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The insecure, guilty state, love their dates.

However, unlike them, we don't seek power. Only justice.

While we were at West London Magistrates yesterday, on 9:11, demanding ..the tent case against us was thrown out...

The laughing Hitler, the actually very nasty spoilt brat, Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, was having a hissy fit, he had Richard an ex - armed forces member of our campaign, unlawfully arrested in Parliament Square.

You will notice the "po-lice" cannot even quote what bye-law they might claim to be referring to nor did they reasonably believe that a man sitting on the grass in a public space was committing a "breach of the peace".

                    Richard's - unlawful - arrest

As always, it is the state (and it is their responsibility to justify any "interference") who cannot justify their "interference" in our longstanding campaign (having shelter for example)

On August 8th 2012, the latest malicious and persecutory "prosecution" case against us (having shelter) actually fell apart at West London Magistrates, when an Inspector Wiles was caught out on the witness stand not only having perjured himself, but seeking in doing so, to conceal evidence.

On that occassion, District Judge Willams had helpfully stepped in to the breach to delay the inevitable, by adjourning, ostensibly to give the CPS and police - further - time to produce - "evidence" all knew they could not, if any case was to continue... to be delayed until November !!!! (that related to "evidence" which in any event had already been unlawfully concealed by Inspector Wiles & co)

And so it came to pass that yesterday at West London Magistrates, where Steve Jago was once again helping out as Mc Kenzie friend, the best that can be said is that District Judge Williams ..."got confused".

Instead of throwing out the - tent - prosecution against us, when the prosecution inevitably failed to come up with the necessary goods, District Judge Williams threw our campaign members out of court !!!!

Below is a badly cobbled together story the Crown Persecution Service who are themselves guilty of failing to comply with providing the usual list of errr..."disclosures", where errr...CCTV would be listed, put before the court.

The Crown Prosecution Service had of course failed to come up with anything that was ordered by the court, who had of course, illegally removed legal representation, because it is embarassing for lawyers to be seen to be complicit.

No CCTV footage was produced as ordered, while in fact it was revealed that police claimed that the CCTV from Parliament Square, had been destroyed.

The CCTV footage from police custody will of course show that the custody sergeant lied in the custody record. The custody sergeant lied that he charged me and I was unable to give a reply. It simply never happened.

But when the custody sergeant who the custody record shows made the "decision" to charge, is found out to be lying there is of course not only no case to even start with, but it is obvious that a number of police officers are involved in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

It would be naive to think that it is just judges the Secretary of State is nobbling !!

And so the OIC, (the Officer in the Case) also did not of course produce the necessary witness statement, which was ordered, explaining the absence of anything.

All mistakenly thought the CPS could just cobble together some story.

The "Senior Crown Prosecutor" then disgracefully had the nerve to try and have a police witness statement that was unsigned and undated admitted as evidence.

He hardly needed to be told that such a witness statement was inadmissable.

Before the Senior Crown Prosecutor made matters worse, by then having to admit when asked where the EAB (notebook) relating to the unsigned, undated witness statement was, that it had been "lost".

Just as the ...errr...police officer with the unsigned and undated witness statement had previously been lost.

Until Inpsector Wiles had to admit she had existed and had reported Babs for summons...

It is simply not credible any longer, that the police, CPS and judges go to so much trouble to be so corrupt...without serious political influence being exerted.

While I really was illegally held in police custody for thirty hours, over a ...tent !!...BECAUSE the state are terrified of the people - peacefully - refusing to go along with  their...MASS MURDER of innocent civilians, in illegal wars.

disclosing...zip,zilch, nada.



inadmissable ....pile of twaddle..with the CPS claiming the EAB was "lost"....


27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!