Southwark Crown Court.

It is day 16 of my Hunger Strike.

I refuse to be - forced - to walk on by so this government can murder whoever they like.

And pretend that is..."Freedom"....of what ?

I wonder what those this government murder in their illegal wars must feel, knowing there is no - justice - for them, because this government really do not care who they kill.

And so when I went to Southwark Crown Court today over my unlawful arrest in Parliament Square on September 13th 2013, I declined the state's invitation to "surrender" to their court, by pointing out the court is corrupt. No-one wanted to argue.

I then entered a "plea" by saying "this is a cover up by the Mayor of London" (which they were quick to call a plea of "not guilty").

Judge Higgins asked the Crown Persecution Service if they had read my "defence" statement, and the prosecutor mumbled something before the Judge advised her to consider if it was all in the "public interest".

After all, no Judge wants to be embarrassed by the state's dirty washing being hung out to dry big time, before... a jury.

And so Judge Higgins, in setting a trial date of March 25th 2013, knowing that I am on day 16 of a Hunger Strike admitted that, in as many words, he wanted to murder me.

It is important to make the psychopaths say it.

To your face.

I wasn't surprised.

I do not pretend theirs is a system worth having.

So we left the court and filed an Application inviting the Mayor of London, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police and Leader of Westminster Council to come along and explain for the public record why they are trying to murder us, by stealing our shelter, over ....Freedom of Expression.

After all, they have been somewhat silent, when it comes to... justice.

in a nutshell the Mayor of London is trying to buy time to cover up he is trying to quietly murder us in Parliament Square, by illegally depriving us of our tents.... in the middle of winter.

back in parliament square....