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police breaching health and safety to steal another ...tent.

I wonder how many people realise that a global tyranny, run by big business is taking hold across the world ?

Where most state's hardly bother anymore, to even pay lip service to what the people know as law.

Because what the state has signed up to, is Big Business now imposing, through whatever force is necessary, everywhere, the (1) kidnap, (2) torture and (3) assassination of anyone.

You dissent.

You die.

It's not legal.

But they will continue to do what we the people let them get away with.

Parliament: "a serious health & safety issue" ? But are the estimated 3 billion allegedly needed for repairs, really an insurance scam ?

Awake on November 5th 2012 in Parliament Square: Media Lies..and Peace Dies.

Yes officer, torture is absolutely ...unlawful.

Jack Straw (for example) was Foreign Minister, then Justice Minister, so he could cover up that, as Foreign Minister he was involved in extraordinary rendition and torture.

Jack Straw: Last Man Standing ? No. Just another coward....running ...from Justice.

Anonymous arrive and peacefully close the road and Carriage Gates, outside Parliament, inconveniencing the many murderous MP's, for several hours.

I suppose the Mayor of London wasn't going to complain so long as his "grass" was left unmolested, by ....tents !

The institutionally corrupt police will continue to protect the institutionally corrupt politicians, until the people peacefully stand up, to outnumber them.

We often say, that if we as a very small group have stood our ground for so long, many people would bring about the necessary change, quite quickly.

Just look at Iceland where they arrested the bankers.

Shock, horror: A tent appears on Boris's hallowed grass....bringing the Mayors security screaming out the woodwork in panic, while police wait until numbers leave before removing....

Mr Associated Press (just another business) will never dare report (my saying on record 2min 12 sec), that if "you choose to be part of a system that will brutally murder anyone for money, that is your choice, but do not presume for one minute that violence can be used against those of us who refuse to be part of that system..."

? why are they here and what are they doing ?



the inhuman face of yet another parasitic media whore having a hissy fit over our "disapproval" of the police and media cover ups of mass murderers and paedophiles...

And just one Inspector among a very many police who put simply, should be sacked.

Because they refuse to do law.

It goes like this.

When I asked why (rather than harassing peaceful people which by this stage is very clearly all they are doing) police were not across the road arresting the mass murderers and paedophiles, in Parliament,

Madam Inspector says and I kid you not, that she is not accountable !!


According to Madam, saying that she should arrest the mass murderers and paedophiles across the road in the Houses of Parliament is not part of "Free Speech" ?

Really ?

While apparently suggesting the police do law is deemed "offensive" by "police".

It is noticeable that UK "Policing" has changed quite considerably in the past few years.

It is now clear that police have knowingly signed up to being part of the global tyranny where common law no longer has any place.

Corporate Law is not Common Law.

                        The media lies....


                  war crimes, torture, genocide....

Anonymous who were peaceful, organized and respectful, did their thing in Parliament Square, and no doubt will continue to play their part on the internet.

Many people realise that the internet is an important battleground, particularly if the strangle-hold by the mainstream media is to be broken, so the truth is more readily available to everyone. 

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!