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When the state needs to actually invent new "laws" to silence you, you know that what they are doing is criminal.

And violently assaulting people for being in possession of an umbrella, does highlight their desperation to cover up their own war crimes.

Earlier this evening police came looking for Babs in Parliament Square, but Babs wasn't there, although three other campaign members were.

Not long after, the police came back with Westminster Council and two vans.

Steve Jago was then violently assaulted by police and unlawfully arrested on an alleged breach of the peace, at 7pm this evening, because our campaign - was attended - when the state wanted to steal it.

On the 10 year anniversary of the people saying no to war on February 15th 2003.

In between Steve yelling out in pain, the very brave Steve Jago was still quoting law at the criminal state, who will murder anyone for money.

The state who earlier links this week show did not want to go to court, attempted to steal more umbrellas, which were not being used for sleeping, by the three very much wide awake members of the campaign who were there.

When Steve was violently arrested, the other campaign members were threatened with arrest, if they filmed and did not leave.

Nevertheless, footage was taken and removed from the Square to a safe place, showing that the state violently assaulted another member of our campaign with the specific intention of removing the campaign.

That is not what you would call, the campaign being voluntarily abandoned, by any stretch of the imagination..

One campaign member over eighty years old was violently restrained by police.

Westminster Council then came back at 9pm to steal the display.

Imagine their surprise when they found Neil and Babs filming the fact the campaign, was not ....abandoned.

Westminster Council swiftly legged it, no doubt waiting for back up to enable all to committ their vile and despicable crimes.

The police and Westminster Council have some difficulty explaining how you can violently - arrest - someone over a breach of the peace, and not charge them with anything, before you have to release them, to try and claim a campaign is...abandoned.

At 10.15pm Steve Jago was released without charge !!

Bit of a spanner in the works that you have to try and murder people to try and claim a campaign is...abandoned.

You can see why the Commissioner and Council did not get back to us yesterday and waited until the courts were closed...

the murdering bastards in the state attempted to cover up..

their war crimes...

the criminal state really need to stop murdering children !!!!

and be locked up.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!