You can only try and do the decent thing...

While the state routinely overstep the limits of any state "power".

The Commissioner's corrupt lawyer Mr Waters, and Justice Lindblom get paid just to turn up in something they pretend is a court.

And the system does not require them to do something called law.

While I am Unlawfully denied access to legal representation.

While we were pointing out that it was accepted that we had a S143(8) "reasonable excuse" which we only needed to have once, on January 16th 2012,  some 254 days ago, which led to our property being returned at the end of March 2012 ....this meant the state could not continue harassing us and stealing our property....

Justice Lindblom and The Commissioner's corrupt brief who could not do logic, which is a necessary part of law, therefore went off on a tangent to (keep to another pre-written script to) argue an entirely irrelevant point (Incompatibility) about an entirely irrelevent case, (of a different "reasonable excuse")

The reason ?

It is clear Parliament do not want the necessary full disclosures over the rather large police operation in Parliament Square on January 16th 2012 ....ever disclosed.

And in fact police are having a problem producing the necessary disclosures that provide them any defence in any of my civil claims.

We pointed out that an injunction was necessary because money (ir rather funeral expenses) were no substitute for keeping warm and dry ...NOW.

Of course no "Judge" has any lawful authority to subject us to any further inhuman and degrading treatment through the unlawful use of state force.

When Justice Lindblom would not recuse himself while clearly being in contempt of any lawful court, because he was very obviously being corrupt, he left without completing his phoney "judgement" in his corrupt court.

Their problem of disclosure remains however.

Because the disclosures from January 16th 2012, remain relevant to my defence in any proceedings they bring against me.

they are searching for our S143(8) "reasonable excuse"...

Parliamentary control of the courts is effectively ensured by making those sitting in the highest posts in the courts, members of the House of Lords.

And it was way back in the Confidential Minutes of a Meeting at New Scotland Yard on May 19th 2006 that it was disclosed that Parliament told the police to remove the campaign.


United Kingdom members: Mr Richard Clayton.

                        Mr Paul Craig.