" is just another criminal hiding away from ...justice.

The behaviour of so called police and council officers during the incident in Parliament Square this evening is absolutely disgusting, and is not what any decent and civilised person would accept.

The only thing your so called police officers "represented", was criminality.

A very brave man, Steve Jago is shown being visibly tortured in a public place over…. an umbrella !!!!

And do you - see - the cognitive dissonance there is with Mr Tuohy spouting "law" over an umbrella !!!!

While you all act like the perverts you must be, when you are grinning about children being murdered in your illegal wars of aggression.

How is it that you do not connect with the fact of how disgusting and repugnant normal people think that murdering children is ?

You will murder the weakest and the lost vulnerable. The children. Yet it is the children all normal people want to protect, first.

The sheer cowardice of your "police" actions and those of the council are there for anyone to see.

Not one of then is trying to protect the life of ...any child.

Go on and just look at and listen to the appalling behaviour of your criminal police ...who are torturing a man ...over an …UMBRELLA !!!!.

Little old ladies should be terrified, watching footage of what "police officers" are doing to people with UMBRELLAS in 2013. Is that what you really want ?

To terrify little old ladies too ?

Do you want to live in a world where your own sisters, wives, mothers and children should be terrified of owning an ...umbrella ?

Of speaking the truth ?

And just listen to your police officers trying to say it is a Section 5 Public Order "offence" for someone being tortured, to... complain about being tortured !!!!

I can tell you, your police officers look pretty sick saying that.

And my, how sensitive you little criminals are, over mere language, used to properly describe your - vile - criminality.

Your police officers just make it more than crystal clear that the state ordered the torture of innocent civilians in... Iraq.

You can see they get off on it.

Now who would get off on torturing... people ?

What sort of life do you have to have had to, actually WANT to torture …people ?

When Metropolitan Police officers are violently attacking a man,who is put in rear stack handcuffs, as police officers try to cause nerve damage to his hands, over an ...umbrella !!!! in Central London in the year 2013, police officers led by a criminal called Hogan-Howe are clearly deranged.

So WHY would anyone would want to "co-operate" with such cruel and evil agents of... the state.

I would choose to be human any day of the week.

Your "state" has brought the law into disrepute and you have YET AGAIN shown that you have no respect for human life.

Steve Jago was of course released without charge at which point property that was taken should have been returned.

So where is it chaps ?

Let me guess.

Cat has got your tongue ?

You don't do law ?

You gave it all to the….Queen ?

Instead of doing law….. you broke the law….again !!

That is all you do.

As the world is changing.

And people are waking up to what is really going on.

And so after kidnapping Steve Jago, who was still bravely outlining the law even as he was being violently assaulted, and you were restraining a man who is over 80 years old, who bravely stepped in to do law, where your cowardice prevents you doing so, the remaining campaign members were threatened with arrest if they did not go.

Police also sought to steal a mobile to prevent their crimes being filmed.

Then the police and council officers attempted to cover up the display showing the children you murdered, with a blue tarpaulin.

Because Westminster Council intended to come back later to steal the display, when no-one could see or film, the shame of what you intended all along to cover up.

So you will have to slink around at a time of our choosing.

You will agree it is slightly shaky ground to have had it repeatedly pointed out that if you look at the law, the campaign is NOT abandoned….

To violently arrest anyone to try and make the campaign - appear - abandoned is desperately CRIMINAL, gentlemen.

So you can imagine the surprise Westminster Council had when Neil and Babs appeared from left field to film the fact that the campaign was not, as you all had expected, abandoned... when Westminster Council returned.

Westminster Council really did not want to be filmed committing their shameful act, because they knew what they were doing is wrong.

And so they legged it.

You "planned" to release Steve Jago after 10pm, because you thought you could grab everything by then.

But Westminster Council had to leave empty handed when they came back at 9pm and we appeared.

Let us be clear.

Gentlemen, we do not dance to your tune.

You clearly do NOT do law.


And so of course, it came to pass that all ended with, we do what we do on OUR terms.

While you just break the law.

And that is the way you want to remain.

Which is sad, really, because it means you are trapped in your state filled with hate.

You do not and will never, however, control us.

So you really DO have a problem.

Where the state will need to stop murdering innocent civilians whenever and wherever they like.


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